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Friday, May 07, 2010:
Update on the Penny Wars - Network of Strength

So as of Wednesday, here is what we've collected in the last two weeks (the bottle of Cherry Coke Zero is there as a means to show how big the jars are). We've had an outpouring of support, and it's been rather fun. Of course since it is a war, we have to be mean and put silver & dollar bills in the other team's jar (they lose points, depending on what they collect besides pennies). And the best thing is, the money is all going to a good cause: the Network of Strength.
I would like to thank some of you here - Karen, Liza & Mandi - for your contributions. You guys are wonderful. Big hugs to each of you for sending me pennies to put in the jar. I think we've collected over $100 so far. That is incredible.

Just wanted to share this and though it's no surprise, you all touch me with your generosity.

Thank you :)



  1. I'm glad it's going so well, Stacy!

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