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Monday, July 06, 2009:
Julia Quinn' latest, Carnivale 2, and where are the nekkid butts???

I was already a huge fan of Julia Quinn's work even before I heard the rave reviews for her latest release, so of course I absolutely had to buy it, and I did. At Walgreen's of all places. I read it in a day, which is pretty good for me lately, and well. Yeah. It was okay. Not the happy, sigh-worthy book I had heard it was, but just okay. I liked Harry. I liked Olivia. I really liked Sebastian, Harry's cousin, who will be getting his own book, which is good to know. But I found this story to be rather mediocre.

Now I don't mind that JQ's books aren't littered with page after page of sex scenes. In fact the sparkling dialogue more than makes up for it, usually. This time around I wasn't feeling it. I think mostly because part of the plot basically ran off the road, which is okay, but when it got back on track, it just lost it's edge for me. I liked "Mr. Cavendish, I Presume" more than this one, and I know several readers who were disappointed in that one, but it had more sparkle for me than this one did. Still, not anywhere near writing JQ off just yet.


I started watching this over the weekend, and I'm half-way through. It's sad that there's only what, 12 episodes and only 2 seasons. It's quite enjoyable in a creepy, eerie way. And I love the theme music. Reminds me just a little of the carnivals and circuses I went to as a kid. I like Ben and Sofie. And I can't wait to see the rest of the season, but also I'll be sad to see it end. Jeez, I'm such a sap.


I went in not expecting miracles, so it's no surprise that I did enjoy the movie, but it's not one I'll be buying for my collection. Love Sandra, like Ryan, they are cute together, but where the heck was Ryan's nekkid butt? You barely see anything of Ryan's, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to see this movie! Shallow perhaps, but come on. The guy's got a great body, so why hide it???

As far as I'm concerned, he's still no J.D. Jameson (from Julie James' "Practice Makes Perfect") but he's dishy in his own way. I guess I will always see him as the smart ass character from "Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place" (later changed to just "Two Guys and A Girl". Nathan Fillion was in that show too), and just not cute enough to be J.D. Sorry to those who think he's all that. I just think he's "kinda that".

Whatcha reading, watching, working on?

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  1. Oh Stacy! We don't agree on some things. Isn't this great we can argue :D I loved, loved What Happens in London. I can't stop raving about the story because I thought it was too cute and funny got words.

    The Proposal was a cute movie but some of the things that happen are very questionable. And I am not going to complain about seeing Ryan's naked tush. Sandra has a great body also!

    For some reason I can see Ryan as JD. There is just something about him.

  2. Kate, I totally thought of you when I wrote this LOL. I know you loved WHIL, so I was very excited to read it, but it just didn't light up my life like it did yours.

    And there's definitely something about RR, just not as J.D. Not MY J.D. anyway ;)

  3. Very funny title for your post. Well I just started reading Start me Up from Victoria Dahl so I should get a LOT of naked butts !!!
    On the other had I went and see transformers 2 with my son last week and there was TOO MUCH butt for me in this one... I know I'm a prude !!
    I too was a bit disappointed by WHIL, of course not enough to swore off dear Julia Quinn. I really hated the cavendish brothers stories so this one is an enormous improvement. It reminded me in some ways of The Duke and I which I absolutely loved. It just needed a bit more of drama... IMHO anyway !

  4. OMG! Ryan Reynolds is who I bad mouthed to Julie about JD, isn't it??? Oh God. I'm still embarrassed about that! LOL!

    I'm bummed to hear that you didn't like the new Julie Q. I just bought it because everyone was loving it so much, and dang it, if you didn't like it, I probably won't either. Oh well.

    I'm going to see The Proposal next weekend. I have very low expectations, so hopefully it'll exceed those.

  5. What Happens in London was a mediocre read for me as well. I had to force myself to finish the book and I was really anxious to read the book since I enjoyed Miranda's story so much.

