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Friday, March 07, 2008:
The avatar - you or not you?
A very special "merci beaucoup" to Julie for her blog post yesterday. It was quite fun, and hopefully she'll be making a return visit. I've even given her an assignment to make things a little easy on her, so let's hope it works. Otherwise I might have to recommend book 3 in a new series to her....


So here's my avatar. And it looks just like me. Except for the long hair. And the hint of cleavage. And well, the pouty lips. And oh yeah, the wings. Other than that, spitting image.

Curious to know: what do you use for your avatar: is it a picture of you, or something else? I haven't decided whether I want to use a picture of myself or keep what I've got, which is oh, so me. And where you find your avatars - do you find them on the web and just down-size them, or is there a special avatar site you love to visit?
I'm going to be making some changes to this place in the near future, and I'm trying to find a fitting avatar. Would love some input. Thank you much.



  1. Keep the mystery alive!
    I really like funny and cute avatars :)

  2. Hi Stace! I use hot men for my avis. Fitting, I think.

    I love your avi, I also liked the snowflakes one too though.

  3. Stace, I love ya but that is just mean. ;p
    I'll be happy to come back but have to do some homework on that assignment you gave. ;o)

    I enjoy pretty pictures that show your personal tastes or personality.

  4. I just haven't found a pic of me that I like enough to use. And I normally just browse the web for some cute pic's.

  5. I love your avatar. It's just says, "Stacy!"

    My avatar is pretty self-explanatory. LOL I keep thinking of changing, though, because breast cancer no longer identifies me. But it's such a part of me. What a quandry...

  6. Mine is my Yahoo one - I'm a rock'n'roll girl at heart. Yours is very rowwrrrr. Very happenin'.

  7. LOL - I'm NEVER going to use a pic of me as an avatar.
    I like fantasy type - fairies, elves etc. And I love yours by the way!

  8. I like a bit of everything :) I like this picture of me--because it is small :D and DH took it in the Rockies. I like sunsets and fairies and everything else. God I am easy to please :) I'm thinking of changing my blog too--spring cleaning...

  9. My avatar looks JUST like me, too. Except my hair is wavy-curly, not straight, and my eyes are blue and don't look that dark unless I'm wearing tons of makeup, and my nose isn't quite that cute and dainty. Oh! I don't have wings either. But other than that... yeah it looks just like me! LOL ;p

    I used this avatar when I started my myspace over a year ago, then on shelfari, and felt compelled to use it when I started my blog in Dec. 2007 just for consistency purposes. I think of switching to a personal pic, too.... but kinda think this fairy is identified with my name by now, so I'm hesitant to change it. I'll wait and see what you think after you change yours. No pressure, though! lol

    By the way, I don't know why but I couldn't access your blog for the last week (since I first posted in your people person post). I would try to come here and it would crash my browser!! I wonder what that was about? Oh well... I guess its okay now. :)

  10. Nope, I'll never use a picture of me (or anything closely resembling) as my avatar. I like cutesy avatars for the most part, but I've stuck with my current one for close to two years now.

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