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Thursday, January 17, 2008:
I'm just a midwest girl....right???
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It should come as no surprise that January in the midwest is normally frigidly cold, and usually laden with heavy amounts of snowfall. On Saturday, we will be experiencing one of the coldest days of winter so far, with temps getting down to below zero. It's not like I didn't know it was coming. I've lived in the midwest, from northern Minnesota to northern Illinois, all my life. Still, I dread it every single time. I hate the cold, and shoveling snow has me all cranky and gets me uncomfortably wet. And cold. You can't forget that part. It doesn't go away.

Earlier this year I was talking to a lady who lives in Hawaii. Of course she was fascinated by the snow, thought it was pretty, which it is, and that it was fun - sure, when you're six or racing throught it on a snowmobile with the adrenaline pumping. I told her I'd trade places with her in a heartbeat. Having never been to Hawaii (but saving my miles for a nice trip one day), I can imagine it is the closest thing to paradise I've ever known.

But it made me think: if I could, would I really move to Hawaii, or somewhere else to avoid the misery of winter? Part of me says "yes, yes, when do we leave?" and the other part has me questioning whether I could live on an island, a bit isolated from the comforts of the domestic U.S. And away from my family. I rather like the midwest, especially in the spring and summer, so it's definitely not all bad. And I love the people of the midwest - some of the nicest, most generous individuals you'll ever meet. It's a good, good place. Maybe I just need to put on extra socks.
If you could move anywhere, where would it be?
Do you consider your state/country/continent to be "home"?
Do you love winter, or hiberate from November through March?

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  1. I love winter ~ the snow, the biting cold, your breath freezing as you exhale...all of it. What I don't like? The shoveling and the driving. If it weren't for those two things, it would be my favorite season. But, it's still better than summer.

  2. I am a cold weather person and don't mind the snow, ice and beautiful landscape that the winter brings and would probably be depressed in a warm weather place around Christmas time. My sister lives in Hawaii and even though it is very nice, if you want to go anywhere at all you need to hop on a plane to do so. She arrived in Hawaii seven years ago and has never left the island. That's an awful long time to be somewhere, even if it is beautiful.

  3. I would love to move to the Midwest or east coast! I have lived in California in the same city my entire life. If it wasn’t for my whole family being here I would be so gone just to experience something new. But I do have to say that I have really nice weather here. It’s sunny and warm in the summer, hardly never below 40 degrees in the winter (and that’s cold) and I’m only a couple hours from the snow if I feel the need to go play in it.

  4. Hate hate hate the winter and snow. Hate it. Ugh. That's why I moved to So. Cal. And then I got screwed, because this has been the coldest winter in the history of my town and it's been in the 30's. WTF? This is Cali! ugh.

    Ok, I'm done now...LOL

  5. Let's see...I lived in Indonesia from age 3-16, Missouri from 16-18, Minnesota from 18-22, Switzerland 22-23, Mali (West Africa) 23-26, and now Virginia. *g* sooooo, I don't consider myself to be "from" anywhere and am willing to relocate and live anywhere.

    I'm not particularly fond of either extreme hot or cold but seem to have lived in places that specialize in both. Today it is snowing and we got out of work and school, something that would have NEVER happened when I lived in Minnesota. yay for snow days!

    boo on the shoveling and driving. :(

  6. I am definitely not a cold weather person. I would prefer to live somewhere it never gets below 70.

  7. Stacy, I have one word for you: TSUNAMI!! That's what I think of when I think of living on an island!!!

    There is a small part of me that would love to live in NYC, but I know I would hate it after a while. It would be fun for a minute though. I don't know--maybe one of the Carolinas.

    I definitely feel like Indiana is home. More specifically, Indianapolis is home. I freakin' love Indianapolis!

    I don't mind the Winter months. I park in the garage, we have a snow-blower, heat is always accessible, and I ADORE Winter clothes! There's just nothing like jeans, sweaters, boots, & big coats!

  8. Dev, I think you live in the perfect spot then. Yes, shoveling show in a huge pain. I don't mind driving in it - it's the other people that scare me.

    Stephanie, I do think it's pretty at Christmas, but I wouldn't mind having a palm tree decorated with lights. I think I'd be okay with that.

    LeeAnn, I do envy you the weather. I always thought I'd want to live in California, and I have been there, but I think there's too many people who live there. I am anti-social *g*

    Holly, I am with you. If I wasn't happy with my job, I'd probably consider moving somewhere warmer.

    Sula, wow, I am envious. You've lived in some amazing places. I'd love to visit some of the ones you've mentioned. I hear you on those lack of snow days in MN - what part of MN were you in? I lived on the Iron Range.

    CrystalB, that sounds wonderful to me. Like Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally", I freeze when it's 72 degrees outside.

    Jodi, you practical girl, you. I'm sure you put the glam in Indianapolis. You look like a model but you're not one bit stuck-up. Damn you woman, have a freakin' flaw, why don't you?! LOL.

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