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Tuesday, February 19, 2008:
I've returned...
...and it feels like I've been gone for months. It's amazing how quickly we (okay, I mean me) have gotten ourselves so completely attached to the internet. My most justifiable excuse is that it's freakin' COLD outside and I have nothing better to do.
I've missed you guys, missed blog-hopping, missed oohing and aahing over Richard Armitage, but believe it or not, I have had a bit of a life while I've been away. It was a nice change of pace, being away from my laptop for awhile. Here are a few of the things I did:
  • Read several books, including Elizabeth Gaskell's "North and South", which was lovely, but I'll take the movie anyday. I also read my first Julia London books, a historical "desperate debutante" trilogy: "The Hazards of Hunting a Duke", "The Perils of Pursuing a Prince", and "The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount", the last being my favorite. I enjoyed the series, though it was a bit light, and I felt that, especially in the first hook, the characters didn't really get to know each other too well, and there were moments of frustration because of some of the behavior. I can't say if I'll read any more of her books.
  • Saw "Definitely, Maybe", with Ryan Reynolds. It was a cute movie. It was either that, or "Fool's Gold", which I had no desire to see. I was pleasantly surprised by "Definitely", thought the relationship between him and his on-screen daughter was wonderful and very natural, and it ended the way I wanted it to. Can't ask for more than that.
  • Went to Benihana, which was packed. I've not eaten a lot of Japanese food, don't care for sushi, hate wasabi, yet watching it being cooked and seeing how much fun kids enjoyed it was a lot of fun. Not a place to dine if you want to be able to converse with your friends.
  • Worked a boat show on Sunday, and marveled at how people spend their money. $57,000 was the asking price for one lovely watercraft, and I'm thinking I would rather have a nicer house, but then again, I am not rich, or even well off, so buying a boat is not a big priority in my life.
  • Went computer shopping, agonized over Dell and Sony and HP and Gateway and finally decided that I am just looking for a basic, cheap model and went for a Toshiba as it suited my immediate requirements. Part of it was that instant gratification thing. Next time around, I will do more research on it. Having my old laptop crash on me had me distracted and not really prepared to spend a lot. But now I've set up a computer savings account (yeah I'm such a geek) so the next time around I'll hopefully be more ready.

Oh, for those of you who've posted about memes and the like, I am working on it. I'm trying to come up with 6 things about myself I've never mentioned and so far I've got 3, but I'm not completely sure I've never talked about them before. I am truly the most boring individual on the planet.

Random question: has anyone read Samantha James' historicals?

If so, what would you recommend? (If it's a series, please let me know).



  1. Did Samantha James write the one about Simon Blackwell?? If so, I read that one, and I liked it.

    But you know one of my romance pet peeves is the ridiculously long titles books seem to be given these days. Makes me nuts!

    I'm SO glad to see you back on the web! I missed you this weekend!

  2. Stacy:

    I haven't read SJ either, but a bookseller friend of mine highly recommended the same one MaryKate did: The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell.

    I have it on the shelf, the friend gave it to me.

  3. Welcome back, Stacy. I go crazy without internet access. I need it, lol.

    I really, really want to see The Other Boylin Girl. I think it looks so good.

  4. Hi Stacy, welcome back! I've read Smantha James. I recommend her Sterling family trilogy: A Perfect Bride, A Perfect Hero, and A Perfect Groom. I really enjoyed them. Moreso than The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell.


  5. Welcome back!
    I just read her next release- Seduction of an Unknown Lady and it was quite enjoyable. I have read every book by her and the majority of her books have been fabulous reads- fun and fluffy and very sexy :)

  6. Stacy I love Samantha James and have read every book by her. If you want I can send you a few so you can decide if she’s for you. Just let me know.

  7. Nice that you have a life! I love Bennihana's. LOVE IT!

  8. MK, missed you too. I think titles are so long because they run out of ideas.

    Megan, I'll have to check it out. I've recently heard her name a few times and yet never read her.

    Kelley, I was crazed LOL. I kinda want to see the movie, kinda want to read the book. Eric Bana, oh yeah.

    Lori, the Perfect trilgy - check. I'll look into it.

    Katie, thanx for the overview on SJ. Sounds like my kinda books.

    LeeAnn, you're a sweetie, but don't worry, I'll try her out on my own. So far the feedback is positive, so I've added her to my list.

    Jen, yeah, I'm shocked that I leave the house and interact with people face to face LOL. And I can't wait to go back to Bennihana. The food was wonderful.

  9. Ah, Richard...Got the "North and South" DVD but haven't watched it yet.

  10. Hey - welcome back you! You weren't gone that long but it didn't take long to miss you!

    And I see another possible Crusader just above me - must investigate *evil grin*

  11. Oh - and I just finished Sugar Daddy myself.

    L.O.V.E.D. I.T.!!!!

  12. Hi Stacy, I hope you like your Toshiba. Mine is great for what I need. I've never read SJ, but reading these recommendations, I might have to add her to my "trying" list. Just what I need, another author to buy! LOL

  13. Welcome back, Stacy! I love my Toshiba. Hope yours works out well for you!

    And "North and South" is in my Netflix queue on the strength of your recommendation. Looking forward to it!

  14. Kate: Aha! Another Maybe Crusader!!

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