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Tuesday, November 17, 2009:
Spotlight: P - Leslie Parrish
A few months ago, some of you may remember that I was all gushy over Leslie Parrish's recently released romantic suspense series. Though some time has passed, that hasn't changed a bit. In fact, I'm hoping quite madly that there will be more books in the Black Cat series for us to enjoy. There are things we need to know!

And that is partially the reason why Leslie is the featured guest in this week's author spotlight. In addition to being one of the Plotmonkeys, a group of 4 wonderful writers and friends whom I've had the pleasure of meeting over the years, she has also been incredibly generous with her time, letting me harass, um, interview her for my blog. (Here is my interview with Leslie). I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity, because not only is Leslie one of my favorite romantic suspense authors, she's also someone I like a whole heck of a lot. The girl's a good egg :)

Something I recently learned about at Leslie's blog and am quite excited about is that though it's not about a Black Cat book, Leslie continues to write like a fiend, and this here is the cover (but perhaps not the final version) to her new eXtreme investigation series, Extra Sensory Agents. If she writers paranormal half as well as she writes romantic suspense, I am going to be one damn happy reader. I don't know any more details than that, but I will try to stay on top of things because if nothing else, I'm dying to find out.

I find it interesting that she's not electing to have a 3rd pen name for these books. It makes sense to me that she isn't, if the series are similar in mood and subgenre, with just a hint of something extra thrown in the mix. Personally though it wouldn't make a difference one way or another if she elected to go with a completely different name or not. The writing is what matters most to me. So here's to another awesome-sounding series being written by one of my favorite writers. It's definitely going to be an auto-buy for me.

Just out of curiosity: would you follow a favorite author into a subgenre that doesn't appeal to you?

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  1. I loved the first of the Black Cat books. Still have to read th rest but I already have them at home. The new book sounds good.
    And to answer your question: Yes, I would. When I am in fangirl mode nothing can stop me.

  2. Wow, Stacy, how nice of you! I was so surprised to see this today!

    Since you mentioned it, I thought I'd let you know that I never considered taking another pseudonym for these books because, honestly, they are in such a similar vein to the Black CATs books, I really think anyone who liked those is going to like these.

    I know the word paranormal scares some readers off--believe me, I don't read a lot of it myself! (Never got into vampires at all.)

    But these books (Cold Sight, at least, which is the only one that's!) are only ever-so-lightly paranormal. Not sure if you recall, but there was an element to Wyatt's character where he always seemed so incredibly perceptive, had a "sixth sense" about things. Well, imagine that sixth sense was really there--that he could know the future or read minds or whatever--and you've got an eXtreme Investigations book.

    They are still very much romantic thrillers, and the paranormal element is really a background thing, another tool they use to solve these crimes. In the first book, the hero doesn't even want to use his ability, because he was ripped apart in the press after a missing child he was trying to help find died.

    I don't think I've shared this anywhere--want to see the back cover copy? I will dig it out & cut & paste below.

    Meantime, thanks again, so much, for the spotlight! I really appreciate it. No word yet on Black Cats # 4 but I just have not given up!

  3. Her Black CAT series “crackles with dark, edgy, danger.”* Now Leslie Parrish introduces eXtreme Investigations, a band of psychic investigators interested only in the cases nobody else wants—the coldest ones …

    After being made a scapegoat in a botched investigation that led to a child’s death, Aidan McConnell became a recluse. Still, as a favor to an old friend, Aidan will help on the occasional XI case. But under his handsome, rugged façade, he keeps his emotions in check—for fear of being burned again.

    Reporter Lexie Nolan has a nose for news—and she believes a serial killer has been targeting teen girls around Savannah. But no one believes her. So she turns to the new paranormal detective agency and the sexy, mysterious Aidan for help.

    But just as the two begin forging a relationship, the case turns eerily personal for Lexie—and Aiden discovers that maybe he hasn’t lost the ability to feel after all…

  4. I love all my Leslie Parrish books! I've always loved Leslie's books written as Leslie Kelly and was happy to give her darker books a try. So glad I did too. As much as I love her lighter romances, she found her voice with her darker romances. I can't wait for the release of Cold Sight and any other Leslie Parrish book.

    I too am still hoping for more Black Cat books.

  5. Sometimes an author brings out the die hard fan girl in me. I'd probably walk through 5 feet of snow, alas I digress {again} Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, and Karen Marie Moning are all authors I would follow into any genre.

    Great post Stacy!

  6. I read Fade to Black after reading your review Stacy - loved it!! Have the others in my tbr!!

  7. I was ivery, very lucky to win the first three Black Cat books here (((Stacy))) and they are at the top of my TBR list...I just need to clear a couple more and then I'll settling in for some reading time *grin*

    As for your question...hmmmm. I think I would give it a try. I read Angels' Blood (Nalini Singh). It wasn't the genre I was worried about so much as the heroine. And yes, I will admit to some issues with the heroine, but I did enjoy the book. I think I'll enjoy the second one more because the heroine starts off in a different place :) If that makes sense?

  8. I'm so excited for the new Leslie Parrish books!

    As for your question, yes. The one that springs immediately to my mind is Lauren Dane. While I love her contemporaries, I'll read her wolf stories, her futuristics, or whatever the hell she wants to write.

  9. I will follow a favorite author to whatever genre she writes.

  10. Nice feature stacy. Loved the BLACK CAT books and hope there will be more of them to come. New book sounds good too but Summer 2010 is so far away.

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