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Wednesday, July 29, 2009:
Getting Kreativ
The Kreativ rules state that:

Once you receive this award you are to list seven of your favorite things and then nominate seven other blogs.

The lovely and talented Kati nominated me for this fun award, and though I basically suck at award follow-up, she must have had enough faith to figure I'd spread the love, so that's what I'm gonna do.

1. Steak & shrimp. My current favorite meal. I am such a carnivore,and there's nothing like a tender, juicy steak cooked to medium perfection - not too tough, not too bloody. And I love seafood, shrimp especially, whether it's fried or grilled. Yummy. Put them together and you have a divine meal. Add some flavorful wine and it's ambrosia. And while you're at it, why not add a slice of chocolate mousse cheesecake. Might as well, though with all these calories I've eaten for the week.

2. Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea starring Megan Follows. I could watch this 100 times and not be bored. Watching Anne grow up, and having Gilbert fall in love with her, going off to school and become a teacher herself. Anne's a dreamer with a penchant for getting into mischief, and oh what an amazing character she is. A kindred spirit. Everytime I watch the scene where she's coming home to Green Gables carrying a bouquet of flowers and she sees Marilla, I tear up. Gets me everytime.

3. The midwest. Yeah I bitch about the cold and having to drive in a blizzard but this place owns me. Except for the fact we're living on a fault line that my mother is convinced will erupt any day now, I am quite content with where I live, and though moving might be exciting, I don't think I'd actively try to leave. It's not too much, or too little, but has just enough of everything to make it interesting. Sitting here thinking about it, listening to the cicadas (?) and feeling the warm summer breeze makes me very happy. Then thee's knowing I could go downtown and see Lake Michigan or any of the various historical locations, take the elevator to the top of SEARS Tower (Willis? Huh) and see the amazing view of the city, or go to O'Hare and feel the excited buzz of travelers. I love airports - they've always fascinated me. ORD is one of the best.

4. Faith No More. This was my brother's music, but I developed a strange and inappropriate crush on the very weird and twisted Mike Patton, even though he sounded horrible live, and totally dug 2 of their albums, The Real Thing & Angel Dust, the former so much that I wore it out. Twice. I was obsessed, and those albums are still among my all-time favorites. True, I'm seriously disturbed, but I don't care. I just loved 'em. Obviously I still do.

5. Dawson's Creek. Yeah, I'll cop to this one, especially during the Pacey/Joey years. When he kisses her by the side of the road - swoon. Joey admitting to being attracted to him. Their secret relationship. Dawson finding out. Great tunes in that episode. The "let's spend the summer on a boat" seaon finale. I loved it all. Shamelessly, completely. It's not legendary like BtVS, but it'll do.

6. Bath & Body Works night-blooming jasmine lotion & body spray. I'm wearing it right now, and it's just the thing for warm summer evenings. The scent always puts me in a good mood. Not too strong, lightful floral, not sickeningly so. Rather sensual. Makes me feel pretty.

7. Netflix. I used to be so obsessed with t.v. that I'd watch like 5 + hours a day, so I gave it up for quite a long time, and I missed out on quite a few addictive shows. Now I've decided I can control my addiction, so I've been catching up in the last year or so. Gilmore Girls, House, Carnivale, Entourage are just a few of the shows I've been glomming. It's a cool concept, and I can keep the DVDs for quite some time without incurring late fees. I love it.

Now for the blogs, in no particular order but who probably have received this award at least once already:

4. Leontine's Book Realm - Leontine

5. Heidenkind's Hideway - Heidenkind

6. Closetwriter - Lea

7. Smexy Books - Mandi

What are some of YOUR favorite things?



  1. Thanks, Stacy!

    Hmm, seven things! I'll have to give this one some thought :). It probably isn't as hard as I think.

  2. (((Stacy)))

    Thank you so much, this is so kind of you, I actually have never been given this award and it means a great deal coming from you... :)

    Congratulations, you are so deserving.

    Some of my favorite things:

    My pooches.
    My books
    My family
    Potato Chips
    I'll have to ponder this more... lol

    Thanks again Stacy and you have a GREAT day!


  3. Yay! Perfect list, Stacy! You had me at "steak and shrimp" I'm not even kidding, I almost put that down, but I figured three food related things were overkill on my list.

    Also, Anne of Green Gables?? Love. Love. Love. This series! So wonderful!

  4. I've never seen Anne of Green Gables. But I just added it to my netflix queue :)

  5. Amy, I always try to stop by your blog - I love how passionate you are about things.

    Lea, you are a complete sweetie, well loved in blogland :)

    Kati, I was drooling writing #1 LOL. And the first time I saw AoGG, me & my best friend Jennie were babysitting and we stayed up all night and watched the whole thing. LOVED it.

    Amy, you definitely have to watch. The 3rd Anne movie, done years later, wasn't as good.

  6. All well deserving blogs!! :) A couple of them are new to me, can't wait to check them out!! :)

  7. Thanks so much!!!

    I adore Anne of Green Gables too:) I have watched it so many times!! I used to be so in love with Gilbert:)

  8. Thank you, Stacy! That's made my day. Seven of my fave things...hmm! This sounds like fun.

  9. Fantastic list Stacy! And weird that you should mention Anne of Green Gables as I just lent the DVDs to a friend :) I used to go to summer camp with twins who looked just like Gilbert! Ahhh, what we remember :)

    Oh, I so wish Bath & Body Works had a store here! My hairdresser introduced me to B&BW Brown Sugar & Fig and I fell in love. It's smells good enough to eat! I'm hoarding my one container of soap (I've never seen any of the other produces in that line apart from the soap :)

  10. Oh, just went to Amazon and they are selling a Brown Sugar & Fig Body Splash. Will I sound like a complete ignoramus if I ask what the body splash is please?

  11. Love your list, so eclectic, and a little peek inside you.

  12. Stacy what a fun list! Mmmmmm surf and turf one of my favorite dinners also :o)

    I’ve never heard of Anne of Green Gables I’ll have to look into it.

  13. Love your list of favorites! I need to try the night-blooming jasmine lotion, the way you described it sounds wonderful.

    Congrats on your award! You are most deserving of it. :)

  14. Stacy, you gave me an award?! Thank you! Sorry I didn't see this until now; I've been on vacation.

    How sweet you are. :) Congratulations on receiving the award!

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