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Saturday, February 14, 2009:
Feelin' the love: V-Day contest

Despite not having a sweetie of my own, I still can't help but love Valentine's Day. Not the obligatory dinner, flowers and chocolates, but that glowing feeling of romance and love and happiness. So today, I want to hear about your idea of the perfect Valentine's Day. I want details. Not a quick sentence telling me that "flowers are great", but at least a paragraph as to what you would do on this special day. It doesn't necessarily have to be about your significant other - it could be about a day spent watching chick flicks with your BFFs, or making paper hearts with your kids. Anything that makes the day memorable for you :)
Winner will get a book of their choice, paperback only. Anyone is eligible to play. Contest ends Monday, February 16th, at noon CST.
~ So come on, share the love ~

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  1. Hi, Stacy! Okay, my ideal V-Day...

    A romantic candle lit dinner at home, to start. The hubby must cook of course, and it would be the best tasting food ever because he made it with love. Then, he would prepare a relaxing bubble bath for me followed by a full body massage. Which would be given to me on a bed full of rose petals. Sigh...

    Yeesh, that all sounds a bit demanding. But you asked.

    Oh and as for the rest, well, that's private ;)

    Enjoy your night, Tracy. I know the dinner is coming for me, I'll keep my fingers crossed about the rest, lol.

  2. I always do that!!!! STACY! You and Tracy mix me up with the names, lol. I follow both your blogs! I've done it to her too!!

    Yup there goes my shot of winning. Dang it all.

  3. I don't want to be entered in the contest, but I like the question.

    Today was pretty much a perfect day. We had lunch with the kids, then dropped them off for the oldest to babysit her brother while we went to a grownup movie for a proper date, matinee, of course. The movie was hilarious. And then we did a bit of shopping together.

    The shopping was mundane, groceries and what-not, but we don't do it together very often because I usually take care of it while he's at work. Having him to myself this afternoon let me enjoy his company and reminded me how lucky I am to have a guy like him in my life. Small things are what makes up a life together, and today gave me the chance to really appreciate my good fortune.

  4. My dream Valentines right now would consist of me not being here in Chicago. Instead I would be in New Jersey. Yes, NJ. I don't care what people say about the state, I want to be there. My special someone and I would spread out a blanket in front of the fireplace where we would snuggle together. I would get to talk to him and see his face. That may not be much for some people, but when you live so far away, it is the simple things you crave.

    Now throw in some chocolates from See's Candies, a plate of berries and cheese, and a nice bottle of wine... perfection!

  5. It will sound cheesy.
    It's exactly what we did today.
    We spent time together, we watched some movies on the couch, and then we went to Chapters (Canadian bookstore). We wandered around had some laughs. It was ideal for us.

  6. I don't have a significant other, but my idea of the perfect day is to curl up with a good book, my cats, and some chocolate and be decadently lazy all day. :)

  7. I think my idea would just be spending time children. lol Sounds so simple but even if we were watching a movie or just talking we wouldn't be worrying about anyone and wouldn't be worrying about interruptions either. *wink, wink* lol

  8. The perfect Valentine's Day begins with tulips: frosty pink pastels on hardy stems of green, fragrant harbingers of the approaching spring. There is sunshine spilling through the bedroom windows, the bare branches casting artful shadows across the softly rumpled sheets and duvet. There is coffee, there is brioche; the rustle of newsprint accompanies gentle laughter at the foibles of the outside world, wherever that is.

    The midday welcomes freesias, waxy white droplets studding the bud vase and drifting to the crimson and gold damask of the cloth covering our small table, the perfect length for the entwining of fingers seeking one other across the silky surface. There is chilled white wine, there are salmon crepes with black Russian caviar... The Art Institute awaits.

    It is possible to live and die this afternoon within these walls be born beneath the fluid joy of Calder, to play on the banks of the Grand Jete, to grow wise amid the gardens of ancient stone gods, to ponder the despair of mad Van Gogh, to crumble to ash before the brutal mortality of Albright.

    The perfect Valentine's Day ends with roses, tight folds of claret velvet poised on slender twigs, the thorns intact, for what is beauty without danger? There is Belgian chocolate, there is cognac; there is muted music under a vaulted ceiling sparkling with fairy light. There are whispered endearments, and silken sighs, and, at last, a kiss that promises...forever.

  9. in a bathtub with a hottie , candles. wine, rose petals and soft music and making love


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  11. Okay, my ideal Valentine'Day is just doing things with the one you love.

  12. Hi Stacy! Don't enter me in the contest - I just wanted to tell you Happy Valentine's Day, a day late. This is the best day because Target marks down all that chocolate and then we can really celebrate!

  13. ours this year is two nights. Friday night our two oldest got dressed up and Hubby took them on a date. The next night, after the kids went to sleep, Hubby made us a nice dinner and we watched a movie and had some private time :P
    It was a great weekend.

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