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Thursday, June 26, 2008:
It's all about the "Power of Love"
Love. It's why we read the books we read. We want the love. The Happily Ever After. We're not looking for the sugar-coated, perfectly wondrous Disney love of fairytales, but the real, enduring, flawed love that can actually be found in real life between people just like us.
In this anthology,the "Power of Love" tells stories about this kind of love, and about the freedom to choose. Empowerment, that's a beautiful thing. And I'm giving it away.
Yep, that's right, you could win a copy of this lovely book, "Power of Love", signed by 9 of the 12 authors, and it's very easy. All I'm asking is that you tell me your favorite example of the power of love. It can be romantic, or platonic. It could be from your favorite romance or about your pet, your teacher, your best friend, your significant other, your child, whomever you want it to be.
Post your responses here, and I will randomly choose a winner around 7pm Central Time on Tuesday, July 1st. Valid for all bloggers living anywhere the book can be mailed. Good luck!

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  1. Wow! Stace, you are so generous to give away this book. Thanks!!

    I don't know which example to use. The power of a loving friendship is different yet sometimes the same from the romantic type that we get caught up in books.

    I could get luvvy mushy but I think I'm going to go with the eternal love of a friend. Whether friends in books that are always there or friends we meet along the way, they are the ones who help pick up the pieces of loves that have gone wrong or are on the rocks. They help devise revenge on anyone who has hurt us or tell us like it is when we are wrong. They are there through the good times and are our sounding boards through the bad ones. Now, romantic loves are too but I think most will agree that friends are better at revenge plots than lovers are. And as most vengence plots are against your better half (former or still going), a friend is definitely your best bet. ;o)
    Ahh, there is nothing like a good friend. {{HUGS TO ALL}}

  2. I love this book! Please do NOT put me into the contest! Stacy this is very kind of you to do.....

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