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Tuesday, June 24, 2008:
If you love Buffy...
Photobucket're gonna really like this book. Yes, I am late to the party, and that's my own damn fault. I had the books for quite some time, and have brought them on a few trips, but never cracked open the pages. My bad, because now that I've started it, I don't want to stop. Now the question is: Max or Sebastian?
Have you ever read a book way after the fact and wondered what took you so long?
Which book was it?

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  1. I have seen this book at the store and for some reason never picked it up. The cover art maybe? Now I will have to go find it, or order it if they cleared the shelves.

    Something else to add to the 100+ in the tbr pile. sigh

  2. Um, I've *never* seen Buffy...

    I'm with Ev though about the cover art. I've heard nothing but praise for Colleen Gleason, but have yet to read any of her stuff. Hm.

  3. I am like you with Colleen Gleason! I am so glad I started reading her series!
    I also just read my first Georgette Heyer! I have found a whole new world of romance!

  4. Heh. There is no question. You have to be on Team Max. All the way (don't listen to Katiebabs about this issue).

    This is a truly superb series. Although, fair warning, it does not end with an HEA in book 1, it's a five book series, and she won't get her HEA until book 5. Although she chooses in Book 4...which I've read...:evilgrin:

    I'm SO glad you're enjoying the book, though, Stacy. I think they're such fun!

  5. MK is biased. Sebastian is such a sexy mo fo. He straddles the fence between good and being such a bad boy.
    He straddles it so well....

  6. Sebastian straddles everything well, no?

  7. Heh heh. I think Victoria should give Sebastian a good straddle now and again.

  8. Buffy, you say? I'm sold! Must read this book now.

    Rach- Go rent Buffy season one. Such a great series.

  9. I do love Buffy, but I couldn't finish this. I found it boring.

  10. Oh yes! Happens regularly. What a joy :)

    I did the same with the movie Dirty Dancing. Convinced myself I wouldn't like it and then watched it on video, cried and watched it again :)

  11. Ev, I would say that if you like a strong, take charge heroine who embraces her abilities, you'll enjoy this one.

    Really Rach? It's a fab show, one of the few I plan on buying on DVD, it's so worth the price. See, I love the cover.

    Katie, never read Georgette, and I'm not sure I'll get around to her with all the other books languishing in my tbr pile. Heard she's a classic though.

    Kati, knowing how much you love this series and hence have talked about it, I caught on that the HEA was delayed. I'm okay with that, as long as it's resolved by the end. Hmmm, know you've got me wondering with book 4...

    Katie, being able to straddle well is very important, I agree.

    Colleen, thanx for stopping by. The more I read, the more I like.

    Shannon get the book. And BtVS is totally worth it from the beginning.

    Chantal, you are always so honest, love that. I'm not bored at all, so it's definitely working for me.

    Hey Toni :) Yes, I love to be proven wrong when it comes to enjoying books or movies. Sometimes you just have to ignore that inner voice.

  12. Sebastian! I'm simply dying to read the next one in the series. The Eve Dallas series is one that I discovered way after the fact and thoroughly love.

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