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Friday, February 22, 2008:
No place like home...

With the nasty winter weather, I've been complaining even more than usual, and that can be a drag, so I decided to be a little more cheerful and talk about more positive things, and I kept thinking about what I do love about where I live: the midwest, or more specifically, Chicago ('burbs). Some of the great things about this city are:

  • Chicago pizza! Nothing like Gino's East deep dish -yum!

  • Oprah - she's had her not so stellar moments, but I give the woman credit for a lot of the positive things she does do, like her Angel Network and getting people to read

  • theatre. It may not be Broadway, but Chicago has quite a pool of talent

  • Lake Michigan and Navy Pier - it's a cool place to hang out in the summer - and I love the Taste of Chicago

  • ghost hunter Richard T. Crowe - I've actually gone on a tour

  • Childrens Memorial Hospital and 101.9FM the mix for their annual radioathon

  • Woodfield Mall. Before Mall of America, it was rather well-known. Still a mall is just a mall...

  • O'Hare airport - I love hanging out there, have even worked there for a brief time

  • the Frank Sinatra song!

What are some of the things you love about where you live?

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  1. Chicago is on my list of places I definitely want to visit. I may just move it up a little farther now!

  2. I've never been to Chicago. I'd love to go some day.

  3. Love Chicago. Some of my very good college friends are from there and after graduating from Ohio State moved back. I'm going to visit Memorial Day weekend. (Any suggestions for fun things to do that weekend?!)

    What I love about Columbus (where I now call home) is:


    hehe, that's not all I love! I love all the things for young singles to do. All the restaurants, shopping, arts and culture and diversity.

    What I love about my home town.....not much except my house (an old stone house that my great-great grandpa built) and my family (and few remaining friends there).

    When I was younger I always thought I wanted to get out of Ohio ASAP. But as I've grown older all my friends and family are here. While I'd still like the experience of living elsewhere. I'd miss my fam and friends too much.

  4. I LOVE Chicago. Such good eating to be done there!

    What do I love about DC? Well, there's lots of green space. The mall (the one downtown) is wonderful and lined with all of these terrific museums that are free. The National Cathedral which is my all time favorite place to take people. Lots of good eating to be done in DC. I love the Metro, which will take you almost anywhere. DC is a great town!

  5. Where I live is knida boring but I’m not that far from S.F. and Berkeley so there a few fun spots to hit. I love the theater but it’s so expensive for decent seats I only get to go once in awhile.

  6. Our annual Cherry Blossom Festival is great, and coming up real soon too. We live outside of town, real close to all the kids schools, but only 10 minutes away from shopping and restaurants.

  7. Jenster, I hope you do! I really love it, but I can appreciate other places that have hidden gems that I might not even be aware of.

    Kelley, maybe you'll do a booksigning here one day. That would be cool.

    Mollie, I hear ya. I sometimes think I'd like to move, but then I realize how many people here I care about and would mis too much. As for fun things, Navy Pier in the summer is always fun. I don't know if they have any festivals durig Memorial weekend, but it's worth checking into. I usually hang out with friends in the 'burbs.

    MK, I'll be looking forward to a tour in May!

    LeeAnn, I'm planning on attending RWA in July, in San Fran. Any plans for you to attend?

    Lisa, that sounds gorgeous. I would love to go! Maybe one year....

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