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Sunday, March 02, 2008:
Happy birthday Jon ;)
MK has a post up about the Bon Jovi concert she just recentlysaw, and it reminded me that today is Jon's 46th birthday.


Unlike her, I have been a die-hard fan since, oh, 1987, a few years after they first came out, and I remember watching them on American Bandstand and thinking Jon was the hottest thing to ever exist. To my intense sadness, I have never, yes (sob) never, been to one of their concerts. Yet growing up, Bon Jovi was THE band I adored, more than Duran Duran or The Cure. I had tons of Jon Bon Jovi pictures on my wall (which eventually were tossed when I moved out of my parents' house).


Now, over 20 years later, the band is still going strong, and I still crank up the radio whenever one of their songs comes on. And seriously, Jon still looks hot after all these years, maybe even better than he did when he was up on my wall.


I think it's cool he's a monogamous guy, married to his high school sweetheart and raising his family while still putting out catchy rock 'n roll tunes. You can't really admire too many celebrities' morals anymore, but Jon (so far) and managed to keep it together.

Happy birthday Jon!

Who were some of your favorite bands growing up?

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  1. I had to say to my BF, Amy, who would leave her husband without looking back if Jon asked her to, that I kind of get the Jon Bon Jovi thing. I don't really find him sexy, but, he's got a great, great bod, and his superman tatt is sexy as hell.

    So, happy birthday, Jon!

  2. He still sure does have it. Yummy.
    I love their music.

  3. Does it seem unfair somehow that he looks even better now than he did when Runaway first came out???

  4. I had a thing for Bon Jovi and was lucky enough to see them in concert when I was like 14 years old. I liked 70's rock (Rush being my favorite) and lots of big hair bands (Poison, Telsa, Cinderella)! I'm more into whatever is currently playing on the radio now.

  5. My son's girlfriend and her mom (my friend) are going to see him tonight in Philadelphia. I tried to talk the daughter into staying home and I would graciously take her place. She said no. And to think she could end up as my daughter-in-law! LOL

    My friend and I used to say it wouldn't matter who ended up with who - Richie or Jon were both hot! Jon has stood the test of time a bit better, though.

  6. I've been lucky enough to go to a couple of BJ concerts and loved them! Missed out on their last tour though.

  7. I've seen BJ twice in concert, and they are incredible. They were my second favorite band to see. Madonna was first.
    Jon looks better as he gets older.

  8. How weird that you put this post up - I saw him in concert on his 44th bd. He gets sexier with age. I thought the poor hubby was gonna leave totally soaked with my drool *g*.

    And, I think his music is better now, too (Slippery When Wet notwithstanding). I love the stuff he's writing now.

  9. You lucky bums! I am so jealous, but I haven't given up hope. One day....

  10. I've never been a huge JBJ fan, but he is getting hotter as he gets older. Love their music though and I loved your last paragraph about him.

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