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Friday, February 27, 2009:
You bored yet? You will be...
As per usual, not much going on here. Got some great books I should be reading (most notably "Smooth Talking Stranger and yes I had to throw that in because I'm such a bitch right now that I just can't help myself), but I'm still getting over being sick - got that killer cough that's been keeping me up at night. I have another 3-day weekend planned where I hope I kick this damn cold to the curb once and for all.
I'm really loving my Netflix right now. Just finished season 2 of "Entourage", and this show is growing on me. Total guy crap but it amuses me greatly. And I discovered I have this weird fascination for Kevin Connolly, who plays Eric, aka E. I would have never thought that he'd be the one I'd be paying attention to. Despite the cutie factor of Adrian Grenier, his character pretty much bores me. And of course then there's Jeremy Piven, whom I've liked since "Say Anything" and even that strange show, "Cupid", which I was sad to see canceled. Anyway, next up is "Dexter". Can't wait for that one. So far I haven't been able to do a crash course of 4-5 seasons all in one shot. I still have "Heroes", season 2, to watch.
God I am so addicted to Oreos right now. They sell them in packs of 6 at work, and at least once(!) a day I find myself making stupid excuses to buy them (i.e. someone has to or they'll go stale; nothing goes with milk like an Oreo; these are necessary in case of emergency). I totally blame Jill Shalvis for this insanity. She brainwashed me with all her talk about cookie survival. I'm utterly doomed. Love ya Jill!
Nickelback is coming to town! In a little over 2 weeks, I will be rockin' out to these guys once again, and damn, I can't wait. I mean really, who can resist a band with songs like "Something In Your Mouth"? Obviously not me. And the thing is, they are awesome playing live. And every song I've listened to is worth cranking up the volume to about 25. Which I do in my car all the time. Yeah, you should hear me sing along. Huh.
So there you go, five minutes you'll never get back again. You can't say I didn't warn you *g* Have a most fabulous weekend; hopefully it'll be way more exciting than mine. Adios...I have a cookie calling my name.



  1. *passes chicken soup*

    Everyone seems to be sick right now! I've been taking all kinds of vitamins trying to stay healthy, since I'm on business travel next week.

    I have Smooth Talking Stranger too, but I'm hoarding it until my flight to Denver next week! So, I guess that makes me a bitch too.

    I've also got Hard & Fast by Erin McCarthy and the new Smart Bitches book, which I'm quite looking forward to.

    Anyway, feel better, my friend. Take it easy this weekend and pamper yourself, maybe that will help.

  2. Hope you feel better soon Stacy! I'm sure the cookies will cookie problem right now would be the Girl Scout cookies. I know I shouldn't buy any, but the Thin Mints just call out my name.

  3. Oh I hope you feel better soon!!!

    I totally and thoroughly love Entourage. It's the only thing I watch on tv any longer (as long as my hubby calls me when it's on) and it just cracks me up. You're right, total guy crap but incredibly amusing.

    Smooth Talking Stranger - color me jealous. :)

  4. Hope you are feeling better. Nickelback rocks!!! Kroeger has one of the sexiest voices. I hope you have a great time.

    Oh and about the Oreos, who doesn't make up an excuse to eat them. It's all good ;)

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