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Wednesday, January 30, 2008:
I got nothin'...
...much of interest to say (yeah, that's news - ha!) but thought I would share it anyway. First off, I'm knee-deep in the charming "Chesapeake Bay" series by Nora Roberts and am enjoying myself immensely. I've always been more partial to her JD Robb persona and find that while this series can't compare to the "In Death" books, they are still wonderfully engaging contemporary romances with a close family bond that I love.
I also love that while these books were written and released about 10 years ago, they don't feel dated in any way. Love that a lot. Have I chosen a favorite Quinn yet? Well, not completely, but I am leaning towards Ethan. Yes, Cam is a sex god of immense stature, but I've always been drawn to the "still waters that run deep" character, so I find myself leaning towards him. His actions at one point did annoy me a little, but well, I feel his heart was in the right place if a bit mis-guided. Anyway, I'm just beginning Phillip's story, and then there's Seth to adore. This reader is very happy about that.

Last chance to enter my contest over the next few days. I think this is my favorite one yet, so I'm more anxious than anyone (maybe) to draw the winner's name. The original plan was to draw a name February 1st, but well, that's Friday, and the thing is, plans have changed a bit.

See, my boss is taking me and 7 of my co-workers out for a celebratory dinner because both our offices made over 125% over goal - woo hoo! I am going to give myself a shout-out here because day-um I contributed about 95% of my office's results, so I'm feeling a bit conceited and worthy right now...completely ignoring the fact that the bar has been raised considerably and this year will be heinous. It's only January - I'll panic later as no good deed goes unpunished. For now, I'm going to bask a little, drink some girly martinis. Yay me. (Snort. God am I annoying or what?)

So the point of that totally unnecessary explanation was to say that I will probably announce the winner Saturday instead, though it may be a busy one, so I'm not sure what time. The contest still ends January 31st. I know you're impatient to win an evening with Richard, and I am willing to share ;)

And in other news, some of you may remember several months ago I wrote a post about one of my heroes, my good friend Cynthia (whose husband is completely paralyzed and can't even talk). Well, she has a birthday today, and I want to wish her a very happy birthday and send out a gazillion happy thoughts and vibes. She is just one of my all-time favorite people in the universe - and the sister of my heart. Happy b-day Cinj.

It's currently -2 degrees...sigh. Y'all stay warm, dry and happy, and I'll catch ya later.



  1. Congrats on the work news!! that is awesome.
    Happy b-day to your friend.

  2. I need to read that series since I've been to the Chesapeake Bay. Now that I'm an NR fan and all that.

    Congrats on the great job!! What type of girly martini are you thinking??

    Happy Birthday, Cynthia!!

  3. ooh, I love those Quinn boys. I read the books all out of order. Found Phillip's book in the Peace Corps hostel in Africa, then a few years later a friend lent me Cam and Ethan's stories. Now I just read Seth's book. All very solid and you just gotta love the whole damn family. Can't really pick a favorite.

    congrats on being the busiest worker bee in the hive! *g*

  4. I LOVE the Chesapeake Bay series. LOVE IT. I love when Cam says "Miz Spinelli." Heh heh. Too sexy. I love Ethan too. And Phillip. They're all so different, yet wonderfully sexy in their own way.

  5. I'm so glad you're enjoying the Chesapeake series. It's among Nora's finest I think. And the thing that gets me is that there are years between Philip's book and Seth's (which she wrote because readers kept asking when she was going to give Seth and HEA), and yet, she gets the tone, the ambiance, everything right.

    Seth's book is the one I re-read the most. Don't know why, except I'm always happy to revisit couples that I know and see them with their kids. Anyway, it's one of my favorites.

    When are you going to read Sugar Daddy??? I want to hear what you think...

  6. I have to say I think that Seth’s book is my favorite. It already has everyone in it and it shows the very strong family ties that they built :o)

  7. I'm still working on Sea Swept off and on. I get sidetracked with other reads and then I keep going back to it. I will finish it soon, I'm hoping. I'm not sure what the holdup is ~ I really do love those Quinn boys :-)

    Congrats on the work news!!!

  8. I love that series too :) Maybe I should re read... :) Happy Birthday to your friend :)

  9. Hahahha, for having nothin', you should did have a lot to say! :P I've never read a Nora Roberts or JD Robb book.

  10. Thanx Kris. We've been working (and I do mean working) on our evaluations at work, so it's weird to compliment yourself on your own accomplishments, but essentially that is what they are asking us to do. I feel so conceited LOL.

    Jen, it's a wonderful series, and I highly recommend it. Who knew I'd like it so much?

    Sula, I do love the Quinns, from Stella & Ray down to Seth. Good people. And yep, I am a drone *g*

    Anne, it's true, those Quinn mean are hard to choose from because they are each so different, and appealing. Love 'em.

    MK, that's good news about Seth's book. I noticed it was written later. As for SD, I'm getting there, and I promise you'll be the first to know. Again, thank you for it. You are so good to me :)

    LeeAnn, I'm still on Phillip's book, but I'm excited about reading Seth's. I love reading good books that just pull you in, and these have done that for me.

    Dev, I was worried when I started Sea Swept that I would feel the same way, since it was written so long ago and I get bored easily, but luckily that didn't happen.

    Toni, yes a re-read would be a good thing. I love re-reads.

    Jodi, it's true, I say a whole lot of nothin'. Really, not even one NR book? There's like 100,000 of her releases out there. And I adore her JD series. Just love it.

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