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Wednesday, August 13, 2008:
"Show & Tell" by Jasmine Haynes (2008)

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Berkley Trade (July 1, 2008)
ISBN-10: 042522158X
ISBN-13: 978-0425221587

Passion first. Names later.
Trinity Green always dreamed of uninhibited passion, but pleasing her husband meant never having a hair out of place—or so she thought. The day she found him getting down and dirty with another woman, she decided to stop pleasing other people—and start pleasing herself…
Now she’s indulging in everything she used to deny herself—from great food to a few sexy encounters with a man who doesn’t even know her name. Having total control gives her a thrill she never imagined. But with true passion comes real connection, and soon Trinity must admit—and accept—who she really is…

I'm a sucker for a good erotic romance (no pun intended) but I was feeling kinda gorged on the whole genre when I came across a review for this book at Dear Author. Not one to need much convincing, I thought what the heck, and got it. But being the anal sort that I am, I had to first read "The Fortune Hunter" even though these books are pretty much stand-alone. But such is the disease of first book syndrome, that I tend to follow protocol.

Trinity Green is a rich daddy's girl who married the perfect man. Or so she thinks, until she comes home early one day to find him in the shower making another woman very happy. Disgusted and a bit insecure, Trinity immediately kicks them out of the condo, but decides she can't stay there, and checks herself into a hotel.
Feeling cheated in more ways than one, Trinity begins to reflect on her life, and how she's allowed herself to always put aside her own needs for those of others. Well, no more. Now was the time for Trinity to experience passion, and she wasn't going to wait any longer. In the privacy of her own hotel room, Trinity indulges in a little solo action, not realizing that the guy in the next room can hear every naughty moan and wail. And he's lovin' it.
Though maybe a bit too much. Listening to Trinity has Scott Sinclair so worked up that he can't resist knocking on her door and asking to watch as she pleasures herself. Unsure at first, Triniy is nevertheless turned on by the idea of this sexy man watching but not touching as she brings herself to orgasm. It's definitely one of the hottest experiences he's ever had. But as promised, he leaves the room without touching her...or even getting her name.
Something he immediately regrets. Scott realizes that he hasn't been this turned on by a woman in a long time, and finds a way to prolong their erotic acquaintance by engaging in some steamy phone sex. But soon even that is not enough and Scott wants more. Meanwhile Trinity is reveling in the sexual control she has over Scott by calling all the shots, knowing how badly he wants her. For once in her life she feels sexy, powerful, feminine, and she's not ready to give that up quite yet. However soon she's also craving more and more of Scott, and loving the freedom these encounters have given her to live out her fantasies without disapproval. She doesn't have to worry about pleasing anyone but herself, and if she looks a bit rumbled and smudged, well, she's okay with that. She's having too much fun and feeling way too good to care what people think. If only Scott would stop asking her for her name...
Scott realizes soon into their arrangement? Relationship? Affair? that he wants more. Much more. Not only is Trinity the sexiest, most exciting woman he's ever met, she's also smart, funny, fearless, challenging, and special. Now the only thing standing in his way from being with the woman of his dreams is just that: the woman of his dreams.
My thoughts:
  • I had reservations about this one at first because though I liked the main characters in "The Fortune Hunter", I was not fully impressed with their story. But this book was different, more engaging, sexier. I loved that Trinity was the one in charge, not Scott, though he did try. I thought it was cool that Scott was the one to have feelings for Trinity almost right away, and was a bit unsure of himself around her. He never knew what to expect, and that kept things interesting.
  • I liked how Scott didn't care that Trinity got wild and crazy with him and didn't have every hair in place or that her make-up was smudged. It was cool that he didn't disapprove of her adventurous nature and that he loved pleasing her so much. Sexually they were extremely compatible, and shared similar fantasies, which was a refreshing change of pace from having Scott trying to persuade Trinity how much she'd love anal sex, the ultimate in sexual fantasy. I mean, isn't that the true testament to a true erotic romance: must love anal sex??? So what if the woman's not into it. It's a must, baby.
  • Though the sex was hot, there weren't really any outrageous orgies or numerous partners, which actually made the scenes between Scott and Trinity so damn hot. They got off on each other, and that whole dynamic was pretty powerful stuff. Their idea of kinky was pretty tame, but that was okay. Instead of feeling like the author was trying to shock and titillate, it became apparent that this was an erotic romance just between two people who found each other incredibly hot, and all they needed was the other person to make them come. Who knew?
  • The emotional aspect in the story was the power struggle between them. Trinity didn't want to relinguish control to Scott, believing once he knew her identity she would become invisible, and once again the puppet who tried to please everyone else but herself. Scott had feelings for her and wanted a real relationship, one he could bring out into the open and share with his daughters, and he was frustrated that Trinity hid herself from him. This argument between Trinity and Scott made each of them desperate to gain the upper hand. It was rather heart-wrenching to see them both fight each other so hard.
  • I did want to smack Trinity on occasion for being the spoiled little rich girl she tried so hard not to be. There were times she could be so likeable and smart and fearless, and others where she resorted to the stereotype and tried to get her way without earning it. At these moments she could be a total clueless airhead, and I would roll my eyes in disgust and wonder how Scott could possibly want a woman like that. (Okay, dumb question, considering he was gettin' it pretty much whenever he wanted). By the end though, Trinity had redeemed herself enough to start relying on her own brains and abilities, and became more the type of heroine I could really like.
  • Was I satisfied with the ending? I was. Though Scott and Trinity had issues to work out, they did step up to the plate and become a couple worth cheering for. I really wanted them to be together. All in all, "Show and Tell" is a very satisfying read. Great sexy fun, and a good story to start with if you are new to erotic romance. Mild shock factor.

Rating: **** out of *****

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  1. I've only read one of Jasmine Haynes books but really enjoyed it. I saw the review on Dear Author as well and she totally made me want to read this one. I'll have to check it out. Great review, btw. :)

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