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Wednesday, February 25, 2009:
Cover alert: "Hot Pursuit" by Suzanne Brockmann: Troubleshooters #15

Hot Pursuit
Ballantine Books
In stores: July 28, 2009
418 Pages
Cover Price: (coming soon)
Jacket Blurb: (coming soon...)

Because I am a truly devoted follower of the Suz, I couldn't not post this picture of her latest book cover. Not all that exciting, but then I don't read her stuff for the cover, that's for sure. July 28th cannot get here fast enough, that's all I have to saw. Well, for now...


  1. LOL! I hope the wait isn't too horrible Stacy :)

  2. Is there a blurb or excerpt or anything for it??!! GAH! I wonder who's story it is....wonder if there's any Izzy..........le sigh. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Not too romantic, is it? It's not a bad cover though. Better than some we've seen.

    Did you know you were a winner on the Romance Novel blog?

  4. Why is July 28th so far away I ask you? Why???

  5. Suzanne Brockmann is writing the 15th Troubleshooters books? *GULP* I've only just read The Defiant Hero! At least I have lots of good reading ahead of me :)

  6. You beat me to it! *shakes fist in Stacy's general direction*

    I like it! At least there isn't a miscellaneous running couple. :-D

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