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Thursday, March 13, 2008:
Let's get this party started! Come on down, Dianne Castell!

Today is the start of Dianne Castell's blog party over at Laurie's place. Check it out: you could win prizes from Lori Foster, HelenKay Dimon, Sylvia Day, Toni Blake, Janelle Denison, and more!

So go say "hi" to Dianne over at Laurie's Laudanum!

But while you're here, tell me, what, or better yet who, gets you all hot and bothered?

Is it Matt Damon?

Erotic romances?

The cute UPS guy who delivers your books?

Romantic movies?

Johnny Depp?

The sexy mechanic who works in your office?

Do tell ;)

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  1. Keanu Reeves

  2. I wish I had all of the above! :o)

    But the UPS guy isn't too bad looking now that I think about it LOL ;p

  3. Can I be a total dork and say my husband? Especially when he's out playing ball with the kids in the yard, or mumbling under his breath as he tries to fix the lawn mower? It's the little things that makes my heart skip, and reminds me how thankful to be to have him in my life. And especially when he puts on his reading glasses at night. Something about that just makes me all aflutter!

  4. I'm with Lisa, my hubby. If we aren't counting him I'll say Ryan Reynolds.

    Oh, you have to answer too, Stace, lol.

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