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Saturday, August 09, 2008:
SFO - sightseeing: Day 1
On Thursday, Beth, LeeAnn, BadBarb and I did some sight-seeing. LeeAnn lives not too far away, but some of the things we did she hadn't done before, so that was cool to have her hang out with us.
Pier 39 - what a gorgeous day!
Barb trying out a new wardrobe...which looks surprisingly good on her *g*
Beth (LadyB), LeeAnn, BadBarb at the pier in front of Alcatraz aka Barb's home away from home
Sea Lions! Oh, this is the life....
Fairyland: this was a totally cool store. We got fairydust stars put on our faces and the pictures and paintings were just gorgeous. I got a beautiful print of a purple fairy with the phrase "Go Away" on the bottom - totally appropriate for this introvert. Right afterwards we went to lunch at The Crab House, so Beth & I were a sight in our bibs with purple stars on our faces.
Ghirardelli - gotta love the chocolate :)
After our fun day, we headed back to the Marriott and hung out for a short while. Beth got the picture of LeeAnn sitting in La Nora's chair. And I briefly met up with Katiebabs, KristieJ, Ciara and Lisabea. I wish I would have had more time to stop and chat since I visit all their blogs, and they are such cool ladies.
That was another of my disappointments: not having enough time to talk with online friends. Beth I only usually see once a year in Cincy, and LeeAnn I was lucky enough to meet up with in D.C. this past May. I don't think this Marriott was as good as the one in Atlanta for meeting up with people other than in the lobby/bar area. The one in Atlanta had spacious seating on all the floors so readers not registered could stalk, er, lounge and talk while watching their favorite authors breezed by.
Later that night Beth & I were so tired we just decided to go to Burger King for dinner, where they do not have crunchy tacos like they do here in Chicago. What is that all about? Oh well, there's always the Whopper Jr and onion rings. Back to the hotel for some reading and a good night's rest....

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  1. Here's the order:
    Fantasy Lover
    Night Pleasures--awesome
    night embrace
    dance with the devil--awesome
    kiss of the night
    night play--awesome
    seize the night
    sins of the night
    unleash the night--awesome
    dark side of the moon
    dream hunter--dream hunter
    devil may cry--awesome
    upon the midnight clear--dream hunter
    dream chaser--dream hunter
    ash--the best book ever, lol

    I'm not as big on the Dream Hunter books. Didn't like the first two very much but Dream Chaser was awesome. I liked that one. I'd advice reading them though. You meet Ash's heroine in Dream Hunter.

    Excuse my typos or no caps. feeding baby a bottle while typing :)

  2. great pictures stacy. That outfit is so barb

  3. JEALOUS! I love San Fancisco! LOVE IT!

  4. Thanx Kelley. I am so printing up this list.

    Judy, wish you had been there.

    Jen! You went to Hawaii, and I am soooo jealous LOL. SFO is wonderful, and I'd go back again in a heartbeat.

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