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Thursday, July 09, 2009:
Having known myself for many years now, I've come to the conclusion that I have a mild case of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder for those who absolutely have to have it spelled out for you). It can be rather random and attack at anytime, and there's not often a rhyme or reason for it. Part of it could be boredom, or another, darker, element could be that my inner voice instead of my common sense is controlling me. The devil is winning.


For some people, you might have to count steps as you walk up and down them everyday. Others, it might be you have to put your left sock on before your right sock. Mine is a bit more random than that. For example, somehow I got it in my head, that I just have to watch all 7 seasons of "Gilmore Girls" in a row. Now I've seen parts of the show from time to time, but I don't think I ever sat down and watched a complete episode from start to finish. And just where did I get this idea? From watching an episode of "Supernatural" where Sam and Dean are touring a movie studio and they pass by the set of "Gilmore Girls" (Sam was a character on GG). So all of a sudden I got that strange thought that whispered "you should watch this". No, I said to myself. Really, no. "Watch this". Uh uh. You can't make me. "Just Netflix it. So easy". So dammit, I did. All 42 DVDs. I should get the first one today.


Another one of my things is a food or beverage I can't get enough of until, well, I get totally sick of it from overindulgence. Right now, being summer and all, I'm on my McD's vanilla iced coffee kick. Love 'em. I've had as many as 3 in one day, and if I'm really feeling desperate, I'll buy 2 at once and put one in the fridge. Pathetic, really. I don't even try fighting it anymore. And it doesn't help that there are 3 McD's within about a 3-mile radius of me. If one ran out of the mix (which happened to me on Friday night), then another will inevitably have it. I'm completely doomed.

Do you have any compulsions?

Any hope for a cure?



  1. First of all, GG is one of my favorite series of all time!! The reruns are on every night here at 5pm so I always watch it while I make dinner. So sad the series is over.

    I think I have two OCD's - first, I can't read a book series out of order. I must read starting with book one. Second, when I drive somewhere, I like to come a different way home. I call it "making the loop" Yes, I'm weird.

  2. LOL! Compulsive? Me? I have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about.

    Most of my compulsions apply to food. Or more accurately, pasta.

    But yes, I totally understand the compulsion. I drove to three, count them, THREE bookstores the other day to find the last SJ Day book. And then I inhaled it in one giant gulp.

  3. Hey Stacey~
    Oh gawd... OCD.... where do I start... From reading books in order, to having my house straighten before I leave, to having everything straight and neat and in a row, or my labels in my cabinets facing me... ***Sleeping With The Enemy.... anyone***
    Yea, I am bad.... but it is radom though... some days things don't bother me (expect reading out of order...I can not read out of order if I tried... really I can't!!!)
    Is there a cure for it.... If there is one.... Please send it to me!!! LOL!!!
    I hope you all have a great day!!!!

  4. OCD... oh yes. I can't start an episode of Law and Order without having to sit down and finish it. In most cases, I know what the outcome will be, but I'm darned if I can turn the blasted thing off.

    And then I can't start Mr. Smith Goes to Washington without seeing that through to the end either. I love Stewart's filibuster speech.

  5. Pretty much anything that interests me deeply becomes a compulsion. I have a burn-out personality. I obsess over something and buy tons and tons of it until I can hardly stand the sight of it. Then I move on to something else. LOL Right now it's tea. I CAN'T STOP BUYING TEA!

    Last year it was m/m e-books. Next year it'll be something else. :)

  6. I love Gilmore Girls and own every season.

    I usually don't read books in a series out of order(one time for a bookclub). The one time I did, I had to go buy the first 3 books and read them so I knew what had happened to the characters.

    Before I go to bed at night, I have to check all my doors at least 3 times to make sure they are still locked. The fact that no one has come in or left doesn't matter, I still check them 3 times every night.

  7. I have a McD's iced coffee obsession too! Why the h-e- double hockeysticks did they have to start making coffee drinks? When it was just starbucks it was much easier to avoid!

  8. Compulsions? Nooooooo. ;)

    A few years ago (before the advent of mp3 players), I decided I really needed to put 1 song from every one of my CDs onto a whole separate block of CDs, so I would have a broad compendium of all my favorite songs. Since I have about 500 CDs, this was quite the project. Why did I do this, you ask? I really have no idea. But it took me about two weeks.

  9. LMAO! I AM SOOOO OCD TOO! I count ALL THE TIME! And if I do something with my right side i have to do it with my left, oh and everything has to be in even numbers...even the amount of gas I get! lol Too funny!

