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Friday, July 17, 2009:
T.V. rewind: BtVS: season 1

Recently my decision to watch all 7 seasons of "Gilmore Girls" has reminded me of another show lasting 7 seasons that I absolutely adored: BtVS. Now I didn't love every episode, but the majority of them I did, and I prefer the television series to the movie.

Having just watched all 12 episodes of season 1 (see listing below), I totally forgot many great moments from the series, and how much I liked the catchy lingo of the time (series starts in modern day time, which back then was1997), and the music. I have the soundtrack somewhere, which I'd still listen to today. And it's funny seeing the clunky computers and rare cellphones used back 12 years ago compared to the slick technology we're surrounded with today.

I also noticed a few mistakes while re-watching, some episodes I haven't seen in years. The biggest one that comes to mind is in one episode we see Buffy is born in 1980,which would make her 16, going on 17, whereas in "Nightmares", we see 1981. Not a big deal, and I guess any show has to iron out the kinks to stay true to the mythology.

I loved Giles completely appalled look when he believes Buffy has joined a cult, a.k.a. cheerleading squad. Priceless. I love Buffy's clothes, and wish I could kick ass like that. And to get a honey of a hottie like Angel. Here's a quick trip down memory lane....

1. Welcome To The Hellmouth: where we first meet Buffy, and when she meets the rest of the gang.

2. The Harvest: pretty much a continuation of episode 1, imho.

3. Witch: the first ever Buffy episode I watched, which inevitably lead to my obsession

4. The Teacher's Pet: rather a creepy episode. Not a fan of bugs.

5. Never Kill a Boy On The First Date: Buffy's crushing on a brooding loner of a hottie who later becomes infatuated with her "adventurous" social life

6. The Pack: Zander's kinda sexy here when he's taken over by animal instincts, and recognizes Buffy as a suitable mate. Leads to much embarrassment later. Fun times.

7. Angel: come on, 'nuff said. Though the yummy David Boreanaz is really young-looking here, he's definitely got all that mysterious, sexy appeal going on, and we learn his deal. And their first kiss. Sigh...

8. I Robot...You, Jane: I truly don't remember ever seeing this one, and that's okay, cuz there's not a lot of memorable going on here.

9. The Puppet Show: Creepy, not a favorite. Just not a fan of the ventriloquist's dummy.

10. Nightmares: I liked this one a lot because we see a lot of what everyone is afraid of, deep down.

11. Out of Mind, Out of Sight: I remember this one as being one that really stuck with me, because it epitomizes a lot of those feelings of alienation you have in high school. And we see Clea Duvall here, who went on to appear in "Carnivale" and "Heroes". Still like this one a lot.

12. Prophecy Girl: The episode where Buffy dies. The first time. Good times. And I really loved Buffy's dress *g*

Now on to season 2, where lots more memorable stuff happens. I gotta tell ya, I'm having a blast re-living the show.

Any favorite memories of yours from Season 1?

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  1. Oh Stacy, I am a "cult follower", of "Buffy".

    It's funny, because my son has been watching all the episodes on his computer while off on summer vacation. Of course the graphics in the early episodes aren't up to his standard but I think he has revised his opinion as the series continued.

    I too have the soundtrack and just love it.

    I have my favorite episodes too, many are ones you mentioned.

    I don't have all the seasons on DVD yet but am working on it. Each year I try and pick up a couple at after Christmas sales. ;)

    Hope all is well with you.


  2. I love Buffy too. I miss it being on in re-runs. However, Angel is one every morning on TNT and I try to watch each day. I don't own the dvds to either Buffy or Angel, but would love to start buying them.

  3. I have all seven seasons of "Buffy" and all five seasons of "Angel" on DVD, and you make me want to start having some marathons. :)

    I have so many favorite moments, but my favorite episodes from the first season are "Angel" and "The Prophecy." t

  4. OOPS -- that's "Prophecy Girl," of course.

  5. I haven't seen Buffy for ages...and now you've made me want to watch them all again...although I have to get through Season 1 of The Fringe first :)

    And I too wanted Bussy's wardrobe...and hair :)

  6. Lea, I bought the complete season because it just made more sense money-wise, plus it comes in a nice big box with some goodies. I did save for it though.

    Liza, I think next on my list is to get Angel on DVD. I didn't watch it as much, especially not the last 2 seasons, but I did like it, and hey, it's David Boreanaz. Rwwwr.

    Karen, that's why I did it. I haven't really watched it in ages, but I had such a yen to do so while on vacation, so I am.

    Orannia, to be that petite and cute...sigh LOL. And I like the way she can act kinda ditzy but when it comes down to it, she's totally focused and kick-ass. Great show.

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