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Tuesday, July 14, 2009:
Spotlight: C - Anna Campbell
I'm on vacation this week and up much later than usual, but I didn't forget about my weekly spotlight. Today is all about Anna Campbell.


I remember first hearing about Anna when her book "Claiming the Courtesan" came out. It generated a lot of buzz, some of it controversial, not all of it kind and favorable. I admit reading about it made me very curious about the book, so I eventually picked up a copy and got lost in the story. As someone who's read adult romance since the early 80's, and definitely got a fine education on old school romances, this one did not bother me as much as it bothered many other readers. I liked it very much. And when her next book came out, "Untouched", I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. A fan was born.

I was fortunate enough to meet Anna at RWA last year, and she was such a funny, light-hearted person, with a heavy dose of the devil in her, that I couldn't help but like her immediately. And she is very appreciative of her fans. I am one of those people that is easily forgettable (sad but true LOL), yet she remembered me! What a thrill. And I'm so looking forward to her 4th book, which will be out in November, which is not soon enough for me.

Have you read Anna Campbells' books?

Is there a favorite?

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  1. Hi Stacy, another Campbell fan in da house now. I remember the buzz about the controversial Claiming The Courtesan and since I have a passion for historical romance novels with a twist I picked up a copy. Of course I had a 101 other books to read but the cover compelled to me and I cracked the spine about 4-5-6 weeks later. I uber-loved the story and to this day remains my favorite.

    Every story is stellar but CTC has that glow of being the first one, after CTC I had expectations which were met with each release.

  2. I've read Untouched and thought it was a nice book.

  3. Mmm, love Anna's writing and love her even more!

    I also adored Untouched. Love a virgin hero. But it's her prose that really captivates me. She writes like such a veteran. I can't wait to meet her at RWA!

  4. So, I've never read anything by Anna Campbell, but I do have one of her books in my ever growing TBR pile.

  5. I only read Tempt the Devil and loved it. The theme was very tricky but she created one of the most romantic story I've ever read.

  6. I've never read anything by Anna Campbell. What is Claiming the Courtesan? I'm going to have to check it out now. Thanks!

  7. Oops, that was me above. I clicked enter too quickly before I finished typing out my name.

  8. Hey, I haven't read Anna Campbell yet. I have Untouched sitting in my closet, its been there for about 2 years now. One of these days I will reorganize my books and pull her out!!

  9. I'm ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I won a copy of Tempt the Devil from the lovely Anna Campbell herself and I still haven't read it! For some reason, the books I own get 'lost' in my TBR list...I need to revise that and make sure I read TTD soon!

    Thank you Stacy! I love your spotlights :) Enjoy your vacation!

  10. I have Claiming The Courtesan in my tbr but had no idea there was controversial buzz about it. Now I want to move it up ;)

  11. I liked Untouched and Claiming the Courtesan. They were fun books. :)

  12. Hi Stacy,
    I'm a fan of Anna Campbell too, I love her books and I'm eagerly waiting for Captive of Sin! I think my favorite is the first I read, CTC

  13. I've read all three, and while I rate them all favorably, I think CTC is my favorite -- the hero was such a tough sell for redemption, and yet she managed it.

    Untouched was really unusual and a bit implausible, but if you can suspend disbelief the characters are amazing.

    I liked TTD too; I only put it behind CTC because I thought the premise was a bit too similar. If you don't like CTC you probably would not like TTD any better.

  14. Stacy, I met Anna in D.C., and discovered we'd both lived in the same areas of Brisbane and she urged me to get in touch if/when I go back next year. She was/is a lovely and I can't wait to read her books :) Thanks for the recommendation.

  15. hey stacey,i've read all of her books but until another comes out im stuck on what to read... do you have any suggestions as to other historical romantic books for me to read in the mean time??
    so if you find any good ones please email me at (or any others reading this)
    thankyou so much, sam

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