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Wednesday, November 04, 2009:
Living with reading envy

I love my fellow reader friends. I really do. But sometimes, I am so jealous of them! Yes, it is true. While they are funny and gorgeous and smart and naughty, there's one thing about a lot of them that drives me absolutely crazy: they are ALL reading a gazillion more amazing books than I am!!!!

So I'm coming out right now to say that I am suffering from a serious case of reading envy. So when I read that some vixen is reading about a totally hot guy biting a woman's neck and that it's giving her wicked ideas, I seethe with jealousy. When I hear someone got the next book in a series I adore but haven't gotten around to buying yet, I feel slighted. Shameful, isn't it? Sigh. It's not pretty, I admit, and it's all in my selfish little head, but I fear it's something I must learn to live with, probably for the rest of my life. [Screams "I waaaant Reyes!"]

Rationally I know I cannot read every book out there I want to read. Or the thought of going back to re-read all the In Death books is daunting, as much as I'd love to do just that. But there are days when I wish I could read more than 1 book a week. Life just gets in the way...not to mention blogging, twittering, watching t.v., working....

So the next time you're twittering about the latest book from the coolest author on the planet, just remember that there are those of us out there wishing we read faster, or that we didn't need to sleep as much as we do so we could read instead. Remember me LOL. That is all I can ask.

***But seriously, don't give up the pimpin'. I exist for the awesome book pimpin'; it gives me something to live for!****

Do you suffer from reading envy?

What's your remedy?

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  1. Oh i totally get book envy, especially at the moment when i am so broke that i can't buy any new books for an age.

    I'm lucky that when i think of all t he lovely things people are reading that i'm not i just look at my book list and realise that i have a ton of books still on my shelves that i haven't got round to reading yet.

    Then i go and enter some competitions to win more books!

  2. I get book envy too. I wish there were more hours in a day so I could read more. If I could just make it on a little less sleep, I could find a way to read more than 1 book a week too. Plus, my book budget is seriously low right now. So my TBB/TBR list is very, very long. Of course, I have lots of books at home I haven't read yet, so I can always find something new to read(most are recommendations from other readers too).

  3. I love hearing what people are reading because then I can add it to my TBR list and help my addiction.

  4. omg - I get reading envy too..just yesterday when there was all the talk about the latest in-death book by JD Robb I actually got antsy..I've only read the first five or six. All of a sudden, that series was all I could think about. How dare others enjoy Eve and Roarke while can't at this moment!!

    It happens to me all the time...that is why my tbr pile is a very, very out of control beast.

  5. Stacy, **I raise my hand** I have reading jealousy as well. There is not enough hours in my day for me to read all what I want to read. Then I feel bad when I finally do get around to reading the book... oh that has only been read by everyone and already reviewed a millions time... To find I am out of date... So you are not alone... At least we are in good company with each other, lmao!!!

  6. yes I am living with reading envy as well, I am lucky that I can buy most of the books I want, but I have no time to read them all! I do not understand how some people can read all these books, have a job, a family and a social life! I can't do it all!! So I am taking it one book at the time, there is a reason why my tbr pile is so high LOL...

  7. We all definitely get reading envy, I know I do! Even though my TBR pile is easily 40something books, I still want more, mooooooore! :)

  8. it's an addiction they help feed, lol. I wish I didn't love my sleep as much as I do & that I could speed read ;)

  9. Reading envy...check!
    Massive TBR pile...check!
    No time to read...check!

    I am with you all the way Stacy! It's as you and others have said...we can't have/read them all even though our addiction compels us to.

  10. All the time!

    I get it most often when the ARC reviews for all the books I've been waiting for, for months start appearing. And I still have 2 or 3 weeks to wait until the books appear on my local shelves. That's when I start whining and crying.

  11. I kept thinking once my girls got older I would have more time to read. My baby just turned 18 this week and I STILL don't have the time I thought I would.

    Why is it that lately I look at my massive TBR pile and not one of THOSE books stands out and shouts "read me".

    Yea I am in a funk and pissed that everyone else seems to be wallowing in excellence and everything I pick up lately is a wall banger.

  12. Oh my god I was laughing so hard when I read this post. Iz didn't mean to bring out your green eyed monster *guilty expression* you know if you lived next door I'd totally give you Skin Game.

    (stands up) I KC suffer from hardcore reading envy.

  13. I get reading envy on a daily basis, feel you on this topic. I only read about 1 or 2 books a week myself, I wish it was more or that I read faster.

    Oh, well, I like hanging out on Twitter and reading everyone's tweets on books (lately I've just been lurking there) and reading the blog posts on what everyone is reading. It's all good in the end. Life happens. :)

  14. Yes, reading envy seems to be pretty common! Although I do read at a pretty brisk pace, there are tons of books I want to run out and buy/read but can't. Books are a pretty expensive habit.

  15. Yep - I do. I confess to envy when I see someone reviewing a book that isn't out yet - that they got to read it before me. Or when I see some readers lists of books they read that month my skin has a bit of a green tinge. That's why I don't list mine - my list is pathetic next to theirs. But then I try and tell myself that the book reviewed will be out and I can get a copy - it's not that I'll never read it. And that it's my own fault I'm not reading more. I could stay off the computer more and not turn on the telly. Sometimes that works - but - sometimes not so well *g*

  16. oh sure. :) I don't have any budget for new books at the moment, so I'm limited to the library or whatever I can get from PBS. So that means not a lot of brand new hot releases. So I read the reviews and sigh. ah well. Those books will be waiting for me at a later date, I guess. :)

  17. So...we are not alone LOL. Money, time, responsibilities all take away from our reading.

    Smokin, don't feel guilty. Much LOL. I'll be getting my copy of Skin Game soon!

  18. *stands up*

    My name is orannia and I suffer from book envy. But saying that, I love that all the book pimping leads me to the discover of fabulous new books that I can add to the TBR list, even if I then suffer guilt over all the books I have yet to read.

    Hmmm. Maybe that should read: 'My name is orannia and I suffer from book envy AND book guilt'.

  19. I can definitely relate to you, Stacy. It gets difficult when I see some of my book buddies reading all the latest and greatest books, and they make me want to read them all for myself, and then reality sets in and I know I'll only end up reading 1 out of every 20 books they read.

    I've got over ARC envy last year, though. I was lucky to score maybe two or three ARCs and in the end, my real life responsibilities prevented me from reading and reviewing them in a timely manner or at all, and then I felt VERY guilty and stressed out, too.

    I do have a friend who sometimes passes me some of her early scores, but I still don't have the time to read them as soon as I get them! I average about only six reads a month as it is.

  20. Um, wow. I don't even know what to say.

  21. I totally have reader envy when I know some of my friends are reading ARC's of books I want to read. But I suffer through and deal - what else can I do? lol

  22. You've got to read more books than I do, Stacy, so do not feel bad. I wish I could read more, but--oh well. :P

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