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Saturday, March 29, 2008:
Earth Hour - 3/29/08
Sydney, Australia on 3/29/08

What is Earth Hour, you ask? It's a movement that asks everyone to turn off their lights for one hour day, between 8pm to 9pm, in your local time zone as a reminder to conserve energy. It's something everyone can do, something very easy, that doesn't take up much of your time, yet might just make a world of difference. What's not to like?
While I know it's difficult to ask readers to sit in the dark for one hour, I'm sure those creative imaginations can think of other things to do while you save energy:
  • Take a nap
  • Share a conversation with someone in the dark
  • Pray
  • Count the stars
  • hold a candlelight dinner
  • tell ghost stories
  • get romantic (I'll leave that up to your interpretation)

What are YOU going to do during Earth Hour?



  1. Cool. Never heard of Earth Hour before. Always looking for ways to conserve energy and help the earth!

  2. I fully intended to do Earth Hour, and then completely forgot about it when it came time to do it!

  3. Mollie, it was the first I'd heard about it this year, and thought it was pretty cool. I'm thinking that this is something I can do.

    Marg, that sounds so much like me LOL.

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