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Monday, July 13, 2009:
Johnny Depp, Gilmore Girls and Blue Diablo
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So yes I did go see "Public Enemies" Friday night and liked it quite a bit. Totally went in with low expectations because the preview made me yawn, but it was interesting. Afterwards, knowing a lot of things went down in Chicago, including Dillinger's death, I had to Google it and find out more, and wasn't surprised to see that a lot of the movie was embellished in some fashion or another, but the core story was the same. I was disappointed we didn't see more of Chicago, but since that was, what, 75 years ago, I'm sure too much has changed to really depict what the city looked like back then. Dillinger was 31 years old when he died, but living a life of crime definitely aged him. Johnny Depp is much prettier to look at, and definitely very charismatic. (Next to him in this picture is Marion Cotillard, who played Dillinger's girlfriend Billie).


Cute show! Okay it's a little hyper and caffeine-induced, but overall it's got a charming appeal. Both mom and daughter are very pretty and likable, and their house looks cozy and inviting. The townspeople are a little quirky but not in a "Northern Exposure" kind of a way. I always knew I liked Luke - he's so cranky and scruffy and serious, you just want to ruffle his feathers. I know more happens with him and Lorelai later in the series, but I'm pleading ignorant for right now. So far I've only seen 4 episodes out of....150+? I'm totally guessing here, knowing I have 42 DVDs to watch, and there's 7 seasons. And so far I'm really looking forward to each one.


This one took me a long time to read because I just didn't have a lot of leisure time to sit down and enjoy it, and the minute I sat down to read a few pages, my eyes would droop before I opened the book and I wouldn't last too long. But I finished it over the weekend and now, I want MORE! Corrine is a great heroine, built with a combination of strength, loss, courage, honor, and a heart with a strong capacity for love, mixed in with some quirks and flaws that make her a very real person. I truly liked that about her. As for which team I choose, I am now firmly in the Chance camp, though I bet Jesse could give him a good run for his money. It took me awhile to warm up to Chance, but what I discovered is that he is a complex, multilayered hero who isn't easy to read at first, or second, or even the tenth glance. He's not upfront about his feelings, and often acts in direct opposition to what he really wants to do. But when he finally shows little pieces of himself, I knew I had to re-evaluate my original opinion. Chance definitely has potential, and I can't wait to watch him reach it ;)

How about you? Any book, movie, t.v. show I need

to put on my "must" list?

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  1. Well there is this book that I really enjoed called The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred. It was recommended on the amazon forum and it's now one of my favorite book. Different themes : second chance at love, cross stars lovers, secret baby... my favorites !!

  2. Man, I love Depp. The guy just, well. ::sigh::

    Glad you liked "Blue Diablo", Stacy, I really enjoyed that one too.

    Um, TV? Well if you like vampires the short-lived "Moonlight" series is really good and out on DVD now.

    I have the first couple of seasons of "Gilmore Girls", and enjoyed them but after that my interest waned. lol

    I don't watch much TV so I'm so not helpful. However, my mother did go and see the new Sandra Bullock movie still in theatres and really enjoyed. So there is a possiblity?

    Best to you

  3. I'm not a big TV watcher, so I won't be any help in finding new shows. I did get into the Gilmore Girls a while back. I guess I could relate to it at some level. i was a single mom, however my daughter was only 5 at the time. But I did love the show, and as Lea said lost interest after the first couple of seasons.

    I really want to see Public Enemies. Not a big Depp fan but for some reason he really appeals to me in this one.

  4. I havr the first 4 seasons of the Gilmore Girls but I lost intersest after she went to college. I'm not big on movies but I am going to go see The Ugly Truth, I just love Gerard Butler.

  5. Glad you liked Blue Diablo. I feel the same about Corine, love the down to earth, very real person aspect about her personality. Team Chance here also, I bought the t-shirt too. Although, the guy on the t-shirt isn't how I pictured Chance, but he'll do. *grins*

    I don't watch much TV. The only show I'm watching regularly now is True Blood. Before that, I got into the show Moonlight and that was cancelled fairly quick, sad.

  6. i want to see that movie and really it's only because mr. depp is so easy on the eyes. that's so shallow, i know. shoot me. ;)

  7. IDK Jesse just kind of creeped me out in BD. Why is that? Again, IDK.

    I love Johnny Depp. Since I saw him in 21 Jump Street I've been sold!

  8. Love me some Depp!

    Loved of my all time fav shows.

    Loved Blue Diablo too. I am just all full of love today. Def team Chance! I want to read Grimspace next...

    Have you ever watched Coupling? I think they show it on BBC America sometimes..but I loved that show. I think there are four seasons already out on dvd.

  9. I'm also a Team Chance girl. Out of interest Donna, how do you see Chance? I imagine Brandon Lee :) And I so want to know who it father is!

    Mandi - Coupling is hilarious! I saw it when it was screened in the UK, and the episode with the Batman music - every time I watch it I am crying with laughter (literally :) Everyone should definitely try it!

    As for TV, I have borrowed the first season of just started screening here (yes, we are that behind!), and I missed the first two episodes so now I can catch up :)

  10. Hi orannia - OMG, too funny! I was thinking Brandon Lee or maybe even Brandon Boyd from Incubus. I know what's up with the Brandons. ;) But they both are tall, dark and have the slender muscular look, not mention hawt! :D

  11. Emmanuelle, I've never heard of this one. Must check it out now. I'm not big on secret babies, but the rest sounds pretty good.

    Lea, I hear ya. He's got hotness in spades. And I have "Moonlight" in my Netflix Q.

    Heather I don't watch a lot of t.v., but I like to catch up on some of the good ones. As for Depp, he was so pretty in this movie.

    Shannon, OMG Gerard looks totally hot in this movie. Can't wait!

    Donna, I hate when shows I love get cancelled. I watched bits of "True Blood" but I need to start at the beginning.

    Sula, that sounds like a good enough reason to me LOL

    Tracy, I kept picturing Trace Adkins as Jesse, so I did have a hard time imagining him as a love interest. I'm hoping it's Chance al the way. And 21 Jump Street was a great show, if only because JD was in it ;)

    Mandi, I have not seen Coupling, though I tend to not "get" British humor. But still, I'm curious enough to check it out.

    Orannia, yeah, Brandon Lee. I like that. That's how Chance should look ;) And I like Joshua Jackson, so I need to catch up on Fringe...

  12. Hi Donna, I agree with you, this show is very funny. This is one of the coolest shows on screen. I have been watching this series for a long time. Whenever I feel so bored then I recommend watching Gilmore Girls Season 7. It has good storyline and designs.

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