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Tuesday, July 21, 2009:
Spotlight: D - Sylvia Day

I've been a fan of Sylvia Day since I read the Brava anthology, "Bad Boys Ahoy!", where you should not judge a book by its cover, because the cartoonish images don't give a clue about the wonderfully passionate stories to be found inside. She's written many stories, historicals, contemporaries, paranormals, and I find I like the historicals the best. "Passion For Him" so far is my favorite.

Now however, I think Sylvia has really found her niche with her S.J. Day books. "Eve of Darkness", "Eve of Destruction" and "Eve of Chaos" are the stories, and hopefully not the only ones. I'm really loving the character of Eve, who doesn't come out of the box as the perfectly, well-adjusted heroine,but has some issues coming to terms with her destiny. But then she has 2 sexy guys interested in her, so life's not all bad. It's good stuff.

I've met Sylvia a few times, and I always act like such a dork in front of her. Yet she's always so gracious and has even done an interview for me, which just proves what a class act she is LOL. And I'm amazed at the amount of writing and promotion she does. She is unstoppable. Smart, disciplined, and incredibly talented. She also has a 3rd pen name for another series as Livia Dare. With all the websites, blogs, twittering, FB & MySpace, where does she find the time?

So today is all about Sylvia/S.J. Day. Enjoy.

Have you read anything by Sylvia or S.J.?

What do you think of an author with so many different pen names?

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  1. I don't mind an author having multiple pen names, especially if an author writes for a few genres. I have enjoyed almost every book written by Day. Her Marked series is outstanding.

    I missed you at nationals :(

  2. I just wrote a gushy review of the first three Marked books for RNTV. I love, love, love this series. And as usual, I owe it to Katiebabs. :wink:

    I haven't read Sylvia Day, just SJ Day, but I think that the Marked series is one of the most exciting and fascinating UF series out there. I'm *very* concerned that Eve is not going to end up with the guy I want. But oh well, either way, I'm totally along for the ride.

    I did get to meet her briefly at the literacy signing and tell her how much I love the series, but I didn't really get to pick her brain about how many books will make up the Marked series and whether she knows who Eve is going to end up with. Ah well, maybe she'll pop by here...

  3. I love S.J. Day!
    I don't mind an author using pseodnyms (sp?) because it is for marketing reasons (Nora Robers/J.D.Robb) or personal reasons (Stephen King/Richard Bachman) or to separate genres (Michelle Sagara/Michelle West).
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love from Northern Ontario

  4. I love SJ Day but haven't read a single historical novel from her hand. I do not mind an author having multiple pen names, just like KB said, especially when authors are active in multiple genres. With the name Sylvia Day I don't get one sizzle (yet) but SJ Day gets me all excited and enthusiastic. I have a friend who read Livia Dare and the talk we had made me buy In The Flesh immediately. I am looking forward to reading it!

  5. I absolutely adore Sylvia's historicals! Love them!

    I haven't read the SJ Days, simply because I'm not a fan of UF. But I would bet it's fantastic if you like the genre, cause she's an amazing author.

    I'm totally waiting for Pride and Passion.

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