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Wednesday, March 12, 2008:
"Hot and Bothered" by Dianne Castell (2008)


Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Brava (March 25, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0758223595
ISBN-13: 978-0758223593


Savannah, Georgia: city of history, mystery, and ghosts as well as four best friends who have never fit in anywhere except with each other. But everything is about to change as an unsolved murder from decades ago draws them close—and closer still—to four sexy bachelors with secrets of their own...

In Savannah, what you expect is never what you get...

Dianne Castell definitely has a style all her own when it comes to writing, and I get such a kick out of her sassy, southern heroines and hot, sexy heroes. When they finally get past all their stubborn pride and fall head over heels in love, it sure is something to see. Snap, crackle, pop.

In "Hot and Bothered", gorgeous hotelier Griff Parrish III has hired stand-in detective Charlotte deShawn to locate Jaden Carswell, who disappeared years ago as a baby and has recently been named as co-heir of the Magnolia House hotel, along with Griff the Biscuit. He wants to locate Jaden so he can buy her out and go on with running the hotel as he's done for years, and he thinks Charlotte, though inexperienced and new to the P.I. business, is worth the risk. It doesn't hurt that the two of them have been shooting sparks off each other since they were teenagers either - gives them the perfect opportunity to be around each other. Charlotte is flustered but determined to solve the case.

With her bestest girlfriends Prissy, Brie and Bebe around to lend their support, Charlotte is convinced she can do this and try to remain a respectable distance away from the one man that completely flips her switch, as long as she has her friends along to keep her in line. But the other women have their hands full with their own romantic entanglements, some more entangling than others.

So it would seem Charlotte is on her own, though she does encounter otherworldly assistance when the trail seems to be drying up and she needs a little inspiration, southern style. Amidst ghosts, missing babies, expensive heirlooms and misunderstandings, will her heart betray her, or lead her to the best thing that could ever come into her life?

Another heart-warming and amusing story by Dianne set in the quaint and sassy south, this time in picturesque Savannah, Georgia. At first my head was dizzy from the revolving door of characters, but the more they hung around, the more I began to look forward to meeting up with them again and discovering their quirky personalities. Our heroine, Charlotte, is loving and generous, and not sure if falling in love with Griff is such a good idea, not when she works for him now and isn't sure what his angle is, and how she fits into everything. One minute Griff is all over Charlotte, the next he's pushing her away. Trying to figure him out has got her spinning in circles, and not at all sure if she buys into this love business. But she's got other things on her mind: there's a mystery to be solved, and secrets to uncover, and Charlotte is too stubborn to let them go that easily. Watching her butt heads with Griff is a lot of fun, and makes me wonder what else is in store for these two lovebirds.

And this is not "the end". There is more mystery and intrigue to look forward to. So if you're in the mood for something sassy, light and southern, you can't go wrong with "Hot and Bothered". It's cute, funny and spunky, and with the last dregs of winter still upon us, the perfect way to beat those weather blues. Pick up your copy....or stay tuned right here.

And starting tomorrow, March 13th, don't miss out on Laurie's special blog party in honor of Dianne's latest release. Check out Laurie's place, and be sure to stop back here next week for a contest to win your own copy of "Hot and Bothered"!

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  1. Griff the Biscuit? He's so hot that butter would melt on him?

  2. Excellent review as always, Stacy! Thanks for spreading the word about our party - I think it's going to be great fun!

    Love ya, babe!

  3. I soooo need to get to Barnes and Noble. I want this book.

  4. I'm adding it to the TBB list :o) I'm trying to hold off till I get through some of the ones I already have.

  5. Nice review. I will have to keep an eye out for this one, it sounds fun.

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