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Sunday, August 24, 2008:
Squee! Look at what I'm reading!
One of my top anticipated reads of 2008!
LOVE this picture, and it suits Merripen and Win so well...
All I can say is that this book is AMAZING, and well worth the wait. I love it so much more than "Mine Til Midnight". I think readers will be very pleased. Release date: 9/30/08!



  1. I'll admit I'm jealous, even though I haven't read Mine Til Midnight yet.

    Happy Reading!!

  2. I'm so very jealous. That's all I have to say about that lol.

  3. I've never read her. Where should I start with her books?

  4. Ooooh! How'd you score it? I'm working on my review for RNTV right now.

    Kelley - I'm not Stacy, but I know we are in total agreement about Lisa K. You can start pretty much anywhere with Lisa's work. But my guess is most people would say start with Dreaming of You, it's her most beloved book.

  5. What??!!!?!?! I am beyond jealous! How in the world did you score that? It is a good thing you did not mention it on Saturday. You may have been held ransom for the ARC!

    BTW, it was nice seeing you again, too. I think we need to make this a regular occurance. A Chicago area meet up. Food and book talk once a month or something. :)

  6. Dev, I am thanking my lucky stars for getting my hands on this book - it is classic Kleypas, no question. I want to read it again and again.

    Sarah, I know how you feel. Been there. If you're a fan of Lisa's work, just know that it's worth the wait.

    Kel, I agree with MaryKate. Start with Derek's and Sara's story, "Dreaming of You".

    Kati, Michelle lent it to me. She's such a generous person! And I now need to buy it for my own.

    Shannon, I didn't know when I saw you Saturday. I got it later as a huge favor. And yeah, we definitely have to plan something, maybe closer to your neck of the woods for a change. How was Sunday night with LisaBea & CJ?

  7. Oh, it was good times. Mmmmm... white wine sangria! We completely gorged ourselves on tapas. lisabea's daughter is a stitch, too. She fit right in. I'm sorry you couldn't make it.

    Oooh! You know, there is this fabu Italian restaurant that we should all meet at for dinner sometime. It is just outside the city, so it might be almost equidistant for us all.

    I am still reeling with jealousy over here.

  8. LUCKY!! I can hardly wait for their story!! (I'd better do a quick read of Mine Til Midnight so I can better appreciate this one!)

  9. Boo, I can't see your pics. Just little red Xs. And you guys are making me miss Chicago. I lived in the 'burbs (Schaumburg, Palatine) for 10 years before moving out to Seattle.

  10. Soooooooo jealous!!! Lucky!

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