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Tuesday, August 05, 2008:
RWA 2008: Day 1 (Part 1)
(This head cold I've got has really taken it's toll on me, otherwise I would have posted this days ago. Right now my head wants to defect from the rest of my body, so I'll apologize for any gibberish now).
Wednesday morning came and before I knew it, I was on a 777 plane (very comfortable, I might add) heading to San Francisco. My flight arrived around 12:30, same as Beth's (aka LadyB) and we finally met up in Terminal One, where I saw she'd been a little adventurous with haircolor - she had "fire" in her hair - and with her fun personality, it totally suited her. I knew right away this was going to be a great trip.
We headed out to the Powell Hotel, a cute little place hich wasn't that far from the Marriott where RWA was being held, and also conveniently located right near BART. First on the agenda was food, so we walked a bit and came across Lori's Diner, which seems to be a popular 50's diner in San Fran. It suited our needs, and before too long, we were ready to get to the main event - the literacy signing.
First person we run into at the hotel is LeeAnn, which was cool, and the three of us walked around a bit looking for more familiar faces before heading downstairs to the signing. The line was already loooong, but we didn't mind as we chatted and observed fan grrls and finally spotted BadBarb and MaryF (who had also experimented with haircolor) ahead of us in line. Finally! The doors were open and the line soon got shorter as we got closer to reader nirvana.
I didn't really have a plan but decided to do things alphabetically and stopped to say "hi" to the lovely and talented Ann Aguirre but forgot to get a picture of her. Not off to a good start here. But she was so nice and friendly, and I really can't wait for her next book, seriously.
Toni Blake/Lacey Alexander
I kept going and finally saw Toni Blake, who was up for an award (but sadly didn't win) and we chatted a bit. She is one of the genuinely nicest and sweetest people I've ever met, so it's always a pleasure to talk to her, and this time I finally remembered to take a picture!
Joanna Bourne
Next up was Joanna Bourne, who wrote the amazing "The Spymaster's Lady". And she knew right away who I was, which was so cool. Not only did we talk about the interview she did for me, but also about my initial reaction to a scene in the book. I was so impressed that out of all the fans she's inevitably talked to, she still remembered who I was. I felt so special LOL.
Anna Campbell
Look at that smile, you know she's got a bit of a devil in her. Yep, this is Anna Campbell, who wrote the much talked about "Claiming the Courtesan", as well as"Untouched", both books I enjoyed very much. She was a delight to meet, with that lovely Australian accent of hers. I liked her a lot.
Portia Da Costa
Look at how sweet Portia looks. You'd never think she'd write such naughty books, but she does, bless her heart. Just a dear lady, with a wicked imagination. And a Bella! What a pleasure it was to meet her.
Kathleen Dante
Are you sensing a theme here? Yes, I don't do pictures well, which is why all these wonderful authors, like Kathleen Dante here, are the only ones in them. I've known Kathleen for awhile as she is one of Lori Foster's BookJunkys, and she also did an interview with me a few years ago. Sweet lady, all the way from the Philippines.
Sylvia Day
Poor Sylvia is always so nice to me, event though I practically stalk her. She's been gracious enough to do an interview with me, and listen to me babble whenever I see her in person (last time was at RWA 2006). Sigh. What authors must put up with *g* I can't wait to read her SJ Day series.
Janelle Denison
My first Plotmonkey! I really like Janelle, and it's always nice to stop and chat with her. It's funny how someone you've only met a few times seems like a long-time friend when you know them online. I've been a fan for years - she was probably one of the first authors whose books started to really get hot years ago and I remember how much I loved that. Still do.
HelenKay Dimon
Another blog I stalk. I just like the way HelenKay thinks, and her books are a lot of fun too, very sexy. She's smart, funny, and she writes for Brava. What's not to like?
Jenny Gardiner
Another online friend, Jenny just seems to enjoy writing and having fun, and she's so sweet in person. I really enjoyed meeting her.
***Well, I'm going to stop here, as I have to head off to work, but I hope to work on more posts and pictures tonight***
Which authors would you love to meet?

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  1. These are great pictures! And I met so many of my favorite authors, that I can't complain :D

  2. Wow! Great pictures!! And it sounds like a ton of fun. I'm looking forward to the rest.

    Gosh, the list of authors I'd want to meet is pretty long. Just off the top of my head (because of recent books I've read) Julia Quinn, Madeline Hunter, Mary Balogh, Loretta Chase... I'd also love to chat with Philippa Gregory, but I don't imagine she'd be at RWA.

  3. It was a pleasure to meet you, Stacy! :)

    And you have achieved a miracle there... taking a photo of me in which I look fairly human. Considering I was mega jetlagged, this makes you a photographic genius! LOL

  4. It sounds like y'all had such a terrific time! I hope that you come to DC next year so we get another chance to hang out!

  5. Great photo’s Stacy! Wow and to think you’re only part way through the book signing :o) I can’t wait to see the rest.

    Yep I was the first person you ran into and then got stuck with for the week lol. I had a blast with you guys. Thanks again for letting me hang out.

  6. Hi Stacy --

    (jo waves)

    It was good to see you.

    Of course I remember you!

    May I steal the photo for use on my site sometime?

  7. ... oh ... and I could give photocredt and link the photo back to your site if I use it.

  8. Katie, it was awesome meeting you - and you're so tall and willowy, you could be a model. It as fun meeting all the authors, wasn't it?

    Jen, it was so much fun, and I loved San Fran. Lots to do. Julia Quinn is adorable, btw.

    Portia, you take a fabulous picture! You didn't appear jetlagged at all. I'm glad you had fun at RWA.

    Kati, D.C. is up in the air right now cuz I really want to go to the conference, which is pricey, so I might hold off til '10 when it's in Nashville, though I'd love to go back to D.C. We shall see.

    LeeAnn, I had a great time hanging with you! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. You have so much energy and enthusiasm which makes it so much fun.

    Jo, of course you can use the picture, whatever you want. No credit necessary :)

  9. Aww Stacy, that is the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me! *blush*

  10. Stace! It was great to finally meet you, wish I could have been there for the literacy signing, but I didn't get in until late Thursday. Drat.

    I was thinking I would skip DC as well, but then I thought, "Don't be a dweeb." So now, I'll start saving. I'm still so jazzed from the conference--I think I'll finally start a blog.

  11. Hiya, Stace! I hope you're feeling a little better today! I'm looking forward to catching up with you now that we're back. Thanks for the great pics. These women are wonderful, and it's so worth the trip to "national" just to meet one's fave authors. It was great having you and LadyB at breakfast. She trottedoff w/out giving me her email. Was she avoiding me because I turned the conversation to, well you know, so early in the a.m.?

    Shocking if that were the case.

  12. Amy if you start a blog, you'll have to let us know. I bet it would be a blast.

    Hey QB. Still feeling crummy but I'll get over it. I hope you're all settled and relaxed now that you're home. LadyB is fairly open-minded so your "girth" talk probably didn't phase her, but we were running late to catch up with a friend so we both had to get going. I'll pass along your email to her - she's in L.A. right now for a voiceover convention and won't be back until the beginning of next week.

  13. Great pictures. Wish I'd been there.

    Toni's the best, isn't she? So sweet. Sylvia is great too.

  14. These are fun.

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