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Friday, November 27, 2009:
What I'm watching: Chuck (Season 1)
Editorial Reviews:

Zachary Levi starred as computer geek and social misfit Chuck Bartowski in this heady NBC combination of comedy, fantasy, espionage, teen angst and wish fulfillment. While working a technical-support firm called the Nerd Herd, Chuck accidentally downloaded millions of megabytes of government secrets into his own brain!

This made him an invaluable commodity to his former college roommate Bryce Larkin (Matthew Bomer), whom Chuck had always assumed was an accountant but was actually a CIA agent. Recruiting Chuck as a human "secret weapon," Bryce was also saddled with the responsibility of keeping our hero alive--or at least, out of the hands of the Enemy.

Lightening Chuck's burden considerably was his sexy contact person Sarah Walker (Yvonne Starhovski), who somehow managed to shed most of her clothes in each episode.

Also in the cast were Adam Baldwin as irascible CIA boss Maj. John Casey, Joshua Gomez as Chuck's goofy best friend Morgan Grimes, Sarah Lancaster as Chuck's troublesome sister Ellie, and, at Nerd Herd headquarters, Mark Christopher Lawrence as manager Big Mike, C.S. Lee as assistant manager Tang, and Chuck's coworkers Anna (Julia Ling), Lester (Vik Sahay) and Jeff (Scott Krinsky). The weekly, hour-long Chuck was first seen on September 24, 2007. Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Earlier this year on a flight, I remember seeing an episode of this show on the plane, and it looked like a really fun show. So I added it to my Netflix Q. But then I kinda forgot about it until I got the first DVD and watched it. Guess what? It really is a fun show!

Oh where to start? First off, I totally love the name of the store where Chuck works. Buy More. He works with a bunch of dysfunctional underachievers, including his best friend Morgan, and a rival who ends up as assistant manager instead of him. But there's a very good explanation for that. I love it when scenes take place in that store. Hilarious.

Then there's Sarah and Casey, spies who each keep an eye on Chuck since his brain now houses millions of secrets. Casey (a goatee-less Jayne from Firefly) plays his usual curmudgeonly self, and he does it so well. Sarah seems very sweet, but she constantly plays him and never lets him forget that it's all a cover. He's falling for her anyway.

Chuck's sister and her boyfriend, Dr. Awesome. Chuck lives with them, and has an especially close relationship with his sister as they were both abandoned by their parents years ago. Ellie likes to spend time with her brother, but the more involved he is with the spying, the less time he can spend with her, and this causes problems. Chuck is just too nice to say no to being a spy.

Then of course, there is Chuck himself. The guy is a total geek, but such a cutie. Even his dorkiness is cute. Yeah, he likes to play video games with Morgan and have weird conversations about what type of sandwich they'd bring if they were on a deserted island. He hasn't had a girlfriend in 5 years. But Chuck is genuinely adorable. He's got this big smile, and truly seems to like being a nice guy. He's not a very good spy, and he doesn't listen, but you just can't help but like him anyway. He's one of the good ones.

I'm halfway through season 1, and I'm loving it. I heard it's just been picked up for a 3rd full season, so yay! So happy to hear that, because it's grown on me in a very short time. If you haven't watched Chuck and you want something fun and easy to watch, this is your show.

How about it: do you watch Chuck?

If so, what do you like best about it?



  1. I love Chuck! This is a really funny, cute show. Love the Buy More and the Nerd Herd.

  2. Chuck is an institution in our house. Chuck time is sacred to my sons. Nobody and noone gets between them and their Chuck. I think his appeal is just his everyday guy-ness. Plus, he's just so darned cute, sin't he?

  3. Looks cute - we just started Netflix last night - so now I will be able to catch up on shows that I have missed!

  4. YAY! Another converted Chuckster! I love this show - mainly for the gender-reversed romance dynamic between Chuck (emotional rescuee) and Sarah (repressed, tough rescuer) but also for the humour. I also loved the family dynamics between Chuck, his loving sister Ellie, and Captain Awesome. I thought they kept it realistic without making it dysfunctional.

    Seriously - I'm picking up Season 2 when it comes out soon. It builds on the first season and makes it even better (a christmas episode that pays tribute to Die Hard is a special favourite).

    Season 3 starts just in time for my birthday (January!). I'll admit, I'm one of the dorks who wrote letters to NBC when Chuck's future was uncertain, but thanks to the relentless unfunniness of Jay Leno's new show - Chuck got a full third season. Hooray!

  5. Chuck is great! It's one of my favorite shows. I'm so glad it's coming back in January.

  6. Chuck is my anti-drug. I cannot have a happy without Chuck in my life. :(

    My favorite character is John Casey because he reminds me of my dad. Hi-larious! And I actually had the urge to go into Best Buy on Black Friday just because of my fondness for the Nerd Herd. :P But I fought it off.

  7. I love Chuch!
    I am so happy the decided to have another season so i can't wait for Jan :D

  8. Chuck has screened here but I never watched. It did look good though. Maybe after I finish watching the first season of Fringe...

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