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Friday, July 31, 2009:
Contest alert: Win a copy of "Taboo" by Jess Michaels!
Cassandra Willows has taken adversity and turned it into wild success. Not only is she one of the Empire’s most sought after seamstresses, servicing the very wealthy ladies of the ton, but in secret she creates erotic toys for high class courtesans and randy gentleman. Cassandra has but one regret: The Earl of Blackhearth, Nathan Manning, who once wished to marry her and will never forgive her for not showing up when they were to elope.

Nathan has been living in India and has returned to London at the behest of his ill father. His one duty is to find a suitable bride, but a chance encounter with Cassandra wipes that thought from his mind and replaces it with both desire and a need for revenge. So he blackmails his former love into a passionate affair. But the closer the two become physically, the harder it becomes for them to block out the feelings they once shared. And the closer Nathan comes to the devastating truth that tore them apart.

Okay, people, let's have some FUN! Today I'm giving away a copy of Jess Michaels' TABOO, a very sexy romance that has a strongly emotional storyline between two former lovers thrown back into each others' lives.

I like the title of this book for a variety of reasons, one of which is the inspiration behind today's contest. All are welcome to participate, but only those that follow the rules will be entered to win a copy of Jess' book. [Note: I try to make the contests simple, and hopefully fun. I ask that you please DO NOT include your email address as I will post the name of the winner here and it is up to them to contact me within a week of the winner being announced]. All you have to do is answer the question and your name will be entered to win.

~ What actually does taboo mean? Definition: declare sacred or forbidden ~

Most of us have some little indulgence we like to partake in that we know we shouldn't. Maybe you eat a slice of cheesecake for breakfast every morning, when you know it's bad for you. Or you like to buy scratch-off tickets instead of paying the latest credit card bill. Or it could be you got lucky with your boyfriend/husband in your office at work...oh what a delicious taboo that would be!

So what I wanna know is...

What is your sweetest taboo?

It can be real or it could be one you imagine would be really good, like plunking $1000 down at a roulette table in Vegas, or nude sunbathing. Not my particular taboos, but they could be someone else's. Me, I'm pretty boring, but I have a very vivid imagination *g* I'm not asking for deep, dark secrets here, just wondering what is that one temptation you know is so bad for you but you can't resist. I think there's a whole lot that could fit that description.

Contest will run until 5pm CST on Sunday, August 2nd, so please be sure to post a comment before then if you'd like to be entered in the contest. A random winner will be drawn, and those who also comment on the interview from yesterday will get an additional entry in the contest. As I mentioned earlier, as long as mail can be delivered to you, anyone is eligible to participate. Good luck, and thanx for playin'!

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  1. One of my taboos is having fun in an elevator. Hee hee.
    I also would love one day to swim in the ocean naked, if I ever gain the confidence.

  2. Ooooh, jumping up and down, "pick me, pick me"... lol

    Seriously, thanks for hosting the giveaway Stacy, I'm off to pimp now.

    You really want to know what my fantasy taboo is? Yikes... lol I'm not even sure if there is anything that is "taboo" anymore!! lol

    Okay, after reading a significant amout of erotica over the past number of years, there are certain "fantasies" that I certainly have but would never act upon. lolol Is that a good enough answer?

    Best to you Stacy

  3. Ohhhh.... I would love to go to Africa for a year...
    As for my secret taboo - I eat one row of chocolate every day although I'm not supposed to because of my problems with food allergies :)
    As for my fantasy taboo - it would be a ménage a trois :))

  4. Can my taboo involve fictitious men? Because I have something in mind for all my "boyfriends" :)

    Otherwise, I think my taboo would be making out at a Killers concert..that way I could make out with my husband while Brandon Flowers sings to me. What else could be better!

    Thanks for the contest!

  5. OOhhh....I would love to have a fling on mine or someone elses office desk. Naughty girl I am.

  6. Hmmm, I wasn't sure if there was anything taboo about me that I thought would be appropriate to share! HAHA! By appropriate I mean what would my husband think? There is the fantasy with my husband's "bad boy" friend. He doesn't need to know that one, because well, they are both involved...And I blame that on all those damn menage books that are published!! I also like to imagine what a guy is like in the sack when I see one that I find particularly appealing out in public. I can become a bit dazed in the grocery store as my imagination takes flight! My husband asks me all the time if the only thing I ever think about is sex?? :P. I blame it on the romances! Maybe I do read too many? My brain is clouded with SEX!! I don't know, are those taboo? :D

    Thanks for the contest, Stacy!

  7. Hm dunno what kind of taboo I have, except that one about two guys (schhh don't tell my boyfriend ;)

    As for some other things, well *blushes* those stays in my head

  8. I guess mine would be having fun in public places where you can get caught at any moment.

  9. We are a kinky lot aren't we!!!

    My taboo is being 'naughty' with hubby on the balcony of our hotel high rise lol (not knowing who might be looking adds to the spice!)

  10. Katiebabs- I did it that in mexico and it was wonderfully decadent! :D

    What is my sweetest taboo?

    Dressing in a tight corset with garters & fishnet stockings and going out in public. I'll never do it because in my neck of the woods that IS taboo- but it feels so deliciously naughty to think of attempting it.

    Now my sweetest indulgences which I rarely act upon? Aw just doing all the "bad for you" things without feeling any guilt. You know, stuff like eating high calorie foods, getting drunk on red wine, have sex on the living room floor and lounging around naked afterwards- heh sounds like a fun date, doesn't it?! LOL!

