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Friday, July 10, 2009:
Tired, bored, uninspired
Seems like life has just been a little more stressful than usual, yet at the same time, I can't find anything to hold my interest for those moments of downtime. I'm so glad I'm going on vacation next week. Originally I had planned to go to RWA, but decided against it. The main reason being my RWA roomie isn't going this year, so I didn't want to go through the trouble of finding another roommate, and I've been to D.C. several times in the last year, and though it's a wonderful city, I just needed a break. I will miss not being there this year, and seeing all the lovelies I know in blogland who will be attending. I was hoping to finally meet KristieJ , along with several others. Instead I will be catching up on reading, which is definitely a good thing :)


If all goes well, I'll get out of the office 2 hours early today (woo hoo!) and I plan to meet up with a friend and go see "Public Enemies". To be honest, the trailer didn't appeal to me, as much as I adore looking @ Johnny Depp, but she doesn't want to see "Star Trek", so this was the next best option. I do want to see "Sister's Keeper", but it looks sad, and I don't want sad today.


Still reading "Blue Diablo". Just haven't found a lot of time to just relax and read. It's good, and the more I read, the more I like, though I will admit I'm not loving Chance as much as I'd hoped to. But he still has time to win me over.

I think I'm just reeeeally tired. And hungry. That makes me cranky and hard to please. But next week will be laden with naps and lots of eating when I'm not reading, so there is that to look forward to.

Any exciting plans for your weekend?

Going to RWA?



  1. :( will miss not seeing you at Nationals. I will try to the best of my ability to report all the news so you feel like you are standing next to me.

  2. I'll be counting on you Kate! I'll miss not seeing you again. But I know you will have a great time :) I mean come on, who doesn't love that eccentric redhead? LOL.

  3. No big plans for the weekend here. I'm also not going to RWA this year, but can't wait for it to be in Nashville next year. Must get as much reading in as possible for the next week. My 5 year old niece is coming to stay with me for a week on the 19th and I won't get to read much at all with her here.

  4. Stacy: email me ASAP

  5. at

  6. No RWA for me this year :o( But that’s ok.

    This weekend is my son’s b-day party! And it keeps getting bigger, and bigger lol. I made the mistake of ordering a cake through a friend’s bakery and didn’t ask the price up front. It’s $47 for a ¼ sheet cake!!!!! I was floored when I found out the price but since it’s through a friend you really can’t cancel. But I’m sure it will be a great cake lol ;op

  7. Yay on getting off of work 2 hours early!! That is always a plus!
    Sorry to hear that you are not going to RWA this year... Since I am new to this... I am trying to find out the how's and where's of the RWA because I want to go to one!!!
    But I am sure you will enjoy your time none of the less!
    No big plans for me this weekend... I got asked to work for a wedding this weekend, so I will be going there this evening when I get off my regular job to help set up and then I will be there tomorrow from 10 to 6 for the wedding... then hubby is getting the UFC on pay-per-view Saturday night... So I imagine I will have a house full of guys when I get off of work! Oh what fun!! Then Sunday, I might be taking daughter and her boy "friend" to the movies. They want to go see Hangover (and I do too, lol)... so... Then I have to find time to grocery shop some where in there... Okay, now that you asked... it seems I will be doing a lot of something, just not what I wanted... lol!!
    I hope you enjoy your weekend... Don't forget to head to my place to see what's going on today!!! =)

  8. I'm going to RWA - it'll be my first convention and I'm excited/terrified. *lol* I'm taking everyone's advice packing very, very light in a big, big suitcase. ^_~

  9. no special plan and no RWA, grrrr Stacy you just made me cranky !!! lol

  10. Have a wonderful weekend Stacy! I hope you are feeling better. :)

    I'll look forward to your thoughts about "Blue Diablo"... ;)


  11. Some frieds and I are going to dine at Vera Mae's on Saturday evening. This is a really upscale place in our town. Will be the first time any of us have gone. Have heard great things about both the food and the service. On the weekends they have live jazz so that will be another plus to the experience.

    Hope you have fun on your vacation next week.

  12. well, i have an MBA class on Saturday morning...just what you like to do on your weekends. And of course the whole wedding planning thing is kicking into high(er) gear. I had hoped to drive into DC at least one of the days during RWA to hang with my peeps, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to. wahhh. Last year I had such a blast, but this year is so fracking busy!

  13. Hope you got to leave work early! I want to go to RWA one these years, but I didn't want to make the trek to DC and have to worry about plane fare. Next year it's driving distance so I may choose Nashville as my first time.

  14. This weekend I'm wrapping up my RWA packing and putting the finishing touches on my house so I can get it on the market. Gannon and I are leaving Tuesday morning to drive to DC. Sure wish you were going to be there to join us, Stacy!

  15. I hate falling into these types of funks, I hope you find a way out of it.

    I've never been to RWA but it is something I would go to if the opportunity came up. Right now, not an option, sadly.

    Blue Diablo was fun, quick read for me. Enjoy!

    No, special plans this weekend, just doing some reading and getting caught up on the RSS Reader ~ I'm so behind.

  16. Hi Stacy,
    I passionately dislike these kind of periods but fighting against it isn't an option, it just is. So I wish you'll be on the receiving end of some personal pampering and have wonderful vacation!

    My weekend contained a day wit the family and today (sunday) is a low-key day for me with some reading and think I'll watch a movie with hubby this afternoon.

  17. I really liked Blue Diablo. Chance had to grow on my as well but I think his character is so much deeper than this book alone can portray. Hopefully you'll enjoy the book anyway. :)

  18. (((Stacy)))

    I've found low blood sugar levels definitely don't help mood. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling low - I hope a week of looking after you and just relaxing will help. Take care!

  19. Liza, I definitely plan on getting lots of reading done during this week off. Looking forward to it. And RWA next year - woo hoo!

    Aw, happy birthday to little Roger! Such a cutie. Wow, $47! No discount for friends? Hope it was realllly good :)

    Cecile, sounds like you were busy. I liked "Public Enemies" more than I thought I would, and same goes for "Gilmore Girls", though there is definitly a feeling of irritation as well. Did you see "The Hangover"? I want to see it too - I heard it's really funny.

    AnimeJune, have a fabulous time! It'll be great. Who are you hanging out with?

    Sorry Emmanuelle LOL. Misery loves company. I'm all better now - hope you are too :)

    Thanx Lea. I did like Blue Diablo very much. Since it took me so long to read it I'm not going to do a review, but I'm so looking forward to the next installment.

    Wow Barbara that sounds awesome. I hope you had a great time. Sounds like a cool place :)

    Sula you are constantly a busy girl. Hope you get that chance to drive down to RWA and see everyone. I miss that :(

    Marcie, I hope you go next year. I'm really excited about it since I've never been to Nashville. Can't wait!

    PJ, have fun! Give hugs to all the RNTV ladies for me. Quite a few will be there.

    Donna, I think I was just burnt out. I'm feeling much better now. And Blue Diablo was really good. I just love Ann's work.

    Leontine, you're right. You can't always fight those moods that come over you. I'm not one for big drama, yet I whine so much when I'm in a bad mood. Over it now :D

    Tracy, you're right. Chance was a very complex character, and had more depth than a lot of heroes, and he wasn't always likable, but he wasn't always a jerk either. Very complicated. I did like him by the end of the book. Even before that.

  20. Thanx Orannia. I've ingested much sugar this weekend and I'm back to normal...relatively speaking LOL. Enjoying what's left of the weekend!

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