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Friday, March 21, 2008:
Borders: closing their doors?
I love Borders. Even though I worked at the "other place" for what, 4 years, I still hold Borders near and dear to my heart. Their store is always so welcoming, despite being a large chain, I felt more appreciated there than I did at the other place. It seems more welcoming to everyday folk, whereas the other place is rather snooty. Since quitting my job from the other place (it's been over a year, November 2006), I can count on one hand the number of times I've stepped into the other place. But with Borders, I go there several times a month to feed my need for instant gratification. Such as next Tuesday when Lisa Kleypas' "Blue-Eyed Devil" and Sherry Thomas' "Private Arrangements" will be released.
But with the economy as bad as it is, one of the first things people start cutting back on is entertainment, and for the most part, books are a source of that entertainment, and now Borders is feeling the pain of that loss. It breaks my heart, it really does. I do shop more online now, Amazon and yes, the other place, but not as much as I shop in person. I have 2 Borders located within 5 miles of me, so it's very convenient for me to drop in, usually after work, sometimes on my lunch hour. I can't imagine them not being there.
Of course this is just the beginning, so they may be bought out as well. I'm trying to be optimistic as I don't want to see them close their doors, don't want to lose that informal, comfortable setting, the performances and events they host, none of it. I would miss it way too much. It's never good for a reader to hear a bookstore will be closing.
Do you visit the bookstores, or buy online?
Which do you do more of?
Do you shop at Borders, or the other place instead?

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  1. WHAT!??! Nooooooooooooooo....
    Border is my favorite store! They have everything. B&N has nothing.
    No Borders!!
    I am heartbroken.
    I use to work at the cafe at my local B&N when I first graduated college. I had the best time ever there.

  2. I only buy online when I am filling out a backlist. Otherwise, I like shopping in the bookstore.

    I shop at all of the big three in our area: Borders (near my office), B&N in the mall, and BAM, which tends to shelve books early, so I often hit there if I'm desperate for a fix!

  3. I actually go the the library and UBS's more than I go to B&N or Borders. When I do go to a full price bookstore I usually go to B&N because I have a member card and get an extra 10%off.

    I like that our library allows you to put reserves on books they have on order so I keep on top of the books that I really want so I can get at the top of the reserve list and get it about the same time I would if I got it at a bookstore.

    If there's a book I get from the library that I really like I'll either go buy it new or wait till it goes to Half Price Books and buy a nice used copy. It's working out well for me so far, I rarely pay full price for books. When I hurts oh how it hurts. lol.

    I rarely buy any YA books because we get so many ARC's and free books from authors/publishers because of our teen lit review blog. Although if there's a really great one I read and all I've got is the ARC I will go out and buy a brand spanking new final copy. :)

  4. I don't have a borders around here, just a books-a-million, of which I worked as an Asst. Mgr and absolutely hated, but all in all, it wasn't always bad. Anyways, I tend to shop more online for the hardcovers because they are cheaper, but for my instant gratification I always go to the store.
    I'm thinking about moving to ebook format also, but don't know what kind of reader to get.

  5. I used to only shop at B&N for the longest time. But then I went into my local Borders and they have a great Romance section and their service ROCKS!! I think I have had only one time where they told me it was probably in the back and to come back in a few days. They normally will search high and low for me.

    But for online shopping I still do all of it with B&N because of the free shipping, the 10% off, and I always get it really fast.

    I agree that Borders does has a much friendlier presence than B&N. Now only if they would do the 10% :o)

  6. I shop at both - online and at a brick and mortar. Although we don't have Borders here - I do feel yours and everyone else's pain at losing Borders! Slowly here in Canada everything has been bought out by one conglamorate - Indigo - and I hate, hate, hate the fact that there in no competition anymore. Even Walmart which offers 25% off the cover price has cut down drastically in their book department so all they stock now are the top 10 sellers and their romance section consists mostly of a few Harlequin lines and the very odd romance. They used to carry books that Chapters (Indigo) doesn't. Thank goodness, I see a lot of books on line that I want, but for those who don't shop or look online - they are missing out on so many good reads!!!!

  7. I visit Borders only occasionally. I have a small bookstore that I visit more frequently because they sell new and used books. And i can trade my books there. But when i do go to a big store it is Borders. I use the coupons that they send me in my email. That is very sad though. I like their store and atmosphere a lot. I do not buy online very often with the exception of when I buy an ebook. But I prefer print.

  8. At first, I wasn't so particular. There was a B&N right next to where I worked, so I'd go in all the time. I even bought one of their loyalty cards one year during a big purchase when it would save me more than it cost. But after that, I switched to Borders. I felt really ripped off having to pay in order to save money and get coupons, and with Borders I get the savings without it.

    I truly love Borders and I'll really miss them if they go away or merge with B&N. I rarely go to B&N either their online or their physical bookstores anymore.

    Another plus for Borders (for me) is the hot chocolate there. It is seriously the best hot chocolate ever! Probably because they make it with half and half (most of the time anyway) and put whip cream and white chocolate shavings on top, drizzle on chocolate sauce, and add a chocolate stick. The B&N hot chocolate (aka Starbucks hot chocolate) doesn't even come close!

  9. I'm sorry to hear this. Their outlet here is supposed to be their best performing store. I hope it doesn't close down.

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