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Wednesday, January 28, 2009:
Busy, busy, busy...
You know the drill. It's Suz time and I'll be biting my nails over what's going on in the latest edition to one of my all-time favorite series. I got my beautiful, precious copy in hand and will be alternately biting my nails and pulling my hair out as Suz just rips my guts out. God, I can't wait....
What book are you dropping everything for?



  1. LOL! Um, Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas. I'm freaking beside myself waiting for it!

  2. Bone Crossed! It's out soooon!

  3. Lover Avenged by JR Ward.

    I have the urge of some badass pimp loving.

  4. It's really sad but I don't have anything that I'm dying to have come out right now :o)

  5. I can't wait for Promises in Death by JD Robb. It comes out at the end of February. I'm also pretty excited about Lover Avenged by JR Ward.

  6. Oh I can't wait to read this one!!

  7. I'm waiting for Kill for Me by Karen Rose. It's out any day now!

  8. We got a bad snow storm here...I went to the library yesterday they had my copy of DoN in....I went, despite the weather and roads...I figured I would be snowed in today...and I was...

    Finished DoN...I REALLY liked it. Looking forward to your thoughts on it!!!!

  9. Stacy - just got it, read it in one day. Thought Suz was going to leave me hanging, but not this time. oh yeah, can't wait to read what you think about it.

  10. Oh you guys are killing me! I still have over 1/2 the book to go.

  11. I went to the stupid bookstore and they DIDN'T have it!!! lol, So I ordered it online. Sheesh. So much for thinking that would be quicker. Grrrhhhhh....

  12. I started DoN this evening. Loving it so far.

  13. Don't even get me started on books I'm waiting for. *sigh* It's a huge list and I'm broke. Ack!

    And I have Dark of Night, but haven't started it yet. Yeah, I know! What is up with that? *sigh*

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