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Saturday, January 26, 2008:
Couldn't you use a hottie right about now?
I know I sure could, and there is the divine and sexy Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Out of the goodness of my heart, I'm dedicating him to my pal MaryKate cuz she's a good egg, and I know she finds JDM rather appealing. I can vouch and say he's makes for a fabulous Irish hottie (as seen in "P.S. I Love You").


I don't know about you, but this guy fits the description of every alpha romance hero I read about. He's brawny and extremely masculine, a bit brooding, with those hot bedroom eyes that promise all kinds of wicked sin. I can picture him working with his hands or protecting a woman, strong, firm, and very capable.
Who is your ideal romantic hottie?
What is so appealing about him?

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  1. This is easy!!! Brandon Trentham! Why? Besides the fact that he is H-O-T-T!! He has kind, soulful eyes. I think if he found the right woman, he would dote on her endlessly -- like Sebastian St. Vincent in Devil In Winter. **sigh**

  2. Oh I’d have to say Gerard Butler. He is hot has an accent and would make a great brooding hero :o)

  3. LOL - well my favourite hottie has to be Richard Armitage.
    And as for what is so appealing - well the fact that he exists! That's the short answer. A longer one would be his voice, his eyes, his smile, his adorableness, his accent, how cute he is in interviews, the way he kisses on screen (don't know about real life and thinking I never will) his wide range of acting roles, his voice, the fact he reads children's books, his neck (even though Katie has claimed that) his voice, his hands, the way he looks in White Shirt, his nose,
    Well - you get the picture.

  4. ooooh! Thanks, Stace. JDM is just so...well. I'll make really good use of him and bring him back to you a shadow of his former self!

    What are friends for??

  5. Obviously I need to see more movies, because I've never seen this man before.

  6. Woot! LOL I have been a fan of JDM since Grey's Anatomy and was very glad for the "scenery" in PS I love you. hehe

  7. LOVE JDM. Does anyone else watch Supernatural? He plays the Dad in that. I'm trying to find someone else to discuss the show luck so far.....

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