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Tuesday, March 04, 2008:
"Just Like Heaven" (2005) - movie review


When David sublets his quaint San Francisco apartment, the last thing he expects--or wants--is a roommate. He begins to make a complete mess of the place when a pretty young woman, named Elizabeth, suddenly shows up, adamantly insisting the apartment is hers. David assumes that there's been a giant misunderstanding, until Elizabeth disappears just as mysteriously as she had appeared. Changing the locks does nothing to deter Elizabeth, who begins to appear and disappear at will--mostly to rebuke David for his personal living habits in her apartment. Convinced that she is a ghost, David tries to help Elizabeth cross over to the "other side." But while Elizabeth has discovered she does have a distinctly ethereal quality--she can walk through walls--she is equally convinced that she is somehow still alive and isn't crossing over anywhere. As Elizabeth and David search for the truth about who Elizabeth is and how she came to be in her present state, their relationship deepens into love. Unfortunately, they have very little time before their prospects for a future together permanently fade away.

I really like Reese Witherspoon, have since I saw her in "Man in the Moon" eons ago, and I also really liked Mark Ruffalo in "13 going on 30". I was in the mood for a romantic comedy, so when I was scoping my Netflix Q, I moved this one to the top.
Reese plays Elizabeth, an overworked doctor (who of course still looks lovely despite working over 24 hours) who has no time for a social life. One evening, as she's driving to her sister's house, she gets into an accident - pouring rain, bright headlights, wide eyes, the whole bit.
Next thing we see, Mark, as David, is looking for an apartment, and ends up being directed to Elizabeth's gorgeous San Francisco place with an incredible view and an rooftop access. He loves the couch. He decides to sublet, and moves right in. One night as he's drowning his sorrows (there's a story there), Elizabeth shows up, and after the initial shock, she berates him for being a pig, then vanishes.
David thinks he's imagined the whole thing until it happens again, and at this point, he confesses to his best friend, Jack, who also happens to be a pyschiatrist. His friend thinks he spends too much time alone, and tries to get him to socialize more. David finally agrees, only Elizabeth ends up following him out to the bar, and it becomes clear that he's the only one who can see or hear her. He realizes that the only thing he can do is try to discover who she is - because other than her name, she doesn't remember - so by finding clues in her apartment, they start piecing the puzzle together, trying to find out why her spirit is stuck with David.
Fun story, and I liked how Elizabeth and David at first didn't like each other, but the more time they spent with each other, the more they truly saw the other person and began to open up to them. Doesn't hurt that both of them are cute as buttons, and rather charming together. It wasn't overly sweet, which I was grateful for, yet it was funny and nice and cozy. Elizabeth and David begin to have feelings for each other, but the way things are going, it doesn't look like they have much of a future together, or do they? Well, it's a romantic comedy, so you figure it out.
Rating: **** out of *****
Who are some of your favorite romantic comedy actors/actresses?
Any unconventional choices?
Who would you like to see in a romantic comedy?

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie when I saw it a couple years ago. Even Todd liked it. Oh wait. He reads Nora Roberts. Of COURSE he liked it. LOL

    Some of my favorite romantic comedy actors are Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant, Matthew McConnohotty, Kate Hudson... That's all I'm coming up with at the moment.

  2. I love that movie. Its so funny and cute.

  3. I like that movie. I got it from the library a while ago and really enjoyed it.
    My brain is not functioning at the moment to think of actors and actresses I like, I will get back to you on that.

  4. Just Like Heaven is one of my favorites!

  5. I really like this movie. I'm surprised I don't own it, but I watch it whenever it comes on TV.

    Some of my favorite romantic comedies (or just plain ole' romances) are:
    While You Were Sleeping (my all-time favorite)
    When Harry Met Sally
    French Kiss
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Hope Floats
    Sweet Home Alabama
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    PS I Love You
    The Family Stone

    Favorite actors/actresses would be Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts...okay, no actors come to mind.

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