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Sunday, December 06, 2009:
Here's where I'm going and other goings-on....


St. Pete Beach, Florida

As this is being posted, I am currently on my way to Florida for a business trip, and this is the area where I'll be. I'm excited because the weather has to be at least 30 to 40 degrees warmer than where I live, so that in itself is a good thing. I'll be back Thursday night sometime.

While I'm away, I won't have much (if any) internet access as I'm leaving the laptop at home. I have my phone, but blogging from that seems too much like work, so I'm not ignoring you, I'm just limited on resources. Any contests I'm running prior to leaving will be finalized when I return (you know's biggest procrastinator!)

Speaking of contests, I did want to answer a question Marisa had asked me about "The Ugly Truth" in my contest post and why it was one of my favorite movies of 2009. Well, I saw several movies (and there are some I have yet to see before the year is up, i.e. "The Blind Side) but this movie, which is very politically incorrect and derogatory and raunchy, just hit the right tone with me at the time. I really liked it. It's not a piece of cinema brilliance, but after seeing so many "meh" movies that didn't register much after I left the theatre, this one I just plain enjoyed. It wasn't perfect by any means, and the whole "anal, prissy, uptight" female lead is beyond old, but whatever. Some cliche's can be really entertaining, and this one was.

I am feeling a little stressed out because for as long as I've been blogging, I still enjoy the process, and hate that I won't have time to devote to it this week. I tried to get some worked before I left, so those are in the works, but the following week might be sparse. I know, why should I worry about something so silly, right? I just do. I get to make myself the focus and talk about all the things I love (or think about, or rant over) and I have the floor all to myself, even if no one is listening. The biggest of course being my love of romances (and all the genres and subgenres). It's one part of my life that none of my real life friends share, and that makes it really lonely sometimes LOL. I want to tell my coworkers all about Jeaniene Frost or Lisa Kleypas or Ann Aguirre, and none of them get it. It's no fun gushing alone. So my blog (and Twitter) suffers the consequences *g* I do so adore my online friends :)

Holiday stuff: I'm pretty much done, and I cut back soooo much this year. I elected not to write Christmas cards, except for some to the troops. That's it. Well, my parents too. It's so weird because I LOVE sending out Christmas cards. This year, I just wasn't feeling it. So rather than force myself, I decided not to bother. I'm hoping next year I'll be back on track.

That's about it, without getting maudlin. The holidays are a time I always feel a little sad while also getting a little swept up in the magic of it all. I still remember the feeling I had when I believed in Santa Claus, and it's stayed with me all these years, which is why it's still magical. And I'm so grateful for all the blessings I have. I really am very, very lucky. Sure there are things I wish that were different, but I'm not going to concentrate on that. I'm going to remember all what I do have, not least of which is a TBR pile that will keep me busy for the rest of my life LOL.

So off I go! I've got several books with me, including book #2 & 3 of the Twilight series, A Shannon K. Butcher book, and perhaps Devon Monk's first in her series. I am easily distracted while out of town, and I will be with several coworkers, so I'm saving #3 & #4 of Frost's books to savor for when I return. I'll miss you guys, and can't wait to hear about all the amazing books you're reading and pimpin'. Catch ya soon.......

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  1. Have a great trip Stacy!! I hope it is nice and warm for you!! I'm jealous;)

    Besides my mom, I don't have RL friends that like romance books either. Thank goodness for the internet :)

  2. I am lucky to have some online friends who have become RL friends to gush about romance books. Otherwise it would be the same for me...

    Have a wonderful trip, don't work to hard and try to enjoy the weather!

  3. All the best with the business trip Stacy! I hope it all goes smoothly!

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