  10. I think we all have a little OCD. I have to watch Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings at night when I'm reading. I've tried to put in a different movie and within half an hour it's out one of the other two is put back in. It's been five years now. The chairs around my dining room table have to be pushed in a certain way, and if they aren't I will go behind the one who didn't do it right and straighten it.

    When I garden, I split the garden up in the middle with a focal point and then each side has to mirror the other. I actually do that alot inside the house also.

    Everything has to be straight and centered.

    Have a great weekend, Stacy!

  11. Stacy-

    I like GG but have never watched on a regular basis. Would be one that I will eventually watch all the way through though.

    My latest compulsion is McD's Hazelnut iced coffee, Iced Teas and fruit an yougert parfets. I get these every morning on my way to work. have the coffee and yougert for breakfast and then around 10:00 start drinking the iced tea.

    TV wise my latest compulsion is Bones and Saving Grace both very good shows.

    Bookwise I tend to be reading more Urban Fantasy and first person stories lately.

  12. First let me say, GG is one of my favorite series of all times! I love watching the rerun of the show, whenever I'm able to catch it. I hope you enjoy GG, as much as I did. You will have to let us know how you like it :)

    Well, my compulsions will be that I have to read series book in order as it released. I love reading series book. Second, I have to be the last person to leave the house, all the time. Why? Because I have to make sure the light is out, anything plug in - is taken out, the stove are off and the window curtain are close before I locked the top and bottom front/back door. Otherwise, I be sitting in the car or where I am at - worrying about house caught on fire, if there a break in, electricity bill raising up..etc. I am a worry wart and these "worry" thing play in my head all day until I get home. And find everything is fine. But still...I worry everyday ;)

  13. Ummm...yes. Mine is incredibly weird. Everything needs to be ordered. For example, when I hang washing out, I need to hang it in order - smallest, to largest, and the begs need to be the same colour for each piece of clothing. And I make patterns with the peg colours :(

    I also push all the chairs under the table in the work cafeteria (and switch of the appliances). GRRRR! And it will bug me if it isn't done. There are others, but those are the weirdest.

    I;ve been told it's my way of controlling a part of my life that otherwise feels out of control. Still wish I didn't do it.

  14. Mandi, I'm really liking GG. Okay, so I've seen 4 episodes, but I remember parts of them from when they first aired. Lorelai and Rory do have their moments when they grate on my nerves, but overall, I like the show. Luke. I always did like him. My kinda guy LOL.

    Kati, I would so do that. In fact, I have. And I'm lovin' SJD's books. Major goodness.

    Cecile, calm down LOL. Mine is rather random too. Doesn't always hit me. It's weird.

    Wendi, I do that even with shows/movies I've seen a 100 times. I know what's coming, but I still HAVE to sit there and watch it.

    JenB, I totally do that. I OD'd on yoghurt that way, and Take5 bars. It's a sickness, pure & simple.

    Liza, I think there's some comfort in those rituals. Gives you peace of mind...otherwise we're crazy, right?

    Mari, I can pretty much avoid Starbuck's - used to work at the B&N cafe where we made those drinks so I can resist. But the McD's drinks are much more reasonably priced and they are everywhere!

    Heidenkind, I would totally do something like this! So glad I never thought of it before...

    Monroe, I count too. And if for some reason I try to not count, I end up having to go back and do it again, otherwise it really bothers me.

    Amy, wow the movie thing is different, especially considering it can only be a select few. But I like to do things evenly. Like when I chew gum, I have to take 2 pieces, otherwise the packet has an uneven number of pieces. And when I use stamps I use them so the leftover ones are in a pattern. Yep, we've all got it.

    Barbara, you're still hooked on the McD's coffee too, huh? At least I can go some days w/o, but as I type this, there's one sitting next to me and another in the fridge...

    Julia, I'm very much enjoying GG, much more than I thought I would. I'm seeing Jared Padalecki when he was just a kid. He's so cute in Supernatural that it's kinda funny.

    Orannia, I've noticed some of my habits have followed me to work. I hate it when people leave chairs pulled out - I have to put them back in their rightful place. And the sizing thing, yeah, I do that with some things too.

    Reading all these makes me feel so much better LOL.

  15. I'm pretty laid back -- living with me would either make an OCD person completely insane, or cure them for good.

    I am a bit anal about laundry. I can let it sit around forEVER, but if you're going to wash a load, it should be the appropriate temperature, cleaners, rinse cycle, and drying temperature. It should be folded and put away, and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't put the towels on the sheet-shelf.

    Also, I can fold a fitted sheet to make Martha Stewart weep.

  16. I discovered another one this afternoon. I keep wanting to change the words I use in emails to make them more formal. It's so weird...and frustrating! And yes, this was an email to a friend, not a client!

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