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Thursday, March 27, 2008:
"Every Night I'm Yours" by Christie Kelley (2008)


At twenty-six, aspiring novelist Avis Copley intends to wear spinsterhood as a badge of honor. But when she discovers a volume of erotica that ignites a searing fire within her, Avis realizes just how much she doesn’t know about the actual pleasures of the flesh. Determined to learn more, she devises a daring plan…


Avis chooses Emory Billingsworth, a fellow novelist-not to mention a beautiful specimen of manhood-to instruct her in carnal pleasure. But when the brash earl of Selby, Banning Talbot, a man she has known for years, unearths Avis’ true intentions, he claims she’s made a dangerously bad choice. Volunteering his services for one wicked night of reckless, abandoned passion, Banning promises he will satisfy all of her deepest longings. Yet Banning cannot begin to imagine the effect his willful, voluptuous, and very eager student will have on him-or how far an innocent lesson in desire can go…

I saw this recommended on Romance Bandits, and though the plot's been done many times before, I was in the mood for a book about the inexperienced yet independent heroine looking for lessons in pleasure, and is tempted into sin by the one man who drives her crazy, so much so, in fact, that she just can't stand him. And he can't stand her either. But their hormones sure don't care about that.

It started out rather well, with Banning and Avis deftly trading barbs and shooting daggers with their eyes - I was caught up in the sexual tension and couldn't wait for their heated confrontations. When he finds out that Avis is looking for a lover, Banning convinces Avis to let him be the man to initiate her in the pleasures of the flesh - he promises to be discreet and protect her identity, all the while showing her the joys of making love. While a bit wary, since Banning is not her first choice, deep down she can't ignore her attraction to her friend's brother, and agrees to let him be her teacher. With their tumultuous history and reluctant fascination for each other, sparks would surely fly.

And they do. Sort of. But it seemed once the two agreed to be lovers, the tension ebbed away and all that fire and bickering melted into ooey-gooey sweetness. It just wasn't quite the same. It was still a good story, but the spark had gone out of it, mostly. There were still brief glimpses of it, but it wasn't quite the same as it was in the beginning.

The love scenes are not overly explicit, and they do drive the story forward, showing the closeness that grows between Banning and Avis, and their blossoming friendship. Banning has been thinking seriously about finding a wife, and his time with Avis convinces him she would be the perfect complement to his household; he's attracted to her, he likes her, and the sex is great. Avis, on the other hand, is perfectly content to let their temporary affair continue to its conclusion, then go on as she'd intended: by using her new-found experience to write her romantic stories. She has no intention of marrying, ever, and this puts a big crimp in Banning's plans. It's up to him to convince her otherwise. Especially when he realizes he's in love.

One thing I really liked about Banning is how encouraging he is with Avis' writing. True, this is what a hero is supposed to do, but he let her know that she is a good writer, and that she should trust her instincts more, and not worry so much about what others think. He didn't want her to feel beholden to anyone, that she had talent and should believe in it. He's so supportive, and never condescending about her passion.

What I liked about Avis is that while she wants to protect her reputation, yet when it came to claiming the man she loves, she doesn't give a care about scandal and what it could mean for her. She just knows that she loves Banning and wants to be with him forever, and decides to fight for her man. It might have taken awhile for her to realize it, but once she does, she doesn't let her reputation hold her back.

This is the debut for this author, and though the tension eased too soon, I will strongly consider buying her next book, especially now that I am still in my historical phase. Plus I enjoy seeing how an author grows and gets better over time. It's a cool thing to see.

Rating: ***1/2 out of *****

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  1. This book sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing about it.

  2. Great review, Stace.

  3. Hmmm to buy or not to buy that is the question.

    I'll have to think on this one. Great review.

  4. Thanks for this thoughtful review. You know what? I never get sick of this storyline either. I may have to check this one out.

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