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Wednesday, March 05, 2008:
I am NOT a "people" person...
...yet I've managed to work with the public for at least the last 7 years now. I work for a credit union, and I like my job very much, but as I said, I'm not a people person, and that part of it can be draining for me. In the time I've held this position, I've managed to adapt to people knowing who I am, approaching me in the cafeteria or even in the bathroom to ask me questions. Most times it doesn't bother me, though it's weird to have people I don't know know who I am. I deal. It's really not a bad gig and I try to have fun with it. Otherwise I'd go crazy.
After a long day with people, I rarely like to go out during the week, especially in the winter. I don't avoid people altogether, but I do feel the need to get in some quality "me" time. But then there's this evil invention that keeps ringing and ringing and some days I just can't make it stop. Usually it's my friend L calling, and when she's on the phone, it's never a quick 15-minute conversation. It's anywhere between 1-3 hours long. For awhile, she was calling me everyday. EVERYDAY to talk for 2 hours. A whole lot of nothin' can be discussed in that time, let me tell you, but I just didn't have the heart to tell her. Finally, after months of this, I've either found reasons to cut the calls short, or if I'm in a particularly anti-social mood, I won't even answer the phone. I probably should feel guilty about that, but well, I don't.
Are you a "people" person?
Do you like talking on the phone, or do
you have better things to do?



  1. Mornin' Stace. I *AM* a people person, but I also have a job that when I'm "on" I have to have an incredibly high level of customer service AND it's while I'm working usually 5-7 18 hour days. Like you, I tend to hole up after that.

    I do love people and hanging out and talking to them, but I'm also a big proponent of "me" time. I live with a roommate, and there are plenty of nights where I come home make dinner, and go downstairs to my living space without ever speaking to her. And vice versa. We like it that way.

    Now, the phone? I like to talk on the phone. I'm well known for long conversations, but not with everyone, and I have no compunction whatsoever about screening calls. If I'm not in the mood, I'm not taking your call. That's just all there is to it.

    No guilt, I'm a selfish girl. ;o)

  2. I am people person ... but I hate talking on the phone. Much like Marykate, I definitely "hole up" during the week after work- but on the weekends? I'm all about hanging out with friends! In fact I need BOTH or I go insane.

  3. I am *NOT* a people person, yet, I sell real estate for a living, which is a people person type job. I just pretend to be extroverted for a few hours a day.

    I hate to talk on the phone! I typically only take work calls. I am passionate about e-mail, though. :) It's not that I have better things to do; I just have a bit of an aversion to the phone.

  4. A few years ago I would have said I'm absolutely a people person. And I think mostly I am. I enjoy being with people and laughing and talking, blah, blah. But I despise the phone. Really hate it! There are times when I won't answer it, either. Especially when the person calling I know to be on forever.

    And I'm totally into "me" time, too. Obviously after last weekend! lol

  5. I am not a people person at all, but working at a bank I have to be one during business hours. Needless to say, when I get home, I just wanna be by myself. I dont think its abnormal at all. People can be quite grating on the nerves sometimes.

  6. One of the best inventions EVER? Caller ID.

    We just got Caller ID late last summer when we upgraded to Verizon FIOS at home, and all I can think is ... what in the world did I do before Caller ID?!!!? OMG... I answered the phone!! Now I pretty much just answer it if its my husband or the school nurse for my kids. And even then... LOL Just kidding. ... Sorta. ;)

  7. Oh. But I generally like people. Go figure. ;p

  8. Hmm… I like people and I like talking to them but when I go home at the end of the day I just want to be left alone.

    I used to let my phone die and not recharge it till the end of the weekend so I didn’t have to talk to people but since I’ve had my son I always make sure that it’s on me. But no one ever really calls it because I’ve had the number changed ;o)

    But at work one of my best skills is dealing with people. I think I just use up all of my reserve during the day so I can only handle my family at night LOL.

  9. I'm a people person in person. I love to people watch when I go out, which admittedly isn't often.
    I can't pick up the phone and call anyone without breaking out in a sweat and get shakey. I feel like a fool but that's the way it is. I do like getting calls. I just can't make them.

  10. I am so not a people person and I used to work in a bank in my home town. So suddenly not only did I have to be *on* but tons of people knew me through my family and I had no clue who they were (and didn't care). That job absolutely exhausted me! I would go home and my parents would say "Want to go out to dinner?" and I would give them the you-must-be-crazy stare, put in my delivery request and go to my room. LOL

    My job now is with a much smaller group of people and we don't always have to do a lot together so it's nicer. I do get a good number of calls from customers but mostly they email.

    I am all about the "me time"! And I'm not a big casual phone-r. I'll talk if people call me but I almost never call anyone. Anti-social...who me?? ;-)

  11. Stacy, I could copy and paste your words to my blog and have them be about me! I am so not a people person. I'm friendly, but after prolonged time with a group of people, I definitely need "me-time." I'm definitely not a phone person, either, but my best friend is totally a phone person.

    Sometimes I ignore my phone no matter who's calling (except my parents usually) if I'm not up for a conversation (especially a long one). In fact, sometimes I forget to even turn my cell phone on!

    I usually prefer IM because I can multi-task and re-read what people say. Sometimes on the phone my mind wanders:/

  12. MK, you a people person??? NO! I woulda never guessed *g* But you get the "me" thing. Very important.

    Zeek, I hate the phone, I really do. I feel like I'm wasting my time because I can't really concentrate on anything else while I'm on the phone (tv or a book or something I need to get done) so that's part of it.

    Jodi, I would think of you as a people person because you come across that way, very social though maybe that's more with your family. I totally get how you feel. Being "on" all the time is exhausting. Email I don't mind at all - it's like the lost artform of letter-writing.

    Jen, I don't always answer the phone either. I think you have a gift though, one that attracts people to you. It's the way you tell a story, even the most mundane thing seems interesting in your words. You definitely have something that draws me to visit your blog.

    Sarah, yep, that's me. Yesterday was one of those insane days where it was non-stop, and I felt like I'd been awake on my feet for 24-hours once the day was over. Today was much better, thank God.

    Christine, I don't have a land-line, but yeah, my caller ID on my cell is fabulous. If I don't know the number, generally I don't answer it. And I don't hate people either, just can't be around them all the time.

    LeeAnn, I can imagine you have to stay connected when you have kids. I can totally see you being good at dealing with people. I have a bit of an impatient streak, plus I get defensive, so it doesn't always work for me. I'm better at empathizing than dealing with difficult people.

    Jules, that's interesting about calling people. I felt that way when I tried to call Michelle, but I got a wrong number(!) and never tried calling her back. Weird, huh? I mean, she asked me to call her, and I froze. I'm a dork.

    C2, yeah, I definitely feel that way when constantly working with a lot of people. It's like kryptonite, and it drains me of my powers. Going home or going shopping or somewhere by myself rejuvenates me.

    Michelle we could be twins LOL. You said it exactly the way I feel. I don't hate people, not at all (okay, maybe sometimes LOL) but I have my limits. Yet I cannot wait to see everyone in June!

  13. When I was younger, I could talk on the phone for hours. As I've aged, I'm much more curmudgeonly. There's only a very few people I'll talk on the phone with. The rest, it's email all the way. That way, I can talk on my timetable.

    This pisses my mom off no end, who would like to talk for-evah on the phone. Ugh. Every damn day. What's new? Since yesterday? Um... nothing, dammit!

  14. You always say the nicest things, Stacy!!

  15. I am NOT a people person. I have to be for work, but in my private time ~ leave me alone. Seriously. I have a close group of people I'll spend time with occasionally, but otherwise I really don't like to be around others. I like my alone time.

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