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Tuesday, December 01, 2009:
Spotlight: R - J.D. Robb
Who on the planet, or at least in the romance community, doesn't know who Nora Roberts is? The woman is an ICON. No question. She's written hundreds of books and continues to have numerous releases year after year.

I discovered her books late in the game, though other than the Dream series, I decided NR just wasn't for me. Her stories were okay, but I wasn't blown away by them. I still to this day love that Dream series with the unforgettable Margo, Kate and Laura and the men who loved them. I more recently read the Chesapeake Bay series and enjoyed those as well. It's a toss-up between whether it's Cam or Ethan who I like best.

But while Nora writes some great stories, it's her alter ego J.D. Robb that I completely love and adore. By the time I decided to give them a try, I went in with bold intentions, and bought all 12 or 13 books that were out at the time. Yes I did. And never regretted it for a moment. There are currently 35 books released with at least 2 more coming out. Not only has she written about one of the most memorable, sexy and coveted heroes of all time, the infamous Roarke (except for the smoking thing), she also created a heroine that is unlike any other as far as I can tell. She's not dramatically different, but Eve Dallas is a force of nature, and the genuine article. From abused child to fearless homicide detective, Eve has seen and done things no one should have to experience, but while that may be the case, it's made her this fierce, loyal, unapologetic, proud, fashion-challenged woman who got an incredibly rich, powerful and sexy god to fall passionately in love with her.

And if that weren't enough, you have a captivating array of secondary characters to love, from Eve's best friend Mavis to Roarke's butler Somerset, who battles it out with Eve every chance he gets. Then there's Eve's partner Peabody and her boyfriend McNab. You've also got Eve's mentor Feeney, and a multitude of others who shift through Eve's day. The setting is several decades in the future, so it has an exciting, futuristic quality but retains a present-day charm. Or at least as much charm as New York City can ooze.

So my author spotlight is for the unforgettable J.D. Robb and the hours of reading pleasure I've spent immersed in this series. I hope that NR continues to write about Eve and Roarke and her merry cast for as long as humanly possible. I'm not ready to let go.

Are you a J.D. Robb fan?

And wouldn't you just kill to have Roarke as your husband????

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  1. Uh yes. Yes I would like Roarke as a husband. In fact, he's my all time favorite romance hero.

    You know that IMO you can never go wrong with Nora. She is my absolute go to comfort read author, and each book takes me on a journey that I adore. The biggest thing is that she puts out a consistently excellent product. I do think with an author that prolific, there is a sameness to it, but she does such a great job with relationships (both friendship and love) and providing a sense of place, that each book is new to me.

    The Robb books are among my favorites. Witness in Death being a close to annual re-read for me.

    Great choice, Stace!

  2. Who wouldn't want Roake!

    This is one series that doesn't get dull as the time goes on and to be honest you can't say that about any other series out there. The draw is that with every book Eve and Roarke's relationship deepens and moves on to another level as they grow and learn each other more.

    That's what keeps me comeing back for more.

  3. Roarke is my favorite romance hero too.

    I love Nora and I've read almost all of her books. That being said, her In Death books are my favorites ever!!! I've re-read this series so many times some of my books are starting to fall apart. I don't buy many hardback books anymore, but I purchase the In Death books the day they are released. I love watching Eve and Roarke grow over each book. I also love all the secondary characters from the books that are just as important to the story as Eve and Roarke.

    Great choice Stacy!

  4. I haven't read any Nora Roberts books under JD Robb. I may just have to give them a try now!

  5. I've not really read any of NRs books except her witch island trilogy. I finished Naked in Death last night and liked it, starting Glory in Death today at lunch.

  6. I never read Nora Roberts *tries to avoid the tomatoes*
    But I got the In Death Series at the top of my wishlist!
    Heard so many good things about this one and I want to know why everyone want this Roarke guy.LOL

  7. Roarke should be mine but Kati was mean and stole him from me.

    I don't know why I can't get into Nora's other books but I eat up her In Death series like candy.

    I really want to know if Eve's mother is still alive. If so, that book where Eve and she meet again would be explosive.