  11. One of my Taboos is two guys and a swimming pool.

    Please count me in for the contest.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  12. That is a pretty cover. fun contest.
    my taboo is probably erotic novels and erotica, my hubby does not really like me reading them and some he does not know about, but I love them.

  13. I guess mine would be the erotica I read. There are still books I probably would not read at lunch at work. Not becuase I'm ashamed but because I don't want to stop reading long enough to explain them.My hubby knows they're all HEA books but the combos would probably surprise him beyond the m/f books I read. Great post Stacy

  14. Oh gosh, this is a tricky one. I would say menage, with two stong, alpha men. That is all just fantasy though, not something that I would act upon. My imagination can run wild with the books that I read. There are more "taboo" things that I think about, but goodness sakes, I would die of embarrassment if I said them out loud. Maybe I am working up to that stage :)

    Amy M

  15. Taboo is something you know you shouldn't do, but can't help yourself. So for me, that's something as simple as eating a whole cheesecake by myself.

    I wish I could admit to something more wild, but that's as crazy as I get most days.

  16. This is tough, I've thought a lot about what my answer should be! LOL

    Taboo......I'm pretty boring so besides eating pizza, cheesecake and chocolate all in one day........I tease hubby a lot about a menage but I wouldn't do it, I just like to mess with him! LOL

  17. My boy works at a summer camp, and there are some specific guidelines about how to behave.. but when I worked there, we never behaved! I suppose it wouldn't have been so taboo if he hadn't shared a cabin with the camp director. O:)

  18. Oooh this book sounds so good! I would love to win.

    My real life sweetest taboo is my love for erotic romance. If my friends and family knew that this was one of my fav genres they would be completely shocked!

    My fantasy taboo like some of the other commenters would be a menage. I don't think I could ever do it in real life, but it certainly is fun to fantasize about :)

  19. OH, easy!

    Chocolate boobie drops :)

  20. I love the sound of this book! Sadly I usually indulge in my whims and often cannot stop myself from doing taboo things. Most recently I finished the last of the chubby hubby icecream even though i promised i would leave some from my un-chubby Hubby.

    i also luuuurve PDA (public displays of affection) but unfortuntely that is taboo for my husband and he won't indulge me.

  21. My taboo isn't too big of a deal, but I like making strawberry dacquries (sp?) after work and putting enough whip cream on it to touch my nose. :) he!

    Jess, I had a question for you too! Do you plan on writing anymore about the families from your two books "Reckless" and "Forbidden" I loved them and would love to hear more about them!

  22. :) Taboo looks wonderful...Any Jess Michaels book is great. LOVED FORBIDDEN!! I re-read it whenever I get a chance!! :)

    lyoness2009 @ hotmail *dot* com

  23. My sweetest taboos? Most probably involve indulgent food that you really ought not eat all at once--a really rich meal followed by a calorie-laden dessert... Also, saving cash on the sly with which to buy books :)

    And it would be fun to try skinny dipping someday--somewhere where the water is warm, please!

    Thanks for the contest, Stacy!

  24. I think that mine would have to be tattoos. I just love them and I would have more if only I could afford them.

    Thanks for having such a great contest Stacy. Have a great weekend.

  25. This looks fab!! And a historical love those sizzling! Oh thinking of a Taboo is tough! I remember some of those taboo's from those carefree college days and a a forbidden place to have a fling!


  26. My fantasy taboo would be sun bathing at a nude beach on some tropical island. This almost happened at a Club Med vacation, but I was too shy.

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway. I've read the 2 in the series and I can't wait for NOTHING DENIED to be released. I love the cover to TABOO. And BTW, I loved the interview and left a comment yesterday.

  27. Cool thanks for the awesome giveaway Stacy!

    My fantasy taboo I would like to be tied up, blind folded and dominated.

  28. Oh, you've got me verrrrry interested in this author now, not the least because I believe she's from my hometown. Fun.

    I have few taboos. There are things about which I feel the potential consequences are not worth the risk, (like KB's example) but ethically, "an' it harm none," you know?

  29. humm taboo could be just a bout anything all depends on what people define as taboo or what they see as not quite the norm my not so secret taboo is im submissive and enjoy being forced and being told what to do the taboo comes in because i believe theres no limmit to the bedroom or the life style least not for me secret comes in because my mother doesnt believe i am that way and i have to say two men one woman is hot hot hot

  30. Since becoming gluten intolerant my sweetest taboo is baked goods!

  31. This sounds like a fun read!

    taboos? hmm seriously? to eat all the cheesecake my heart desires and never have to worry about gaining weight while doing so ;).

    A sizzling summer romance involving a beach and a hottub is also on the list...

    Pam S

  32. This book sounds really good. I have added it to my TBR list.
    I guess my taboo would be to have a good looking guy give me a massage, and feed me chocolate with candlelight and music and then go walking on the beach. Then go swimming naked and see what happens from there. No very taboo, but it would be for me

  33. Hmmmm, Something I shouldn't do? Spend all the money I want on Erotic Novels.

  34. My fantasy taboo would be a menage or with a stranger.

    My own taboo would be my erotic reading. I've brought it up a couple of times and the reaction can be funny. Once a fellow parent from my son's baseball team asked me what kinds of books I read. I listed of some and included erotica. Her mouth dropped and she said *It's always the quite ones*. I'm not sure she even realized she said it out loud.

  35. Hi Stacy,
    What a contest and what a question, my sweetest taboo...kinky minds kicks in to gear here LOL Hhhhhmmmm it would be a man-sandwich of my chosing; naked, hot and hungry.

    In the Netherlands we have nude beaches so I already done that, naked swimming is very...liberating but I have never "parked" with a guy though ;D

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