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Tuesday, December 22, 2009:
Spotlight: W - Shiloh Walker
(Isn't she cute????)

It just goes without saying that anyone who's visited my blog over the last (almost!) 4 years that I am a huge fan of author Shiloh Walker. She has a way of writing that gets to me, no matter if it's a paranormal, one of her erotic romances, or a suspenseful contemporary.

Way before I ever met her, I enjoyed her books, most notably the Hunters series. But the first book of her's I'd ever read was "Touch of Gypsy Fire". It was a poignant story in some ways, and right then and there I knew I'd come across an author who had a limitless imagination and a compelling way of telling a story.

What I like so much about them is that no matter what they are about, Shiloh always includes a huge dose of emotion in each story, so that you can "feel" some of what the character is going through, even if it's about something you have no experience with yourself. She can make me sympathize with someone who does horrible things, because that's how much she puts of herself into her writing. She doesn't write about cookie-cutter characters that are predictable and perfect; she tells the story of flawed, interesting, regular people, the kind we might even know in our own lives if we took the time to pay attention.

And if that weren't enough, she writes some smokin' hot lovin'. It's always a good idea to keep a fan or something cool nearby, because chances are when you're reading one of Shi's books, you're gonna get burned, in the best possible way. Damn that woman can write scorching scenes! I love how sometimes she writes such seemingly weak heroines who find their strength and their confidence through their sexuality. It doesn't define them, but it does empower them, and makes them realize their potential in a way other methods do not. They become stronger because they can not only ask for what they want, but oftentimes just take it. Most specifically I'm thinking of Alison from "Her Wildest Dreams". She was unhappy, and let others take advantage of her. But once she stopped pining for someone she thought didn't want her, and finally demand that she be respected, not just by men but by everyone in her life, things changed so much for her. The pivotal moment came after her first sexual encounter with Alex.

Yeah it's pretty obvious by now I have a bit of a reader crush on Shiloh, but I've managed to maintain a level head within her presence, and she hasn't had to worry about an unstable fangirl going all pyscho on her *g* I try to behave in public. Don't want to get uninvited from Lori Foster's June event (or miss my chance to get an ARC...)

So there you have it, this week's author spotlight. Thanx for letting me "squee" just a little.

Have you read any of Shiloh's books?

Are you a fan of emotional stories?

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  1. I was lucky enough to meet Shiloh earlier this year at The Bookstore in Radcliff, KY. I had never read any of her books at that point, nor had my cousin, but she took the time to talk to us and sign the books we bought. She is now an auto-buy author for me.

  2. I really need to try one of her books...I have heard so many great things about her writing.

    Yes, I love emotional stories - ones that pull you in and don't let you go; where you can feel the emotions pulling at your heart!!

  3. No, I haven't read any of Shiloh's books..hmmm..seems that I have missed reading a good authors book :(

    Oh yes, I totally love emotional books !!! Thanks for the post.Now I'll check the stores for her books !!

  4. I've read one S. Walker book the title escapes me...I think I downloaded an ebook from Ellora's Cave. I need to add more books of hers to be TBR pile 'cause you said so :)

  5. Geez, Stacy, you're going to have me blushing. :-> thank you....

  6. You, Ms Stacy, hooked me into trying Shiloh's books with this one sentence:

    She doesn't write about cookie-cutter characters that are predictable and perfect; she tells the story of flawed, interesting, regular people...

    And then you reeled me in when you talked about the heroines.

    There is one book I've had my eye on for ages...I think the heroine is a social worker? I'm going to hunt it down and read it!

    Thank you *grin*

  7. Ah, found it! Fragile is the name of the book I was referring too!

  8. So glad to meet another Shiloh fan. You put into words exactly what I feel about Shiloh's books.
    She does write awesome love scenes & wonderful characters. She also writes deeply emotional books. I know age doesn't matter but we know how young she is from her blog. Considering she's been published for just a few years I am so impressed with the maturity of her writing. There isn't one of her books that didn't make me sigh when I was done.

  9. Orannia, Fragile is a good read! And then you'll only have 3 months until Broken is out which is about Luke's brother, Quinn. :)

    I love Shiloh's books. I just finished Hunter's Need, my first Hunter book and it was awesome. One of my favorite book by her is Her Best Friend's Lover. I both cheered and yelled throughout the book. Love an author who can make me feel many different emotions when I'm reading.

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