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Monday, February 23, 2009:
Reviewer's block!
Oy. I have a review to do for a book coming out Tuesday, and I am stuck. Not that it was a bad book; it wasn't. I just can't seem to string two coherent thoughts together without wanting to rip my hair out. It's been awhile since I've had this problem, and it's driving me nuts! I finished this book a week ago and now I'm caught in a trap because I don't want to read anything new until I finish my review, but at the same time, I have other books to read for review too. And ones I just want to REALLY read. Like...... "Smooth Talking Stranger".
So instead I grabbed an older Kleypas off the keeper pile, "Again the Magic", and I'm hoping this is going to trigger my reviewing abilitie, such as they are. Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.
Have you ever had reviewer's block?
What's your cure?



  1. That happens to me. Usually I think of a scene I really enjoy and go from there or start talking about a certain character.

  2. I don't get reviewers block so much as I get overuse of a word block.

    I've now described three books in a row as "quick and entertaining" reads. I also overuse the word wonderful.

    That's when it's time to take a giant step back.

    I hope Again the Magic inspires you though, Stacy. You know how much I ADORE that book!

  3. Hi Stacy, I usually lurk but I wanted to let you know you won an award, please visit my blog at to learn more about it.

  4. I'm in perpetual reviewer's block, Stace. It's why I don't ever promise to review something.

    I loved this one, btw. McKenna was a great hero.

  5. I've only recently started doing reviews that I have a certain obligation for. I'm always reading more books than I review so I guess my typical thing is to pick up one that I really liked a lot and do THAT review.

    Or sometimes I like to do a "trend" sort of review and talk about a common theme within several books.

    And Kati, I hear you on the limited vocab, heh. Must be even harder to be an actual author.

  6. Good luck, Stacy. I have a hard time with a review if I read another book before writing the review also. Sometimes it helps me to go back and skim through some pages just to get some ideas.

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