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Friday, July 24, 2009:
Bad Boy crush: Robert Downey Jr.

Okay, I'll admit it. I've had a bit of a crush on Robert Downey Jr. ever since I saw him in "The Pick-Up Artist" alongside Molly Ringwald back in 1987. Robert portrayed Jack Jericho, a teacher and rather adorable womanizer who ends up meeting his match and for the first time ever, falls in love. As Jack, RDJ was funny and persistent and charming, but back then he had this space between his teeth that was rather distracting, so I wasn't completely enamored with his looks. I am so superficial that way. But he did catch my eye, even then.

It was actually when I saw him in "Less Than Zero" that I had that "wow" moment. In the movie, he was Julian...something or another, a wealthy drug addict who has such a serious habit that he owes his dealer a lot of money, and said dealer forces Julian to become a prostitute to pay for his habit. You got it. True hero material. But it cemented my thing for him, as totally inappropriate and unexplainable as it was. There was just some dangerous, heartbreaking quality that I was all melty for, maybe it was that sense that he was going along full speed ahead, about ready to crash and burn into a very hard and unforgiving brick wall, yet he was having the most incredible time while at it. RDJ loved the drugs. He was in a long-term relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker back then, but even that wasn't enough to get him to stop using. It took almost 2 decades.


RDJ has an incredible and various of projects, most of which I haven't seen, if you can believe it. However there are some I did actually watch. There's "Johnny Be Good", and "Air America" with Mel Gibson. "Chances Are" with Cybil Shepherd. "Soap Dish" with a bunch of people. And of course "Chaplin". I watched "Wonder Boys" and he was probably the best reason to see it, imho. And a lot of movies I never saw...until "Iron Man". Oh and there was the Elton John video, and his appearance on "Ally McBeal", a show I didn't care much for but usually would watch when he was on. He definitely has that ability to draw me in.


RDJ has come a loooong from those days of drug abuse and dating Sarah Jessica Parker. Now he's in a new movie, "Sherlock Holmes", set for release Christmas Day. He plays the main character in a movie I don't know if I want to see other than the fact he's in it. Because regardless of what he's done in his personal life, I think he's an amazing actor. Perhaps based on the decadent nature of the film, you can tell RDJ's hard-living ways have caught up with him, see it in the baggy eyes, the lines on his face, that smoker's voice, and I still get the vague impression that he's one step away from picking up a crack pipe. He's just got that edge to him, and I remember reading articles where he talked about how much he loved doing drugs. As he told a judge back in 1999, "It's like I have a loaded gun in my mouth and my finger's on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gunmetal."

However I have always loved Robert Downey Jr., and I was so thrilled by his role in "Iron Man" last year. He was just amazing as Tony Stark, the incredibly sexy gazillionaire turned super hero, and I can't wait to see "Iron Man 2". I'm hoping things turn out just as well for him in real life. Here's to happy endings.

Here's to Robert Downey Jr, one of my all-time favorite bad boys.

Who's yours?

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  1. Hm, RDJr. is yummy. But he's kind of scary too. I always feel like he might go off the deep end.

    Favorite bad boy? Um, you know about my inappropriate crush on Kid Rock, right?

    I know, I feel slightly dirty even typing it. ;o)

  2. I think I might be one of very few that doens't get into the Hollywood acting scene. I know who some of these actors are but not too many and mostly just their names from seeing them around different blogs. I know who RDJr is. I think he's a fine actor.

    I have had a real life crush for a long time. He's a real bad boy too, but he's also one of my husband's best friends! Not good!! Not good at all. So yeah, when I'm reading menage, his damn face always pops in my head along with my husbands! Oh man, I wonder what my husband would say if I ever told him that little secret! Not much I imagine, so long as I never wanted to act on that crush :).

  3. Yeah, I got a whole new appreciation for him after Iron Man.

    I just saw Tim Daly in The Outsider, it's a new one, but he's hot!

    Of course, Gerard Butler, loved 300! Clive Owen in King Arthur!

    I don't know if all above are bad boys, but their my hollywood crushes!

  4. LOL Stacy!

    Looking at those pics I could fall for the man too. ;)

    I LOVE Johnny Depp. I think he is a nice man now, but I just, well, *sigh*...

    Have a great weekend!


  5. I just saw the previews for for RDJ and Sherlock Holmes!! I really like him as well and I'm thrilled to see him busy acting!!

    I have to think about my favorite bad boy.....that's a toughie!

  6. Simon Kinberg, the guy who wrote the shooting script for Sherlock Holmes, just did an exclusive interview with, all about writing for Downey, how Downey authored his own fights as much as the stunt coordinator did -- all kinds of new stuff. He even leaks details about a Downey/Watson/McAdams scene that isn't in the trailer. He says Downey does some kind of martial art -- no wonder he looks so hot with his shrt of!

  7. Robert Downey Jr. is really hot. I loved him since Ally McBeal.
    My Bad Boy Crush isn't a real person but I drool all over the floor while watching Fight Club. Tyler Durden is my ├╝ber-sexy Bad Boy.

  8. RDJ is beyond yummy! I have to say my current crush has to be Chris Pines *shiver* probably b/c I'm a Star Trek fan and that movie rocked my world!!!


  9. I think he's definitely sexier now. If you haven't seen Tropic it! That is all. :)

    My ultimate "bad" boy is probably Johnny Depp. I know, I know, but I've "loved" him since his 21 Jump Street days. That is a long, long affair. he-he

  10. I've always been a big fan of Robert Downey Jr. too. He was the reason I kept watching Ally McBeal years ago. I saw the preview for Sherlock Holmes when I went to Harry Potter and I can't wait to see him in it on Christmas Day.

  11. Hi Stacy~
    Oh, I would have to agree with you on the whole Robert Downey Jr. thing. There is just something about him that draws me to him...I know a bit alarming as these are the characteristics that appeal to me...and I just find him so interesting and appealing.

    Kati~ Your comment about feeling dirty...cracked me up!

  12. Kati: Kid Rock? No! I think I just entered an alternate universe. I had no clue. I feel dirty reading it.

    Amy, I've been there! I'd never act on the crush since he was married, but there is something about a bad boy, preferrably riding a motorcycle...sigh...

    Cindy, Gerard Butler is my absolute fave. Just saw him in "The Ugly Truth". I <3 Gerard.

    Lea, Johnny Depp is a classic. Love him. He's always on my list.

    Blanche, I was so relieved to see RDJ getting his life back on track. It was touch & go there for awhile.

    Iron Squirrel, thanx for the update :)

    Susi, is good to drool over someone, real or imagined LOL. I applaud your imagination ;)

    K.C. I've never watched Star Trek, but I do want to see the 2009 release. Chris Pine doesn't do anything for me, but I get the appeal.

    Bridget, I have to see Tropic Thunder. THought he made a bold move.

    Liza, I would have given up on AM long before if RDJ hadn't started showing up. He made it exciting.

    Lori T., there is something about RDJ that sends a deliciously dangerous shiver through me. Love that ;) And I'm so glad I'm not the only one to appreciate his appeal.

  13. My mom has had a crush on RDJ since he did Chances Are.

    My favorite bad boy? Hmmm, probably Russell Crowe. He can throw a phone at me any time. ;)

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