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Tuesday, December 15, 2009:
Spotlight: T - Sherry Thomas
[Picture by Jennifer Sparks Harriman from Sparks Studio]

Like a lot of people, I'm pretty impressionable. So when word came out about this new author - Sherry Thomas - who wrote an amazing story with some rather unlikable characters, I admit I wanted to know more.

That book was "Private Arrangements". I read it, and reviewed it. It was so different than a lot of books out there, and I was captivated right from the start. Some people did not like it, and gave very valid reasons why that was so, but for me, the story was a revelation. Here, the author took a gamble to write about characters we just might not enjoy reading about. But when you really think about it, that's what makes it so compelling. The truth is, in real life, most of us can be unlikable. We can be selfish and manipulative and rude and a whole bunch of other not so pure qualities. And while I like to keep my books, especially my romances, on a happy level, it's rather fun to read something that doesn't stick to the complete formula. Sure, we still have the HEA here, but it's for 2 people that might not make anyone else happy, but they sure do make each other happy.

I then went on to read "Not Quite a Husband" quite some time later. It was a very good story, though I didn't like it quite as much as PA. However Ms. Thomas writes very absorbing dialogue and completely draws you in so completely that you feel you are standing right there, breathing in the same air as those you are reading about. I loved that Bryony is this amazing doctor, intelligent and poised, and Leo is the good-looking charismatic hero that falls incredibly in love with her, yet both their insecurities lead toward divorce. I find it fascinating how Sherry tells the "story behind the story". Now I want to see the movie that it was inspired by (careful - there are spoilers at Sherry's site).

I have "Delicious" yet to read, and I know I need to find some quiet time where I can just recline and let myself be carried away by her words. It sounds so enticing, especially this time of year when it's natural to curl up with a good book after enjoying some mouth-watering holiday feasts. I must make time for this....

So what are your thoughts on the books of Sherry Thomas?

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  1. I read Private Arrangements and truly didn't like it at all (I mean, AT. ALL.) and chalked it up to Sherry Thomas' work not being to my taste, as is the case with a variety of authors.

    But then Kmont reviewed Not Quite a Husband. And I was convinced to give Thomas another shot. I was blown out of the water by NQAH, and it will be in my Top 10 reads of the year.

    Thomas has always had an ability with the craft of writing: great prose, strong settings, good character development, etc. But in NQAH, I thought she made such a bold choice. It takes a tremendous amount of confidence to make the choices she did in that book, and more than that, it takes a tremendous amount of ability to pull it off.

    In my opinion, she did both. Which is why I'll be giving Thomas more of my money, which before the start of this year, I never would have said.

  2. I haven't read any of her books yet, but after looking them up on Good Reads, I don't know why I haven't stumbled upon her before. I'm going to have to give her books a read next year!

  3. I haven't read any of Ms Thomas' books either, but I do believe I have one on my TBR list (just don't ask me which one - my brain is fried :)

  4. I haven't had the chance to read her yet. But some day...

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