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Thursday, January 31, 2008:
Show me the love....and win!


Here it is, kids, the moment some of you have been anxiously waiting for: your chance to win a copy of "North and South", a.k.a. "a romantic evening with Richard Armitage".

Despite wracking my brain, I decided to relent and make it easy on those who'd like to enter because, well, deep deep down, I'm kind of a nice person, and not only that, I'm extremely lazy. So instead of having you do crazy stuff to amuse me, I would just like to you answer a simple question, in light of the spirit of the movie:

what do you consider to be the most romantic of gestures?

What is romantic? Maybe to you, romantic is not getting down on bended knee and proposing, but rather starting your car every morning when it's 20 degrees below zero, or making you breakfast in bed, or taking the kids out so you can have some "me" time. Maybe it's him selling his favorite (and valuable) baseball card to buy you a laptop computer so you can follow your dream to write. Something that touches your heart.


~ Margaret finally sees Richard, in more ways than one ~


~ Richard smiles when he sees his lovely Margaret ~


~ the most romantic of kisses~

You should see the film if for no other reason than this scene at the train station. Definitely swoon-worthy business, and one that you'll watch again and again...

So leave your comment here no later than January 31st, on your idea of a most romantic gesture in general or from your sweetie, and a winner's name will randomly be drawn (from those who follow instructions *g*) on February 1st. The prize will be a DVD version of "North and South", a 4-hour BBC drama based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. Because I love it so much, the contest is open to anyone within and outside the U.S. One entry per person and/or ISP address please.

Disclaimer: the winner will have until midnight, February 7th, to respond with their address information, otherwise another winner's name will randomly be drawn.

In case you didn't know, this movie has gotten rave reviews from the romance bloggers out there. Special thanx to KristieJ and the other wonderful crusaders who have brought this film to my attention, and now I would like to share it with you. Good luck!!!

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  1. Brava, Stace! What a great contest. Oh, and that kiss! You know, that's what the final kiss in the BBC "Pride & Prejudice" could have been -- should have been -- but wasn't. Talk about swoon worthy. Cain't get that daim scene out ma mind... Good luck to everyone!

  2. The most romantic gesture I can think of are the small ones. The one thing in N&S that John did that was so romantic, was not the big kiss, but when he took out that simple yellow flower!! And in turn Margaret's big gesture was taking her money and giving it to him to have him re-open his mill. Hers is a bigger one in comparison to John's.

    But a romantic gesture I can think of is someone calling me out of the blue because they missed my voice and wanted to hear it :)

  3. My husband is not the most romantic guy (I have to tell him to get me flowers), but that's okay, cuz I love him anyway, but this Christmas he surprised me. He asked for a list of things I wanted for my birthday, which happens to be the day before Christmas. I sent him a small list (starting with the big thing first of course) and ending with if it's easier we could just go shopping after Christmas together(he was really busy at work with a deadline and things weren't going quite right). I knew he had open small present for me to open. Well I opened it and it was a bathroom rug. Oh yeah, real nice. A few minutes later he instructed my daughter to look in the tree because he thought he saw a present in there. She finally found it and gave it to me. She was excited and said it looked like jewelry (she's 6 and she already knows how to recognize jewelry boxes? her poor boyfriends). I opened it and it was a note for me to look behind a picture on our mantle. I looked and he had went out and got the big present I thought I wouldn't get. The fact that he took the time to make it so much fun for me was one of the most romantic gestures he's ever done.

  4. what do you consider to be the most romantic of gestures? Well for me one HUGE one sticks out. When I was a senior my hubby had already graduated an he attended my prom with me. We all sat an had the meal an all but before the dancing started he excused him self. And like 10 minutes later the DJ called me to the dancefloor..the empty dancefloor!. I about died! So there was Josh on one knee in the middle of the dancefloor with his hand out and our song playing. So we danced the very first dance all alone in front of my whole class, I was so mortfied but it was sooo romantic looking back now

  5. He makes the morning coffee !!!!!This is something my husband does daily and he does it because he knows I HATE to do it and when I have done it***it overflows**grounds are all in the pot***it smells like burning coffee and tastes like s#!%. We joke the it states in the bible****HEBREWS****LOL
    At if I am in the bathroom fixing the my daughters hair and have yet to get me a cup***he brings one perfectly sweetned to me!!

  6. Aww those are all such sweet stories!

    I would defiantly say romance has to do with the little things. Like making the morning coffee, making a present supper special, giving you the first dance. When I think about a romantic dinner I think of the little pieces that make it special and turns the whole into something very memorable.

    Like a moon lit dinner on the beach. First he had to come up with the idea and not all men would. He had to think to pack a basket with special foods and drink, grab the blanket, maybe bring something to be able to play music so you can share a dance under the stars. The whole sounds really sweet but with out all of the little details it just wouldn’t be the same.

  7. For me, it is when my husband surprises me with a card or a small bouquet of flowers or when I am totally swamped with everything and he surprises me by doing some cleaning for me.

  8. Ohh, that looks good! My hubby isn't a traditional romantic, but last week I was out of the house three nights in a row (girl scout meeting, book club meeting, knitting meeting) and he took care of both the kids without a complaint. Now THAT's romantic!

  9. You ladies all have some great stories!! I certainly can't top them. :-) But I'd LOVE to have a copy of this wonderful movie to watch again and again... Because to me, what's romantic about it is that both of them learn to look past superficiality and pre-conceived notions and find the goodness and compassion inside. Realizing how the other person makes you feel about yourself, like you are special, unique, beloved and cherished... now THAT'S romantic!! :-)

  10. The hype on this movie has definitely got me a-wonderin'.

    Romantic genture, hmmmm? Lets see.
    When he holds my hand while we walk.
    When he looks at me and knows exactly what *not* to say.

