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Tuesday, March 25, 2008:
A winner and a reading report
Without any preliminaries, the winner of a copy of Dianne Castell's "Hot and Bothered" is...


Congratulations! Caitlin, please email me your snail mail addy:

If I do not hear from the winner by Friday, midnight, a new name will be drawn.

In other news, I just happened to be updating my list of reads for 2008, and was looking at what I've got so far. Out of 28 books, these are my stats:

  • 19 of them were released in 2007 or earlier

  • 12 of them are historicals

  • 3 of them have paranormal elements to them

  • 8 of the authors were new to me

Are you keeping track of your 2008 books?

What are your stats?

Do you have a favorite picked out?

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  1. I keep track but I haven't really looked at them until now - keep in mind my reading has slowed down but I was surprised when I did a quick tally
    Romantic Suspense - 7
    Western - 3
    only one of a few others but the most surprising is only 1 historical and 1 paranormal!

  2. I have been keeping track of them but I haven’t looked through the list to see what I’ve been reading. But so far this year I’ve gotten over 40 books read.

    My fav books so far this year has to be the Windflower! It was such a good read I’m not sure another book will top it this year. But who knows the year has just started :o)

  3. I've only read like 8 books so far this year. Le sigh.

    Anyway my favorite YA so far is Sara Zarr's Sweethearts. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it.

    And my fav. romance so far was Ward's Lover Awakened.

  4. I need to read more YA. I have several, just haven't read them yet.

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