  6. LOL Kati that was so funny when that discussion had come up :o)

    Right now I’m hooked on Erin McCarthy’s Vamps in Vegas series. I started them this weekend and I’m part way through book three. I was so excited when they came in the mail. I’m just loving Corbin and all of his discomfort it’s hysterical.

  7. Ryan Reynolds and I have sort of this interesting relationship... See, I always thought of him as the smart-@ss from Van Wilder. Very unimpressed. But then my husband made me watch Blade 3. Okay. This is not a good movie. But Ryan Reynolds... holy smoke he has a body so hot it nearly burned my eyeballs. And he's kind of funny in it, too.

    I haven't seen The Proposal yet, so I can't comment on that. I plan to see it this week, after I (fingers crossed) turn in Book 3 to my editor.

  8. Totally agree with you on WHIL! I kept waiting for something more to happen, it just never did. Cute, Funny and I liked it, but it went right to PBS!

    Julie... You've got to see Ryan Reynolds in X-Men: Wolverine. OMG... fans self...

  9. urrah! I liked WIL but it wasn't the FABBo book I thought it was going to be. The plot went off the rails for me. And some of the characters were under-used and that annoyed me.

    I preffered the first one of this series 'Secret Diaries' (Which I will catch a lot of flac for) but I still love me Julis Quinn. I want Harry's younger brothers story as well!

  10. I adored WHIL...I am going to post my thoughts on it tomorrow..but it has been one of my absolute fav reads this year...I love beta heroes though. Funny how books affect everyone differently :)

    RR I like from the neck down ;)

  11. Emmanuelle, seeing movies with kids is a whole 'nother story. Better to go with girlfriends ;) And I actually liked the first Cavendish story quite a bit. Grace & Jack...sigh.

    Kati LOL. I honestly don't remember if you badmouthed RR or not. I just know he's not my J.D. A little too...goofy. I just think I have too high expectations there. And The Proposal was cute but also predictable. Not one for the keeper shelf. It ain't no "While You Were Sleeping".

    Tabitha, here was one of those rare times I didn't read the previous story. And I don't feel like I need to go back and read it. I might, but since I didn't love WHIL, I can wait.

    LeeAnn, I remember that convo. Hilarious. That's our Kati :) And you know, I stopped reading Erin's vamp books. I don't know why, I just did. Need to go back one day.

    Julie, I get the hot body. He definitely has that going for him. But I guess I have it burned in my brain that he's always trying to be funny, even when he's not, and that ruins it for me when it comes to J.D. And he's not quite cute enough. Maybe we need to give him a few years?

    Cindy, exactly! I though Harry and Olivia were so sweet together, but somewhere along the line the story lost momentum and never got it back.

    Sayuri, now you have me curious about the McCheever book. The bad reviews are one reason I stayed away. But I'm willing to give it a shot, seeing as how you liked it better than this one.

    Mandi, you're right. We all see books differently. I'll be stopping by to read your thoughts. LOL on RR. He's cute, just not hot above the neck.

  12. I ending up enjoying the Proposal, but going in I wasn't sure I would. I do love Sandra Bullock though. And didn't care for Ryan Reynolds until Blade 3. I do remember Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place!!
    I haven't read any Julia Quinn though I have one of her books in my TBR pile, but I did go to one of her signings when she came to town.

  13. I think I have WHIL on my TBR list *makes note to check* I'm sorry it didn't work for you :(

    As for what I'm reading - I've almost finished Branded By Fire. I've about 20 pages to go - I hate it when the end of your lunch break sneaks up on you! I only started it Saturday night - I can't believe how quickly I've devoured it! I want Blaze of Memory like...tomorrow :)

  14. after two season i did find Ben much more pretty than at the beginning but sof not that much.....

  15. I thought RR's butt was the only reason to see that movie? Hmmm.

    I'm not a HUGE fan of JQ. I read her books and I like them, but I've never more than liked them. Also, I have this thing where the JQ books that everyone hates, I like the best; and vice versa. So I'm not too sure how this one is going to turn out for me.

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