    My fav romantic gesture in a movie belongs to Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing; "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" I tell you, I about swooned.

  11. No need to enter me - I have it *HUGE grin - but the most romantic thing to me that my husband ever did was get central air conditioning. You see he worked outside so he was pretty climatized to the hot humid weather but I hated it. We never really had enough money for Central Air, but when I started going through The Change - he got it - for me!

  12. Julie I LOVE that scene!(sigh)

  13. It is a classic. :o)

    Another fav movie moment is at the end of "An Affair to Remember". As Cary Grant is telling Deborah Kerr about a painting he did that was given to a woman in a wheelchair, all the while searching her apartment. Their embrace at the end when he finds the painting in her bedroom and he discovers she's paralyzed, brings me to tears every time.

    Just a simple hug can say so much.

  14. HERE I AM!!! :o)

    My husband isn't traditionally romantic (i.e., flowers and that sort of thing), but he is romantic in his own way every single day.

    Making me coffee (and he doesn't drink it himself), cleaning up the kitchen, texting me "love" messages, his favorite saying is his love for me is the island that overflows the ocean. LOL

    But the one thing that stands out most to me - and always will - is after my mastectomy and I was very self-conscious about having only one breast and a huge scar. I was getting dressed one morning and he looked at me like I was the most precious thing in the world. Then he told me how beautiful I was and how thankful he was to have so much more time with me. Then he kissed my scar.

    *sigh* It still makes me all ferklemped.

  15. Jenster that’s probably about the sweetest thing in the world! It made me tear up just reading about it.

  16. I am so glad I already have the dvd because my partner is least romantic person on earth LOL.

    Great sweet stories, ladies.

  17. There are so many great romantic moments in films, including the kiss in North and South, but I think the most romantic moment in film history is the scene when Rhett carrys Scarlett up the darkened staircase.

  18. I get really uncomfortable with big romantic gestures. But the nicest, sweetest thing done for me was one summer I had a standing date with two of my friends to watch weekly movies. Well my gal pal had two cats in her TINY apartment and I'm allergic. After a few weeks of suffering through movies at her place. The sweetiepie guy that had a crush on me went to my gal pal's work, got the keys to her apartment, went and DUSTED and VACUUMED her apartment so it would be cat hair free when we went to watch movies that night.

    Roses? Chocolates? Naw. Show me a man that cleans for me ;)

    Great contest Stacy! Oh and I just got my books in the mail! THANKS a bunch!!!!!!!

  19. oooohh...

    My hubby lets me sleep in on the weekends and makes us pancakes every Sunday :) Gotta love him :)

  20. Stacy:

    The most romantic gesture I can think of is a gesture made where the other person might never know about it.

    In N&S, it is that John went to Halston (sp?). Swoony!

    And i only rented N&S from the library, so I def. want it!

  21. Sounds like a great movie.

    As for a romantic gesture. Unexpected flowers are always nice. I think anything unexpected and totally out of the blue is great too

  22. I love small gestures. I was not feeling well because of my pregnancy and my hubby made dinner and cleaned the house for me. I love him.
    He loves to be romantic. Last year for my birthday he planned an entire weekend away for us and it was so cool.
    Picture this: bed and breakfast, art museum, shopping, other stuff :P it was so much fun.

  23. There is this woman that I work with who is part time at my job. At night, she is the owner of an Italian restaurant. Her boyfriend is the chef at the restaurant, and he is pureblood italian, born and raised there. Well, this woman, she works really hard, and she has three kids, along with an ex husband who moved states away and never sees the boys, so she is literally doing everything on her own.
    Her boyfriend, especially when he knows she's getting run down, is just fantastic. He works up gourmet dinners and brings them to her for her lunc break, he goes to her house and does chores for her when she isn't there, just because he knows how hard she's working to make all the ends meet in her household. This past week, when we had snow and ice, he came to her house everyday, made her hot coffee before she got up, scraped her windows, warmed her car, and did this all in temperatures in the teens, fighting icy roads in the process. And when she was leaving, he was there to watch her go, told her to roll down the window and in his fantastic italian accent, he tells her, "This is how you will always know it's true love, there is nothing I'll not do for you." He is spectacular to her, and to me, someone who is willing to do such small things for the one that they love, just to make things a little easier on them, well, THAT is romantic.

  24. oooo! Anytime a character sacrifices something for another.

    Think of the old O'Henry story where the girl sold her hair to buy her man a watch fob, and the man who sold his watch to buy her combs for her hair!

  25. I love historical movies! They've been having the Jane Austin movies on Masterpiece all month on Sundays! For some reason tho, it didnt record :( So hopefully they will e on again. I didn't see the A&E of Pride and Prejudice, its not closed captioned for the deaf, but I have seen others and love it.

    This may sound simple, but too it means so much. Holding hands, no matter how long you've been married. Soon for us it will be 25 years and he never fails to grab my hand wherever we are walking. So its that connection, that touch you can have no matter where you are.

    I'd love to be in the contest. Thanks.

  26. Ok, I know I'm a bit late, but I figured I would add my 2 cents anyway:)

    It's hard for me to think of a specific romantic gesture, because for me it's all about the intent. A romantic gesture to me shouldn't have to be something that's flashy or expensive. I think the romantic gestures I appreciate most are the little things that show you care at the most unexpected times.

    On the way home from school today, I heard a commercial about flowers and Valentine's Day coming up. And it made me realize that while the idea of Valentine's Day is great, I'd much rather get something on another day when it's unexpected.

    So there's my rambling, not really specific input:)

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