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Friday, August 15, 2008:
Making a change
I need to make a change...
I'm totally stealing this from author Jules Bennett, who posted about change today. It's easy to not like something, or even downright hate it, but do you really hate it that much if you don't do anything about it? And this could pertain to many things: your job, gas prices, the color of your eyes. And while it's not really possible to change everything, there are still many things we have control over that we can do something about.
For instance, I've always wanted long hair. Growing up, I never had long hair and I am very sad about that, like I missed out or something, and now for the last 2 years I've been trying to grow out my hair, but it's thin and stick-straight, so maybe long hair is not such a good idea for me. So now I'm pretty sick of how it looks, and I really want to change it, so I've been looking at magazines and websites trying to get an idea of different styles that I like that might actually look good on me. I haven't found anything that really catches my eye, but I'm not giving up. I'm ready for a change. It's time.
What about you?
What would you change if you could?



  1. The question is what wouldn't I change. My weight, my hair, my organizing skills, my writing, my gardening abilities... The list is HUGE!

  2. Jen, tell me about it! My true list would be longer than my arm, but I am touching on the one that seems to be driving me the most crazy these days...and has the easiest solution to fix it.

  3. lately, I have been obsessing about feeling old. I want to be younger!! Hey, Glamour, in the last issue, had a very exciting article about bangs as a way of making a hair change without losing length. But, as somebody with wavy-frizzy hair, oh, your straight hair sounds beautiful!!

  4. I wish I had better self esteem and more confidence. And of course would like to loose another 10 pounds! :P

  5. Well as I said on Jules' blog...I need to get more organized at home. I'm fine at work but home organization sucks. I'm thinking if I just take it either room by room or at least 15 minutes a day I should be able to do it. SHOULD being the key word here. :)

  6. Organization and procrastination. Also, I am always late to everything. Although fixing the first two could impact the last one.

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