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Sunday, July 19, 2009:
Harry, Nora and the lure of a sweet category


Like many Americans, and okay, millions of people around the world, I do have a bit of a thing for those Harry Potter movies. So far I've only read the first book, so I feel a little bit out of the loop. I've now gone to see HP6 twice, and understand it a little bit better, yet it's still prompted me to start the series, so that's what I'm doing. I haven't gotten very far, but it has me reminiscing about the flying car. Oh those were the days. This movie is pretty good, though sadness does ensue. For those of you who've either seen the movie or read the books, you know why. I think I was more sad the 2nd time around than the first. A pretty good installment, I must say. And I do think I want a vanishing cabinet.

I was kinda hoping to see a few previews of Harry, Ron and Hermione as kids, just to see how much they've changed, but maybe that'll happen in the last movie? Being the romance reader that I am, I wantd more Ron and Hermione, though in this last movie, I wanted to smack both of them. Hermione pining for Ron? I think it should be the other way around. And Ron as clueless as you can get? I'm really hoping for a grand gesture in the last movie(s), but please don't tell me. I'm going to agonize over the books now.


Kati had talked about this book awhile ago, and my copy literally fell off the shelf one day so I figured the forces were telling me I should do a re-read, and so I did. The Dream trilogy is my favorite of hers, and this is my absolute installment in the series. Kate is so stubbornly independent and proud, yet also caring and tender-hearted. I loved that she was matched with a man who wasn't intimidated by her abrasiveness, and found her incredibly attractive. In fact he even notes how he's never been so attracted to a woman's brain before, and I thought that was one of the sexiest things I've personally never had a man say to me *g*


I love this category. Okay I'll admit that it's not particularly sharp and snappy, and the dialogue is a little too PG for my tastes, but I have always found it rather endearing. Abby and Nick are good friends, in fact after Abby's parents died when she was 18, leaving her with a younger sister to raise, Nick stepped in and gave Abby a job and a shoulder to lean on. This developed into a strong friendship over the years. Now Abby is dealing with a teenaged sister who feels that Abby is smothering her, and Abby struggles with letting go. Nick sympathizes with both, knowing the reason behind Abby's fear, but also understanding that Sarah needs a chance to spread her wings and experience all the things a 16-year-old girl should get to experience. While Abby deals with her rebellious sister, her and Nick grow closer, until it soon becomes apparent that they are falling in love. Only Abby won't admit it, and she instead pushes Nick away. Now Nick has to convince the woman he loves that he's not going anywhere, and it's worth taking a chance on love. Sigh. Very sweet.

Now on to more Harry Potter, BtVS, and S.J. Day.....

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  1. Mmm, I love Holding the Dream! And I really enjoyed this entry into the HP series. I thought it brought the funny some, which was really nice.

  2. Did you read the books? What am I saying? Of course you did LOL. Whatcha reading now?

  3. Oh wait till you read the last 3 books if you want the romance in HP! I adore this series and have read it many times. The movies have been good (HP6 is my favorite movie so far- it stayed truest to the book), but the books will blow you away!

  4. I just finished Not Quite A Husband by Sherry Thomas which was BRILLIANT! She made some very bold choices, which I'll be blogging on tomorrow. Plus, it's just an unusual, nuanced story, which is lovely. I just picked up Jill Shalvis's Double Play, but I scored (or really, Kate scored for me) a copy of When Alex Was Bad by Jo Davis, so I may switch to that. Although I really should take advantage of my historical kick while I'm in it. :wink:

  5. I miss the days of the flying car as well. They were such cute little moppets. :)

  6. Ohhh, HP6 has just opened here so I'm looking forward to seeing it (once my best friend has finished house hunting). For some reason I didn't enjoy the second book/movie as much....I can't work out why! Very frustrating!

    Oh, and I have one of the Dream books on my TBR list and it is almost at the top! Am looking forward to reading it :)

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