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Wednesday, February 13, 2008:
Yep, my tempermental laptop is still giving me grief, so I plan on going out behind the house and putting him out of his misery - come on, any piece of machinery that's this much of a pain in the ass has to be male. So on Monday, Presidents' Day (and my day off) I plan on going to buy another one. I could order online, but I am all about instant gratification.

Not a clue what to get, but then I never know these things. As long as it works. My co-worker Julie told me I should get the new super-thin laptop, which runs around $1700. Um, no. I am not paying to have something just cuz it'd easy to carry. But that does bring me to my question:

What kind of computer/laptop do you have?
What would you recommend, and why?
Help a clueless non-techie out....
Right now I'm reading my first Julia London book, "The Hazards of Hunting a Duke", and I'm finding it quite enjoyable. I also have the other 2 books in the series. In other news, I'm hating winter, HATING it, wanting to move to Aruba or St. Thomas or Fiji and risk those tsunamis Jodi warned me about. Anything is better than all this insane winter weather. As Margaret Hale would say, "I have seen Hell, and it's white, snow-white". Truer words were never spoken.
I finished watching "Robin Hood", season 1, and now I'm kinda sad about it. I loved those good lads: Will, Much, Alan, Jack, Robin, Little John. I didn't think I would like them as much as I did, but they wormed their outlaw personalities into my jaded and cynical heart. The sheriff was hilarious - odd, melodramatic, greedy. And of course I wanted to offer comfort to the misunderstood but very fine Sir Guy, but who doesn't? Waiting anxiously for season 2.
Ta ta for now...hope to be back soon....



  1. Stacy - I'm also thinking about getting a new laptop. Mine is about five years old, and while it's OK, it's not great. I'm looking at a Sony VAIO. I really don't do any heavy computing, and am not a gamer, so I just need a basic model. But the VAIO comes in all these cute colors. I can't resist the red one!

  2. I work on a Mac at school (the preferred computer for Graphic Designers) but when it came to buying a laptop for myself, I went with a Dell Inspiron (which was around $1000). I received it back in November and am really happy with it. My husband is a software developer and computer expert by trade and he always recommends Dell. Hope this helps.

  3. I just got a laptop from Dell. I call him George. There is this website with all these great deals called My laptop would have cost over $1000 but I got it for only $730! wOOt!

  4. I recently got a compaq laptop. It's nothing fancy, and the battery isn't great but overall it's pretty steady. Didn't cost a lot, but this was my first laptop so I wasn't sure what I wanted in one. Now I know what I want in one... a hefty battery. It's been really good so far and was less than $600, so I really shouldn't complain.

  5. I'm on a MacBook Pro laptop and LOVE it.

  6. Hi Stacy! I've had a Toshiba for several years now and it's been great. Mainly it's used for the internet and Word and Excel. We're not big on gaming so it's just a basic model we bought when it was being discontinued. Like everything else, the prices of laptops have come down drastically, and if you don't need top of the line graphics, or memory, or speed, older models are your best bet. Have fun shopping!

  7. I am computer illiterate, my hubby picks the one he wants and then I get his old one because he knows I don't care. Currently he is all about Mac, because as Stephanie pointed out, Mac is the preferred computer of designers. We also have a Dell at home that I use and like.
    Miss you and hope you can come back soon.

  8. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for this meme that is going around the blogs.

  9. Hey stacy, whenever you get back online, you have been tagged. :)

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