  8. I've only read the first four or five in death books but I love them! Roarke is great - and I love Eve!

  9. Roarke is my all time favorite hero!
    I have read almost all of the books written by NR and JD Robb.

  10. Stacy I'm a vintage Nora Robert's fan, I love Montana Sky it's one of my all time favorite books of hers. Sadly I'm not a JD Robb fan, I'm weird, I know. I think I need to give her another ol college try. Where should I start?

  11. I just ADORE the JD Robb books. They are the only ones I consistently buy in hardcover and I drove out of my way on the way home yesterday in order to pick up a copy of The Lost since they didn't have it at the bookstore nearest to me. There are 2 other of my coworkers reading this series and I'm going to see if I can 'spread the love' to more of them.
    It took me a couple of tries to get into them, but I kept hearing constantly about what a great hero Roarke was - I think he's almost equal with Jamie Fraser on romance readers favourite list. I've read both and for me, Roarke trumps Jamie.
    I don't read Nora Roberts much anymore - at least her series - but I can't EVER imagine getting tired of Eve, Roarke and the gang.
    As far as being married to him *g* I think it would be rather daunting to be married to someone who is just perfect :-)

  12. Hey Stacy, I completely agree with Kristie, Roarke can definitely hold his own like Jamie Fraser, whom I fell in love with. Man, who doesn't want one of these guys. If only dreams could be wishes, and wishes reality....sigh!!!

    I absolutely love the Nora and her alter ego. She is so amazing, and I was lucky enough to breathe the same air she did at RWA in DC this past July. She is quite an inspiration, and her characters are wonderful. I haven't read anything by her that I wouldn't re-read. I was first introduced to her voice in The Three Sister Island trilogy, and I fell in love then and there. I own almost all her books as well as her alter Robb. I hope I get to meet with her again in the future. She is headlining for RWA in Nashville next summer, and I can't wait to hear her speak. Good choice for this months spotlight.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  13. My first NR ever (back in my early romance reading days) was Public Secrets. Love love that book.

    And Montana Sky holds a special place in my heart. :P

    I bought her last couple of contemporaries, but haven't read them yet. Go figure. haha

  14. So yeah, obviously haven't read the JD Robb books. LOL

  15. Just started this series - read Naked in Death last week. I've avoided it because I just knew I'd get sucked in. And dammit, I was right. I have the next two already requested from the library. Sigh. I'm doomed.

  16. Would you believe I've only read the first two J.D. Robb books? I remember enjoying them but there are now so many books in the series that it'll take me an age to catch up!

  17. I was always shaking my head when I saw Roarke fan clubs and other stuff like that. I was thinking people must be crazy to like a book character so much. Until.... I read the first part myself. Go Roarke go! I would definitely like to have him as my husband ;) Sorry hubby :D (Currently reading book #6)

  18. Funny enough I am not a Nora Roberts fan *ducks away from rabid fangirls* but I read Naked in Death a while ago and absolutely liked it...Somehow the series got off my radar but with Christine's IN DEATH reading challenge and your spotlight I'm back on the J.D. Robb trail...

    Having only read the first book, the jury is still out on Roarke (as to: am not melted into a puddle yet) but he definitely made a very good first impression...

  19. I read Promises In Death at the end of last month and am hanging out to read Kindred In Death. I love the development of the many relationships Eve has...and the development of the secondary characters.

  20. I love both NR and JDRobb books. I personally think IMO you can't go wrong with anyone of her books. If you are into the main stream or suspense with plenty of romance thrown in, than you should read her stand alone, such as: Midnight Bayou, Sanctuary, Montana Sky,River End, Homeport, Carolina Moon, Three Fates, Blue Smoke,Divine Evil, Carnal Innocence. These are my favorite stand alone by Nora. Of course I love her trilogy books too. The Chesapeake Bay series are one of my favorite.

    Have you tried reading any of these books I listed above? ;)

  21. The in deaths are treasured favourites of mine, i love all the characters, its so lovely catching up with them each book, its one series i never tire of and get giddy when one is about to be released. I just made a ROARKE button on my blog, you should go grab it =)

    (ps. tagged you on my blog too, for an award :) )

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