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Thursday, October 22, 2009:
Blog spotlight: Sarah @ Monkey Bear Reviews
Do y'all know Sarah? Well you should! I know I first came across her blog as I was blog-hopping, but it wasn't until I "met" her on Twitter that I really got to know her, and it's been such a pleasure chatting with her about books and other topics.

I think each blogger is different in their own interesting and unique way, and one of the things that sets Sarah apart is that she approaches what she does with an intelligent, thoughtful manner that just blows me away. I could read the same book as her, and after reading one of her reviews, come back with a totally different take on it. It's like she absorbs the work and processes it, then comes back with these amazing posts that make me so jealous that I don't have her brains. But she's so cool that I just can't hate her LOL.

Another thing I like about Sarah is that she's unafraid to tackle timely, potentially volatile subjects with a clear, concise opinion and bring forth other angles to discuss. Though I'm not intellectual by any means, I do enjoy thinking about ideas and concepts long after the conversation is over, and Sarah offers me that in spades through her posts. I've learned a lot from her and her blog is definitely one I visit on a regular basis. I might not always post, but I always come away from it with something valuable.

But my high regard for Sarah doesn't stop there. She also has this cool thing she does every once in awhile where she talks about guilty pleasures (i.e. Susan Mallery). I love that even someone who loves to discuss and debate has this fun side that proves we all enjoy books for many reasons, even if we don't always understand why. Her observations are amusing and spot-on, and I like how she doesn't apologize for her guilty pleasures, no matter how truly awful they may be. We should all be so confident in our opinions.

For a taste of the brilliance that is Sarah, check out her review post on Meljean Brook's "Demon Angel". I am so completely jealous that she "got" the book with much less difficulty than I did. This is one of those books I'm going to have to go back and re-read because I exist on a more superficial plain of reality and this is a story you need to fully let yourself sink into before you can grasp its brilliance. However Sarah got it in one. I loved her review and it gave me a renewed sense of urgency to read it again, and very soon.

So please do me a favor: if you haven't visited Sarah's blog before, take a few minutes and stop by to check the place out: Monkey Bear Reviews. She's got a lot to offer discussion-wise, and she's a book lover, just like the rest of us. I know you'll see why I'm such a fan :)

Soooo, what do you think of Sarah's blog?

Pretty awesome, huh?



  1. You are right - Sarah is awesome. I love that she writes pieces on important topics AND reviews that always open my eyes. She has a wonderful smart style and it truly is a joy to visit her site each day.

  2. So true. I love her blog and I always enjoy to talk to her on twitter.

  3. Sarah T is one of the best blogs I found this year.

    Nice write up Stacy :D

  4. Stacy, I'm honoured! Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm also a huge fan of your blog. Ditto to Mandi, Susi & Katiebabs.

    Just re-read the above paragraph. Sounds like a circle jerk moment but it's totally sincere. You ladies help me find good books to read!

  5. I admit to mostly lurking on her blog, but I mostly lurk everywhere these days. *sob* No time. Anyway, yup. It's in my reader, and yup, love the reviews :)

  6. (adding to my Google reader) Thanx for the rec :)

  7. WOW! Sarah's blog sounds amazing - I know which blog I'll be visiting next *grin* Thank you for the heads up Stacy :)

  8. What a wonderful post, Stacy. I enjoy Sarah's blog as well, but really need to visit her more often! :)

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