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Tuesday, October 27, 2009:
Spotlight: M2 - Erin McCarthy

It's been awhile since I've done my weekly spotlight, but think I'm finally on track again. Since there are some letters of the alphabet that I don't have authors for, I've decided to double up. Here is another one of my all-time favorites:

I first heard Erin McCarthy's name years ago while online at Lori Foster's Yahoo Group. Though it was Lori's group, she was very gracious about inviting other authors to hang out and chat, and I believe that's how I got to know Erin so many years ago. I really liked her personality, and I was excited to hear she was a recently published author, so obviously I couldn't wait to read her stories.

My memory is not the greatest, and I think I read them a little out of order, but that was okay since they weren't really part of a series, and while I'm anal in my reading style and must read a series in order, I don't feel compelled to read an author's backlist from start to finish (unless it were part of a series, of course).

The first book of Erin's I remember reading is "Smart Mouth", which gives the reader a strong idea of Erin's writing style. The story, is sexy and snappy, and I love how once the hero encounters the heroine, his whole perfectly ordered life, or at least the life he thought was so orderly, is turned completely upside down. Another thing I adore about Erin's stories are that they're funny as hell, not always slapstick, but sometimes in a very earthy, sexy way. I love it when the heroine knocks the hero on his ass because she's just not like anything he'd expected, and he just stop thinking about her, even when she drives him completely nuts.

Do I have a favorite Erin story? That's a tough one, because I love so many of them. "Miss Extreme Congeniality" from the Brava "Bad Boys In Black Tie" comes to mind because I just loved the heroine, CJ. She's your typical tough, "don't mess with me or I'll slug you, pretty boy" heroine who had it bad for Wyatt Maddock, and she hated him for it. Their story was explosive, and it's definitely a favorite of mine.

Erin is not one to sit still. She writes about the Vegas Vampires, a light-hearted take on the undead which is a lot of fun to read, and she's writing a darker series about the Seven Deadly Sins. She obviously likes to challenge herself. Not to mention she has the Young Adult books under the moniker Erin Lynn. The first one, "Demon Envy", is a younger voice, but still her's. It's sarcastic, but it's not cynical and so all-knowing like some other YA books I've read. I enjoyed it very much, and have yet to grab the 2nd book, "Speed Demon", especially now that I've found my way slowly gravitating towards YA, which I don't often do. But I enjoyed the characters in the first book very much and would love to find out what they're up to these days.

I think Erin's books are the perfect definition of everything that was awesome about a Kensington Brava story, and now she's moved on to another great name in sexy romance, Berkley Sensation. Erin might quite an impression last winter with the release of the first book in her Fast Track series, "Flat-Out Sexy". And I'd be remiss if I didn't post one of her sexiest covers, from the 2nd book in the Fast Track series. If anyone bought the book for the cover alone, that's a treat, but then you read another hot story that leaves you wanting more. I love that Ty sees beyond Imogen's studious looks to the sexy woman beneath, and that she sees he's not the pretty boy he lets people believe him to be. And I'd also be remiss if I didn't make mention of the hawt tree sexin' that goes on in this book. Just ask Katiebabs, an expert in this particular topic ;)

I've had the pleasure of meeting Erin several times over the years, and she's even friendlier and more interesting in person. And she's been very good-natured about letting 2 certain harmless people stalk her at the RWA conventions. But that's just the way she is *g*

So tell me: have you read Erin McCarthy's books?

Which one is your favorite?

It's hard to choose, isn't it?

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  1. Erin McCarthy is one of my fav authors. My fav book of hers is definitely Mouth to Mouth. LOVE this one, but also so many of hers.

  2. This an easy one for me. My favorite Erin McCarthy book is hands down Mouth to Mouth!!

  3. I love Erin's NASCAR series, Flat Out Sexy is my favorite -- very, very hot. Stacy, do you know, did Erin get contracts to finish the series? Because I'm gonna be pissed if those two are the only two.

  4. For all your hot sex against trees, with trees and rubbing against trees, I'm your woman!

    Have you ever read You Don't Know Jack by Erin? That is an adorable and sexy book.

  5. I've read Date with the Other Side and You Don't Know Jack. Enjoyed them both!

  6. I've read several books by Erin McCarthy. My fave so far is 'Flat-Out Sexy'. I can't wait for Suzanne & Ryder's story next summer!

  7. I'm a big fan of Erin's books. "Smart Mouth" is my favorite because of Derek. I heart Derek.

  8. I've only read one book by Erin - Flat-Out Sexy, which I really enjoyed. Obviously I have a lot more to look forward too *grin*

    I like the sound of 'You Don't Know Jack' :)

  9. I'm a Eric McCarthy virgin. The whole "hot sex against trees" angle draws me like the true smut lover that I am. I haven't read a contemporary in awhile so I need to change it up a bit. Which one do you rec. to start with?

  10. I love Erin's writing style. So far I only read the Fast Track series and my favorite is Hard and Fast. I so loved the chemistry between Imogen and Ty.
    I so have to get her back-list but where the money when I need it.

  11. @Smokinhotbooks

    I love her Fast Track series. The first one is 'Flat-Out Sexy'. They feature NASCAR drivers as the heroes, but please don't let that put you off. They're really good.

  12. Booklover & Randi, I know, there's many I love of Erin's. Mouth to Mouth was definitely one of them.

    Kati, I still haven't heard. She's been MIA lately. Might have to harass her, which I do sooo well ;)

    Why Kate, tree sex? Really, who knew? LOL Yep, I did like that one very much.

    Mollie you should try out the Fast Track books. So much fun to read.

    Sarah I know, that's one of my most coveted reads right now! Can't wait to get those 2 together.

    Jane, Derek was indeed scrumptious...

    Orannia, go for it girl *g* You'll love 'em, I promise.

    Smokin, listen to Sarah, she knows of what she speaks (thanx Sarah!)

    Susi, I totally agree, money is definitely a must. But they're worth it.

  13. Wow, thanks Stacy! What a great write up. :-)

    And thanks for all the other great comments, I really appreciate it!

    For Kati and anyone else who is curious, the Fast Track series will be continuing in August 2010 with HOT FINISH, Suzanne and Ryder's story. There will be THREE more books in the series after that, for a total of six. Evan and Eve (Elec Monroe's brother and sister) will both have a story, plus 2 characters you haven't met yet.

    I'm thrilled to be doing so many, and it's safe to say the wait won't be as long as it is between Hard and Fast and Hot Finish. :-D

  14. hi erin
    love all her books so good and very hot and spicy
    cant wait for teh other car race series
    whoo more stories can t wait


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